An Industrial Shower Is the Vintage-Inspired Touch Your Bathroom Needs

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Once upon a time, interiors were bursting with vintage style — infused with antiques and family heirlooms. Then came the farmhouse aesthetic made popular by Chip and Joanna Gaines, with its well-known adherence to flea market finds and bright-white surroundings. Then the industrial look came along, an approach that could best be described as the moodier, slightly edgier cousin of vintage and farmhouse.


Marked for its use of dark metal finishes, black hues, rough-hewn wood, and bygone visuals, industrial style is inspired by factories and brick-clad lofts of yore. Although it's frequently spotted in living rooms and kitchens, the time-honored look can also have a home in bathroom design: specifically, the shower.

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If you're gearing up for a bathroom remodel that feels equal parts cool and vintage, an industrial shower might be right up your alley. Wrapping in signature details like black metal finishes, subway tile, and exposed plumbing, these six designs will take your space from mundane to head-turning in no time.

1. Opt for a dark-hued grout.

Subway tile is a favorite accent in industrial showers, since it was once used as a utilitarian material in train tunnels back in the day. You can give the classic material more of an industrial edge if you use black or dark gray grout, something that Carla Natalia did in her bathroom design.


2. Embrace black metal detailing.

If you're jonesing for a walk-in shower with an industrial feel, outfit a glass shower door or panel with black metal framing. Here, Bre of Brepurposed has given a nod to old factory windows with this partition.


3. Consider black fixtures.

When selecting fixtures for your shower, consider designs in all-black which will weave in plenty of industrial flair. That's what Kourtni of House on Longwood Lane did in this open shower, adding dramatic contrast to an all-white bathroom.



4. Or, give brass fixtures a try.

Brass is another metal finish that can make your frameless shower enclosure look truly industrial. With a small, clear glass divider and white subway tile, the fixtures are allowed to take center stage in this bathroom designed by Michaelis Boyd. And if brass isn't your thing, chrome is another equally industrial option.


5. Welcome concrete.

ICYMI concrete has pretty much taken over every area in the home, from floors to countertops to yep, you guessed it, even our showers. The raw material is a surefire way to create an industrial shower. And bonus: It's tough and known for its functionality. In this bathroom design spotlighted by Burke Decor, an oh-so-cool, subtly patterned shower curtain flanks black concrete walls.


6. Go all-out vintage.

If you really want to push the vintage-meets-industrial aesthetic in your shower, look no further than a black showerhead, white subway tile with black grout, and a clawfoot tub, all displayed in this throwback setup by Brooke of Nesting with Grace. Complete your makeover with white and black floor tile and a few storied pieces of home decor.



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