24 Relaxing Bedroom Ideas to Help You Experience Your Best Sleep Ever

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If there's any room in the house that should instantly transport you to a state of relaxation, it should be your bedroom. As the place where you start and end your day, your sleeping quarters are meant to be a refuge for self-care rituals and, of course, getting the best night's sleep possible. But sometimes finding inner peace within our bed chambers seems totally out of reach.


Pattie Kelly, certified interior decorator and president of Inspired Home Interiors, explains that a sleep-inducing bedroom is different for every person. "Does 'relaxing' mean there's a chair for reading by a window for quiet solitude? Is it a soothing color palette the client has in mind? Is it all about plush, cozy bedding for lazy Sunday snoozes?" All these elements can contribute to a calming, rejuvenating space. So can soft lighting, pleasant textures, and clutter-free surfaces.

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These 24 relaxing bedroom ideas will inspire your redesign and help you get a sound night's sleep.

1. Keep it clutter-free.

Clutter is a surefire way to feel stressed out in a hurry. While you don't have to opt for sterile minimalism, too much distraction isn't good for a clear mind. "Closed storage is always a winner in a bedroom versus open, visible storage," says Kelly. In this cool, calm boudoir belonging to blogger Anneli Bush, built-in cabinets keep clutter at bay. The only objects in sight are a few carefully chosen pieces of decor.


2. Add throw pillows.

Plumping up the layers of pillows on your bed adds texture and makes the space feel welcoming. Throw cushions make your bed a much more inviting place to retreat to at night, and they'll bolster you as you read or journal before turning off the light. This cottagecore bedroom by Sarah of @retwiggdstylist features a variety of pillows in nature-inspired, calming colors, perfect for reclining against with a cup of tea.


3. Bring on the boho touches.

If you're looking to create a carefree, informal, and cozy bedroom, you can't go wrong with introducing a boho aesthetic. It's all about adding a variety of layered textures, natural materials, and an eclectic furnishings. The calming blush accents in this room styled by Brianne Penney make for a tranquil, personal refuge.



4. Get inspired by peaceful places.

Close your eyes and picture the place where you feel most at ease. Whether it's the ocean, the mountains, or a tropical hideaway, weave that theme into your calming bedroom. The sea always seems to inspire relaxed vibes. In this bedroom designed by Kyal and Kara Demmrich, the coastal-chic look takes a modern, soothing turn with a turquoise accent wall and seaside decor.


5. Try neutral tones.

A neutral color scheme is a go-to way of creating a calming atmosphere. But just because it's expected doesn't mean it has to be boring. To enhance the neutral palette in their bedroom, the couple behind the blog Chris Loves Julia hung a piece of abstract artwork, which punctuates the black-and-white accents throughout the room. The end result is a quiet, toned-down space that allows the eyes to rest.


6. Introduce natural materials.

Introducing natural, organic textiles and bedroom furniture helps create a sense of being closer to nature. Take a page from this sanctuary by Melbourne-based designer Lynda Gardener — the striped linens, macrame light fixture, and fabric plant pot bring soothing softness to the well-lit room. Add potted plants to literally clear the air.



7. Go monochromatic.

We definitely dig colorful bedrooms, but there's something to be said for sleeping quarters in muted, unfussy hues. A monochromatic bedroom is a good option if you're easily overwhelmed. This way, the eye only has to take in one shade, which can feel more peaceful. This cool space styled by Fantastic Frank in light blue tones represents that monochromatic trend perfectly.


8. Decorate with intention.

It can be fun to put lots of trinkets all around your living space. But for your bedroom, we recommend paring down your collection to thoughtful, intentional objects, like a few beloved houseplants and a special selection of decorative treasures — which is exactly what Heather of Growing Spaces did in her beautiful bedroom.


And don't feel you can't incorporate personal touches. As Kelly explains, "the bedroom should connect to the people that use the space, and adding items personal to the occupants will help create a relaxing atmosphere."

9. Create a warm glow with a fireplace.

A fireplace is perfect for adding physical and emotional warmth, especially in the depth of winter. The crackling sounds and sights of a fire can have a meditative effect. Even a faux fireplace can provide coziness, especially if you add some candles. The exposed brick fireplace in this bedroom by Lauren Kolyn introduces a rustic ambiance that makes the space more intimate and inviting.


10. Surround the bed with curtains.

Draping curtains around your bed is a perfect way to create a soothing atmosphere. They add privacy, muffle sounds, provide texture, and filter bright light. This white farmhouse bedroom by Love Grows Wild is elegant, fresh, and airy — all elements conducive to a deep slumber.

11. Choose your bed carefully.

Don't scrimp when it comes to choosing your bed frame and mattress. Think about size, height, design, and, above all, comfort. You don't want your feet creeping out the bottom of the blanket or an overly soft mattress hampering your rest. The king-sized bed with its ruched leather frame in this warm art deco bedroom by Kelly Wearstler is a showstopper, but it also looks oh-so-comfortable.

12. Unwind in the dark.

You don't have to stick to neutral palettes and earthy tones to make your bedroom feel relaxing. Dark colors, especially when paired with soft textures, can envelop you in cozy comfort, setting you up for a deep slumber. This glamorous but restful bedroom from House of Nomad co-founder Kelley Lentini combines inky walls with luxurious textiles and an indulgent velvet headboard. We can't imagine a more decadent sanctuary, especially if it includes cuddling with a cat!


13. Add wood paneling.

Introducing natural outdoor elements, like wood paneling, to your bedroom can help to relieve stress and promote relaxation. This calming, minimalist space from Decus Interiors uses paneling to add character and depth. The bedding in layered shades of gray and white adds an extra cozy vibe.

14. Ditch distractions.

Bingeing on Netflix, scrolling through social media, or running on a treadmill aren't exactly conducive to switching off for a night of deep sleep. Keeping your bedroom free of screens and other gadgets helps promote a restful, relaxing ambience after a long day. This Scandi-inspired room keeps it simple, with no distractions. The honey-colored wood and bright white bedding are enough to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

15. Keep it snug with string lighting.

String lights aren't just for college dorms or backyards. They're also perfect for adding a whimsical, cozy vibe to your bedroom. You can drape them across a bed frame or bookshelf, or down an entire wall, as Bernadette and Ryan of @firsthomenumber98 have done to great effect.

16. Wind down with white.

If you find minimalist design relaxing, then opting for a white bedroom is sure to be a calming influence. And you can still add personality and warmth to a space like this. Take the earth-toned wall art and throw pillow in the room above. With a monochromatic palette, the smallest accent colors make a big impact, and so does any variation in texture. The restrained color scheme here lets the cozy knit blanket, quilted duvet, and glossy ceramic lamps stand out.

17. Be at peace with plants.

Adding some greenery to your sleeping space is a fantastic way to lower your stress levels. Plants also absorb toxins so you breathe more easily, which may help induce a deeper sleep. And, just like in this cozy boho room from Black and Blooms, they create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

18. Pick a low bed.

A low bed helps a small room feel more spacious and airy. It also prevents you from getting into the habit of stuffing junk underneath the frame; perfect for keeping the space clutter-free and nurturing serene shuteye. Plus, many people feel more grounded and relaxed when sleeping closer to the floor.

19. Relax your tired muscles in a swing chair.

Lounging in a swing chair in a cozy corner of your bedroom is the perfect way to unwind. The swaying motion helps relax your mind and muscles, readying you for sleep. The natural rattan chair in this bedroom has a view out the window, adding to the serene feeling.

20. Give maximalism a chance.

While minimalist and clutter-free spaces are commonly associated with relaxation, when done right, a maximalist design can also be calming. Adding personal touches and a stamp of personality often brings a level of comfort that a more sterile space can't. This design by Homme Boys uses a limited palette of warm earth tones to keep the bedroom looking cohesive and layers on cozy textiles.

21. Try tranquil terra cotta.

Earth tones are perfect for achieving a grounding and soothing environment. The terra cotta shades in this bedroom in the Joshua Tree House in Tucson create a laidback vibe. Taupe, cream, and turquoise complete the palette, which resembles a desert sunset.

22. Practice the art of layering.

You can soften up your surroundings with throw pillows, blankets, linens, and floor rugs — creating a sanctuary that inspires you to relax and unwind. However, there's an art to layering. Choose tonally similar fabrics for a warm, calming effect. Too many clashing colors and patterns can create a sense of anxiety, which is the last thing you want in your bedroom. The team at Leclair Decor cleverly chose textiles in shades of gray, taupe, and cream to boost the tranquil vibes in this space.

23. Channel the seaside.

With its simple palette of whites and blues, coastal design is inherently soothing. Take a page from the book of Identité Collective and layer shades of white and cream with blue accents, like the blanket, throw pillow, and lamp shown here. Add a meditative photo of the ocean and drift off to sleep.

24. Embrace the lived-in look.

Rumpled bed linens are on trend — and for good reason. The lived-in, casual look, like the one in this neutral room from Instagrammer Audrey Rivet, looks both elegant and cozy. For extra relaxation, try adding a weighted blanket.