7 Masculine Boho Bedroom Ideas When Frilly Just Isn't Your Jam

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Friends, settle in, because the inspiration we've found for masculine boho bedrooms around the web is sure to have you considering this style in a way you never have before. Sure, bohemian decor can often mean twinkle lights and pink poufs or bright patterns, but it can also be just as effective with more masculine details: neutrals, stripes, or streamlined furniture. Most notably, bohemian decor is often rooted in multiple layers, whimsical details, woven textures, and nods to nature — features that don't sway either feminine or masculine in style, and work well no matter which one you prefer.


If you want to find out how to create the look in your own sleeping quarters, keep scrolling.

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1. Use hats as wall art.

We are taking notes from this masculine boho bedroom idea from I Spy DIY. The moody palette and patterned accents add visual interest and whimsical flair without feeling over the top or demanding too much attention.

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2. Swap floral patterns for stripes.

While florals can (and should!) be used in any room you choose, if they feel too feminine for your taste, try grounding your space with a neutral stripe instead. By throwing in additional botanical elements, like clusters of indoor plants, you'll still achieve a playful, inviting, boho vibe. Look no further than Amanda Jane Franz's bedroom for the ultimate inspiration.


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3. Take a minimalist approach.

While layers are often considered a key element of bohemian decor, you can certainly still achieve a masculine boho effect while leaning toward minimalism. Channel your inner Frankie and Grae and keep the influence subtle, but effective, by bringing in textured accents, like leather throw pillows or a woven pouf in place of a traditional bedside table.



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4. Feature nature-inspired art.

The wall art in this masculine boho bedroom steals the show thanks to its varied colors and striking pattern. Paired with other natural elements, like wood nightstands and woven pendants, this design perfectly captures that relaxed, casual vibe we all know and love.


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5. Opt for woven window treatments.

This bedroom brings in masculine boho influence in subtle details: the nature-inspired artwork over the bed, pom accents on the throw blanket, and last but certainly not least, woven window treatments. The added texture instantly balances the sophistication of the black and white bedding.


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6. Create an urban jungle.

Think you already have more than enough indoor plants? Think again. Follow the lead of Brian Pu Ruiz's masculine boho bedroom and create an urban jungle that effortlessly brings in two of bohemian style's most essential elements: texture and nature. Keep the furniture streamlined and simple to balance the fanciful details.



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7. Mix and match patterns.

Pattern mixing is a tell-tale sign of boho style, but that doesn't mean it has to be flashy to be effective. For a more masculine take, layer subtle, tone-on-tone patterns in place of bolder options. Adding accents like woven baskets and a leather bench at the foot of the bed will complement the overall look.

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