11 Soothing Japanese-Inspired Bathtubs Seen on Instagram

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There are shower people and there are bath people. And there are people who love both. But when it comes to soaking for the pure joy of it and maybe having a somewhat spiritual experience, these Japanese-inspired tubs we saw on Instagram had us hooked. We dare you not to be, too.


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1. Japanese tubs can be installed indoors or out, but when we saw this soaker from Zen Bath Works, we truly felt the best of both worlds coming together in perfect harmony. Imagine soaking under the stars or at dawn in this special spot. To die for.

2. Cozy, soothing, and tranquil are words that come to mind when we look at this tub spotted on Erin Perry's feed. With the simplest surroundings and a breathtaking view of nature, it may be possible to become stress-free after time spent here.


3. A common characteristic of Japanese style is simple design with natural materials like cedar. This Zen-like nook with a tub from Zen Bath Works (you see what we did there) may not look like much at first glance, but such a beautiful combination of materials (the Hinoki wood!) and natural light, we fell in love.

4. We adore a moody spot to soak in and this wood tub from Miki Nava surrounded by black tile and little else is exactly that. This is a peak spa vibe with its adjacent porch to cool off after a long therapeutic bath. Where can we book an appointment?


5. Although many Japanese baths are square or rectangle, smaller round tubs are often seen in homes as well. The key is to keep the depth deep enough to submerge your body comfortably either sitting or laying down. We love this version created by Angela Todd. Self-care should be important no matter where you live, right?

6. When you have a tub like this one from Bartok Design in a bath and shower setup that looks like a 5-star hotel, what else do you really need in life? Somehow we get the feeling anyone would feel renewed after literally stepping right into this bath.


7. The cedar and concrete combo in this serene place to soak spotted on Mabushiya's grid is the essence of Japanese minimalism. Something tells us after spending time in this bath some serious shifts in perspective could be made. But maybe that's just us. Remember to use your spa voice only.

8. We saw a lot of different sizes in Japanese tubs while scrolling, which proves that the style can work in just about any bathroom. We love this cute corner tub by Hera Bathroom in Singapore that is just perfect for someone to soak the stress away after a long day.


9. Though we saw a lot of neutral settings for Japanese tubs on Instagram, this stunning bathroom from Zen Bathworks is the perfect example of how amazing aqua (or many other colored) tiles look with a cedar bath and wall accent. It creates a floating-in-the-sea effect that is just beyond beautiful.

10. This neutral space from Smarter Renovations by Design is the perfect spot for a Japanese tub featuring a skylight that invites nature inside. The whole room comes together just so, like a secret room for the ultimate self-care session.

11. Another heavenly room seen on Wood Interior Design Ideas that takes a Japanese tub to the next level. The wood floors, walls, and ceiling are crazy beautiful. The skylight hitting those plants is cinematic. If you need us, we'll be here forever.