15 Boho Curtain Ideas That Will Instantly Cozy Up Your Space

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Boho-inspired spaces are sought after for a reason. Brimming with textures, earthy neutrals, and good vibes, boho decor elements instantly make a space feel cozy but chic.


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Hoping to bring some free-spirited energy into your home? Boho-style draperies are a goof-proof (and gorgeous) way to go. Read ahead for 15 boho curtain ideas that will help you channel your inner bohemian at home.

1. Just bead it.

Nothing evokes a boho vibe like beaded curtains. Composed of natural bamboo with a hand-painted print, this gorg rainbow fringe can double as a semi-sheer room divider in an open layout space.


Our Pick:Rainbow Bamboo Beaded Curtain, $69

2. Medallions FTW.

Bold and eclectic, medallion prints have long been popular with bohemian design lovers. This style comes clad in a luxe, embroidered medallion print that will make any window look more interesting and artsy.


Our Pick:Embroidered Gretta Curtain, from $88

3. Get fringe benefits.

A little fringe goes a long way when forging a boho window scene. While subtle, this particular style boasts a hand-knotted macramé faux valance that adds a touch of texture and flair to a space.


Our Pick:Dakota Fields Joplin Semi-Sheer Fringed Curtain Panel, $46.24

4. Pom-poms forever.

You can always count on pom-poms to bring a dash of boho drama to a window display. This one is dressed in rows of pom-poms that provide a pop of texture and personality.


Our Pick:Olly Pom-Pom Sheer Window Panels, $22.99

5. Get lacy.

If you thought boho-style drapes couldn't look elegant in a room, then it's time to think again. Lace curtains create a classically cool window scene with a dash of bohemian drama.


Our Pick:Boho Lace Ivory Curtain, from $29.57

6. More macramé, please.

Why invest in a set of humdrum curtains when you can have macramé ones instead? The ones above are composed of intricately knotted loops that supply plenty of boho charm in a space.


Our Pick:Magnolia Macramé Window Panel, $89

7. Make it metallic.

Prefer your sheer drapery panels with a little more pizazz? These feature a shimmery silver geometric print that makes it look like it is textured.


Our Pick:Dakota Fields Bakke Curtain Panels, $29.99

8. Keep things clean and simple.

When all else fails, you can always depend on simple cotton canvas curtains to create a relaxed window display. This pair instantly makes a space feel laid-back but sophisticated at the same time.


Our Pick:Washed Cotton Canvas Curtains, from $130

9. Try tassels.

Never underestimate the impact of tassels in a boho-style room. This eye-catching striped drapery panel is accented with cute, colorful tassels and is made of light-filtering fabric to boot.


Our Pick:Opalhouse Contrast Stripe Curtain Panel with Tassels, $25

10. Go bold with embroidery.

If the rest of your boho decor is somewhat neutral, go bold with some stunning panels to create a focal point in a snap. These gorgeous gold panels with embroidered birds are just the right kind of daring decor you never knew you needed until this very moment.

Our Pick:Lisette Curtain, from $138

11. Venture into velvets.

Boho decor can be light and airy, but can also be rich and dreamy. What better way to make your room a whole mood than with some velvet curtains in rich jewel tones? We love these mossy green panels from West Elm, but deep teals and burgundies work too.

Our pick:Worn Velvet Curtain, from $99

12. Try some tie-dye.

We've seen everyone rock their tie-dye apparel for a minute now, but what's more eclectic than bringing the look into your decor? These hand-dyed Shibori panels are subtle enough not to overtake the rest of your room's decor. But they add the right amount of unique flair every boho abode needs.

Our Pick:Light Indigo Shibori Curtain, $77.34

13. Fall in love with florals.

Love the look of printed drapes but aren't sure if they'll mesh with your boho-style interior? This colorful, botanical print is sheer enough to work in any style of space. It's like adding an instant garden right into any room.

Our Pick:Freya Window Panel, from $39

14. Gauze panels are perfect.

There are few fabrics that literally go with flow more than gauze. It's the perfect fabric for your boho space. Find curtains in warm colors, like these persimmon panels we spotted on Urban Outfitters, to add some good vibes to your home.

Our Pick:Chloe Patchwork Gauze Curtain, $49

15. Pick out some block prints.

Add a global twist to your window dressing with some handmade block prints. These cotton panels come in what seems like an infinite selection of patterns and sizes. We found these charmers on Etsy, but you can DIY your own from tablecloths or tapestries.

Our pick:Block Print Curtain, $39.07


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