Stylish Shiplap Bathroom Wall Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redecorate

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Ready for a refreshing bathroom makeover? Instead of going with tile or simply painting to infuse a bit of modern farmhouse flair into your home design, try installing shiplap wall paneling.


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What exactly is shiplap you ask? It's a style of solid wood wall paneling that's mounted with slight gaps between each plank. While typically installed horizontally, the material can also be mounted vertically or in clever herringbone patterns. This means you can play with your bathroom walls in ways you never expected. You can even get the look with a little faux shiplap wallpaper, too.


Check out these farmhouse bathroom accent wall ideas to liven things up around your sink, shower, or tub.

1. Go with one shiplap accent wall.

Create a gorgeous accent with an inky paint color and shiplap boards like Reimagine Designs did here. We love the slate gray color alongside a modern rustic vanity. It creates a clever combo for a refreshing take on farmhouse style. You can even pick up the paint brush and add the color yourself to cut down on costs.


2. Mix it up.

There's no rule that says you can't combine multiple materials even in a small bathroom. You can create a textured nook like this one that features white shiplap, black hex floor tiles, and a marble counter. The final result will give you the perfect place to soak and unwind.


3. Keep it natural.

Go the natural route with your shiplap, and simply stain the wood. The resulting effect will be as soothing as this cabin-like bathroom design that features a deep soaking tub with hexagonal tile work and a wood vanity.


4. Be bold with black paint.

While white and natural wood finishes are popular in interior design when it comes to shiplap styles, you can go bold and dramatic. Why not try painting your panels black? Place Of My Taste's bathroom revamp makes us want to try a DIY shiplap project in a similar moody hue.


5. Go for a modern shiplap design idea.

People often think shiplap is more suitable for rustic or farmhouse style. But this powder room proves that's just not the case. A trough sink in stunning pink tones with light wood shiplap from Elizabeth Strianese feels fresh and modern in the best way.


6. Try simple and classic.

The classic white shiplap look can work beautifully in a modern bathroom. And Kelly Nutt proves just that in this space with a stunning concrete sink paired perfectly with bright white panels. The finished look is simple but far from boring


7. Don't forget the ceiling.

Turn a plain powder room into a glorious farmhouse space by installing shiplap ​everywhere​. Home Bunch put in a rustic wood countertop with a gorgeous mirror and elegant sconces. But covering the bathroom walls and ceiling in soft white shiplap makes this room stand out even more.

8. Opt for reclaimed wood.

If rustic or farmhouse style is your thing, why not go all in with some reclaimed wood shiplap in your bathroom? Sure, we can't all have exposed brick walls like this stunning space from Artist Residence, but an elegant white tub and sink set against the rugged texture of reclaimed wooden boards will work everytime.

9. Add wallpaper, too.

Add whimsical wallpaperand​ shiplap to recreate the look of this pretty powder room from Farmhouse on Boone. The white countertop and panels feel perfectly quaint, and we love how the pop of pattern from the wallpaper takes this bathroom design to the next level.