These Blue Kids' Bedroom Ideas Are Undeniably Cool

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Admit it: You ​still​ associate blue bedrooms with baby boys. It's okay, you're not alone. Since the moment we were born, we've been conditioned into believing blue is for boys and pink is for girls. But in reality? Blue in the bedroom is ideal for ​all​ kids' rooms.


From a moody navy for your equally moody teenager to patterned wallpaper for your toddler to a subtle shade that will age as your little ones do, there are plenty of ways to bring the hue into your children's rooms. Go ahead, check out the 10 kids' bedroom ideas below and get ready to be tangled up in blues.

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1. Pick a pale blue that will age with them.

The average person spends about a third of their life in bed — and your child is no exception — so it's important to create a soothing space where they feel like they can kick back and relax. Interior designer Emily Henderson puts comfort at the forefront by using a lighter, almost periwinkle blue. While the light drapes, bed frame, and flag keep the room beautiful and breezy, the colorful, geometric rug provides a jovial flair. The perfect backdrop for both counting sheep and playing make-believe, this color will probably be acceptable once your child is in their teens as well.

Get the look: Sharkskin by Portola Paints & Glazes

2. Wow with wallpaper.

If you're looking to experiment with wallpaper in a bedroom for the very first time, subtlety is key. In this room by Monika Hibbs, the nautical pattern offers a jolt of blue that doesn't dominate the rest of the room. Want to make the blue pop even more? Accessorize with blue books, throw pillows, and framed prints.


Get the look: Serena & Lily Feather Wallpaper


3. Mix blue wallpaper and blue paint.

Can't decide between wallpaper and paint? Take a cue from Jen of Gold is a Neutral and do both. For her son's bedroom, the blogger mixed Farrow & Ball's dark Hague Blue with a whimsical wallpaper in a similar palette. The result? A room that's packed with childish wonder, but doesn't feel ​too​ juvenile. In an age when light, airy color palettes are all the rage, a deep blue can run the risk of looking downright dreary. Brighten up the space with lush plants and a yellow, velvet accent chair.


Get the look: Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

4. Find blue undertones.

Blue can be a neutral when it's used more as an undertone than a defining hue. This bedroom from Tag & Tibby shows you how it's done with gray paint that's close to a slate-blue, and more saturated pops of blue on the bed.


Get the look: Misty by Sherwin-Williams

5. Try a bold, blue wall.

When you think of blue-tinged kids' bedrooms, you probably imagine a soft, innocent blue. However, it pays to embrace your bold side. Not only does a strong cobalt create the perfect backdrop for homework and hangouts alike, but it's also a mature alternative to the baby blues and periwinkles of yesteryear. Take this color to the next level pairing a bright blue wall with orange accents, as Serena of Thrift Diving does in this tween bedroom makeover.



Get the look: Mosaic Blue by Behr

6. Work multiple blue shades.

Stephanie of Abbotts at Home gives this kids' bedroom the tonal treatment by infusing different shades of blue in the duvets, curtains, artwork, and accent wall. As this room proves, gone are the days of matched-to-perfection decor. It's all about mixing different colors and textures. The combination of the tactile duvet, cotton curtain, and wood-paneled wall add some visual intrigue — all while upping this space's coziness factor.


Get the Look: Vibrant Horizon by Magnolia Home Paint

7. Create contrast.

Why settle for one blue when you can enjoy two? DKOR Interiors turned this standard wall into a major design moment by blocking two shades of blue. (That's right, you can color block more than your outfits.) Want to recreate this look in your little one's room? All you need is some painter's tape and two shades of blue. Once the paint has dried, juxtapose the angular wall art with a soft headboard, sheer curtains, and plenty of throw pillows.



Get the look: Nairobi Blue by Clare Paint

8. Try a beach theme.

We love a good theme as much as the next person; however, ​too​ many dinosaur statues, spaceship prints, and circus trinkets can keep a child's room feeling stuck in the past. Take a cue from Heidi of Occasionally Perfect and integrate a subtle theme throughout the room. The light-colored rugs, occasional plants, and wave mural infuse a beachy flair without feeling too in-your-face. (Plus, the blue and yellow color combination remind us of summer in the best way possible.)

Get the look: Anewall Bombora Mural



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