XX Living Room Chandelier Ideas for Luxe Brightness

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Chandeliers are often thought of as a fixture strictly reserved for dining rooms. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Originally, they were constructed with an array of hanging crystals meant to illuminate a room with refracted light, but today there are a wide array of grand ceiling lights to choose from that would look great in the kitchen, bedroom, and, yes, even the living room. From brass to wood to glass, a unique chandelier will not only illuminate your space, but will also take your decor to the next level. But before we show you some inspiration, let's define what makes a fixture a chandelier and not a pendant.


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According to Lightology, a chandelier houses multiple light sources, usually arranged in a branch light system, whereas pendants typically suspend a single light or a cluster of lights from one source or chain. Make sense? Okay, now here are 15 gorgeous living room chandelier ideas that will give any space a major glow-up.

1. Try capiz shells.

Add a whimsical feeling to your formal living room with a modern twist on a traditional chandelier. This pretty fixture employs capiz shells, instead of classic teardrop-shaped crystals, to communicate an elegant finish with a boho edge.

Get the look:CB2 Teardrops Capiz Chandelier, $399

2. Mix in some artistic flair.

Not all chandeliers are dripping with crystals — a modern fixture like this sculptural gem can be just as awe-inspiring. The light rods provide directional illumination all while looking like a sleek work of midcentury modern art.

Get the look:Lightology Stix 3-Arm Pendant, $1,450

3. Throw a little shade.

The light fixture in this living room by Studio McGee combines the best of traditional and farmhouse styles with a rustic wagon wheel-base topped with classic lampshades. The design says, "I'm playing it a little safe," but the scale says, "I am the center of everyone's attention, deal with it." Complete the country-inspired look with wood beams on the ceiling.


Get the look:McGee & Co. Hackney Large Chandelier, $1,970

4. Go glam with quartz crystals.

There's nothing more striking than a crystal chandelier, and this one spotted at The Harper is all the proof we need. Its lustrous brass frame, along with what looks like an over-the-top cluster of precious stones, is just the right amount of fancy to take any living room to the next level.

Get the look:Shades of Light Crystal Dandelion Chandelier, $1,930

5. Embrace simplicity.

Keep it simple yet striking with a midcentury modern number à la this living space by interior designer Emily Henderson. It's functional, but it also packs a punch with a three-arm black and brass frame.

Get the look:Jason Koharik 3 "J" Arm Chandelier, $4,250

6. Pick a striking pair.

These ultra-modern light fixtures are all about the wow factor. Hang one (or follow the lead of Chango & Co. and splurge on two) in the center of your living room for a guaranteed conversation starter.


Get the look:Overstock 10-Light G9 Branch Modern Chandelier, $232.49

7. Welcome the curved trend with a globe-style fixture.

When it comes time to decide what kind of chandelier to hang in your living room, there are no rules. Take this delightfully eclectic fixture by Jonathan Adler — we double dare you not to smile at the groovy, retro design. And if you want to make your setup even more playful, opt for the version with multicolored glass orbs instead.

Get the look:Jonathan Adler Globo Five Light Chandelier, $1,895

8. Set the mood with a black finish.

We love light fixtures flaunting a black finish, and an old-school iron chandelier is no exception. In this farmhouse living room belonging to Katie-Rose and Rob of The Wild Decoelis, the candelabra-style ceiling light adds a sophisticated touch — and a welcome dose of contrast to boot — that works so well with the warm neutral palette.

Get the look:Birch Lane Ableton 6-Light Candle Style Chandelier, $164.49

9. Introduce coastal vibes with a beaded look.

Ceiling lights present an excellent opportunity for homeowners to make a big statement in any space. Take the coastal-inspired chandelier in this seating area designed by Bungalow 56. While the tiered silhouette and neutral finishes are relatively straightforward, the intricately beaded design takes this simple vignette to new heights.


Get the look:Pottery Barn Amelia Wood Bead Chandelier, $899

10. Add some boho texture with fringe.

Sticking to a boho theme? Then this DIY tassel fringe chandelier by Hunker contributor Trisha Sprouse is definitely worth considering. Pick a color that will work with your living room palette or try something more neutral. Either way, this eye-catching fixture promises to be a delightful visual treat, especially if you add a dimmer. However, if you're not into craft projects, we've found a similar option that's just as pretty.

Get the look:Litfad Tiered Round Handwoven Fringe Chandelier, starting at $433.71

11. Opt for minimalism.

When it comes to interiors, nothing is quite as striking as the right light fixture. And sometimes less is so much more, as proven by this stunning setup from Avenue Design Studio. Forget all of the fussy frills and decorative details, and take a minimalist approach to your lighting design. Think clean lines and simple silhouettes, like the handblown glass orbs that make up this chic LED chandelier.

Get the look:Bover Ilargi LED Double Pendant, $1,326.40 - $1,565.60

12. Keep things light and airy with a wireframe design.

If you have high ceilings and want to go big with your lighting, then look no further than the dramatic wireframe chandelier in this rustic living room. The large scale doesn't weigh down the overall design scheme, yet it stands out in this otherwise white and airy space.


Get the look:Visual Comfort Thomas O'Brien Erika Three Tier Chandelier, $2,629

13. Make it midcentury.

Midcentury modern light fixtures are in a class of their own, especially the sputnik silhouette that was super popular in interior design during the '50s and '60s. The cool part about the style is that it works just as well today. Take this contemporary take on the look with a black and brass finish that truly livens up botanical stylist Manuela Sosa's living space.

Get the look:France & Son Mid Century Sputnik Chandelier, $799

14. Suspension lighting keeps things interesting.

While there is nothing wrong with a wrought iron wagon wheel fixture or a tiered crystal ceiling light, if you want something really unexpected, a suspension-style chandelier is definitely the way to go. In this modern living room by Dekar Design, the sculptural installation is simply stunning.

Get the look:Apparatus Studio Lariat Installation, $2,700 - $3,060

15. Get things glowing with brass.

Bronze and iron are beautiful, but brass is where it's at when it comes to livening up a chandelier design. The elegant drum-shaped fixture showcased in this living room by Jean Stoffer is the perfect combination of modern and transitional styles, with its classic silhouette and warm lustrous finish. With this kind of ambiance, even the most uneventful afternoon at home can become a memorable affair.


Get the look:Barbara Barry Halo Medium Hanging Shade, $1,199

Where to Shop for Living Room Chandeliers

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

As you can probably tell, we can't get enough of living room chandeliers. And while we could keep the list of inspiring examples going, you're probably ready to do a little shopping. In that case, here are some of our favorite spots to hunt for luxe lighting.

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