27 Bathroom Chandelier Ideas That Will Dazzle You

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Revamping a bathroom usually tends to follow the same formula: new fixtures, a fresh coat of paint, or a total tile overhaul, if you're up for the cost and effort. But instead of using traditional recessed lighting or the unfortunate "boob" light, try outfitting your space with the more decorative chandelier, which, yes, can still fit in a small bathroom.


"The addition of a chandelier to a bathroom adds a level of both grandeur and fun depending on the one chosen," says Sally Storey, creative director of John Cullen Lighting. "I always recommend over scaling a chandelier as a small one can look ... insignificant."

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To give your space more of a spa-like feel, Storey recommends making your bathroom lighting dimmable so that you can enjoy a lower level of light when soaking in the tub and brighter illumination when shaving or applying makeup. And while chandeliers are glamorous, they are also quite practical, which is why she suggests pairing them with thoughtful recessed lighting and a stylish task light near the vanity mirror.

So whether you're itching for a bathroom remodel or you're content with a subtle makeover, allow these swanky lighting ideas to inspire you.

27 Bathroom Chandelier Ideas

1. Introduce a vintage fixture.

Not all lighting is created equal, and the antique chandelier hanging in this small bathroom, which was spotted on Style by Emily Henderson, is picture-perfect proof. To give your space one-of-a-kind charm, scour antique shops or flea markets for a similar find.


2. Match the white ceiling.

Channel coastal vibes with this coral-inspired chandelier by Serena & Lily. With its intricate detailing and grand size, it's an ideal way to make a big statement without taking anything away from an almost all-white color scheme. Follow the lead of this setup and paint the walls in a light shade of gray to give your light-filled space a little depth.



3. Opt for a mobile-style light fixture.

A chandelier doesn't necessarily have to look like it belongs in Versailles. Take a cue from this stunning London bath, designed by 2LG Studio, and opt for an ultra-contemporary black fixture (reflected in the mirror) that's no-frills and all cool. Bonus points for pairing the look with vividly colorful walls and matching sconces.


4. Invite a sculptural silhouette.

Leave it to Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors to sway us with her genius bathroom lighting ideas. Sculpted from layers of banana fibers and fixed around a central light source, this handmade piece is the quintessence of a modern chandelier. Bring one into your space and complement it with wooden bathroom decor and sumptuous textiles.


5. Illuminate your space with a multi-light chandelier.

It may or may not be an unspoken rule that every freestanding tub should be paired with a chandelier. And the more eye-catching it is, the better. Leclair Decor went all in with this multi-light fixture flaunting six lamps. Topped with classic linen shades, this chandelier imbues the space with timeless elegance without overpowering the rest of the design scheme.



6. Welcome a ceiling light with old-world charm.

The drum chandelier in this setup by Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches has an old-world look that gives this freshly remodeled space undeniable character. The round antique bronze frame supports six candelabra-style bulbs which are partially visible behind the linen shade. The marble wall tile and light gray-colored wainscoting complement the lighting idea beautifully.


7. Channel midcentury style.

Bring a bit of midcentury flair into your primary bath with a source of lighting that can double as the room's focal point. For instance, the classic sputnik-style chandelier hanging in this modern Mediterranean-inspired bath by Andrea West Designs brings a much-needed hint of warmth and dimension to the room's high-contrast color palette.


8. Bring the outdoors in.

When it comes to selecting lighting for your transitional bathroom, take inspiration from the great outdoors. Jean Stoffer Design did just that in this stunning situ, opting to showcase a sculptural chandelier that resembles foraged branches over the freestanding tub. The luxe brass fixture adds an artistic element that really sets this area apart from the rest of the bath. The window overlooking lush landscaping acts as the perfect backdrop.



9. Illuminate high ceilings.

When designing her rustic mountain house, Emily Henderson opted to give this spa-inspired bathroom a fixture that would illuminate the cathedral ceiling, all the while casting light down below. The result was a minimalist take on a classic chandelier that fits right in with the sleek, streamlined elements throughout the space.

10. Make it coastal.

Bathroom lighting ideas that come with scalloped detailing are always winners in our book, and this fixture from Serena & Lily is no exception. The textured design provides a great source of ambient light and features soft gold tones in between the capiz shells, complementing the serene coastal aesthetic.

11. Lean into industrial style.

If your style skews slightly more modern, consider going with an industrial fixture in lieu of a glam or traditional leaning chandelier lighting idea. Offset the streamlined details of the piece with intricately patterned floor tile, à la this bathroom by AFP Designs.


12. Incorporate a little texture.

Solid attention to detail rarely goes unnoticed, especially if it's in a statement-worthy nook, complete with a dreamy marble tub and all. The small chandelier in this captivating bath by Cher House contributes a healthy dose of texture to the sleek, minimalist lines of the space.

13. Spruce up minimalist decor.

If your bathroom design is made up of clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, an intricate chandelier can really help add some visual interest to your space. For instance, this retro geometric design adds some much-needed flair to the tub area. And it also adds a bit of color without taking away from the sleek neutral palette.

14. Showcase seashells.

This bathroom designed by K+Co. Living is the epitome of coastal style thanks to a light blue color palette and decor made out of natural elements. Not only is there a shell-studded chandelier, there's also a driftwood-framed mirror. Brass wall sconces add a hint of sparkle to the laid-back design.

15. Welcome unique materials.

More often than not, light fixtures are made out of glass and metal. However, occasionally you'll come across a unique design that showcases an interesting material choice. Enter the chandelier in this bath by Studio McGee. The tiered fixture hanging about the tub is actually made from woven coco beads which instantly inject the space with dreamy warmth and organic texture.

16. Embrace a drum shade.

You don't have to go with something extravagant when it comes to adding fancy lighting to your bathroom. Sometimes a simple fixture with a drum shade will do. The oval-shaped chandelier featured in this bathroom designed by Whittney Parkinson Design helps demonstrate our point beautifully.

17. Make it a focal point.

However, if you do want some glamour, take a cue from this bathroom remodel by Jean Stoffer Design. The fanciful light fixture really stands out hanging above the freestanding tub, surrounded by jet black walls. Bathroom decor such as the brass towel bar, wooden stool, and greenery add a welcome dose of warmth and coziness.

18. Glisten with gold.

If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your bath, a brass chandelier will definitely do the trick. This neutral design by Studio McGee is a prime example. The fixture is not too garish — it doesn't feel over the top — but still adds lustrous warmth and a hint of glamour.

19. Hang a wagon wheel chandelier.

When the time came to select a chandelier for this modern bathroom, the team over at THELIFESTYLEDCO opted for a fixture that would blend in with the black and white color palette. The ebony-finished wagon wheel-style chandelier makes quite the impression without interrupting the high-contrast visuals.

20. Elevate it with art deco pizazz.

This bathroom remodel by Jillian Harris is a study in elegance and sophistication. The spacious ensuite flaunts luxurious details such as floor-to-ceiling curtains that frame a pair of French doors, picture frame molding on the walls, marble tile flooring, a double ended freestanding tub and, last but not least, an art deco-inspired chandelier complete with a decorative ceiling medallion. Swoon!

21. Play with the idea of wrapped jute.

The large window in this bathroom by K. Sneed Design allows natural light to flow in, making the space feel bright and airy. Paired with a pale color palette, the setup runs the risk of feeling cold or stark. However, the rug, stool, and three-tier chandelier made out of wrapped jute, provide just enough warmth and balance.

22. Showcase various textures.

Texture is the name of the game in this bathroom designed by Mindy Gayer. Every decorative element — including the shiplap wall paneling, marble flooring, natural wood accents, rug, and pampas grass — adds something unique to the equation. Even the stunning tiered chandelier, made out of banana bark that is set in resin, brings a tactile and organic quality to the mix.

23. Bring on the bubbles.

There's something so whimsical, yet modern about this bathroom by Blackband Design. The black freestanding tub stands out against the gray and black floor tiles, which gives it an industrial feel. But the bubble chandelier is just playful enough to lighten the mood.

24. Introduce a glamorous crystal chandelier.

If you really want your self-care space to glimmer, then your bathroom may call for crystals. Christine from the blog Hello Fashion essentially hung a large piece of jewelry above the tub. The fixture is made up of strands of crystal beading that mesmerize anyone who dares to look at them.

25. Splurge on a Murano glass chandelier.

If you like the idea of a fancy bathroom light fixture but crystals aren't really your cup of tea, consider splurging on a Murano glass chandelier. In this serene setup by Marshall Watson Interiors, a simple silhouette made up of clear Venetian glass makes quite the impression. Pair with a classic French bateau-shaped tub with a stainless steel skirt to complete the look.

26. Emphasize contrast.

Black can be a bold choice for a bathroom, but when done right, it can feel dramatic in the best way. And if you want to take things one step further, amp up the contrast by opting for a white chandelier. The lighting idea, beautifully demonstrated in this setup by Etch Design Group, really pops alongside inky walls. Additionally, the white elements throughout the space will balance the moody hue.

27. Consider faux florals.

If you can't keep florals alive in your bathroom, you can at least have the appearance of them hanging from your ceiling. This floral-inspired chandelier adds the perfect amount of light and whimsy to an all-white space. Plus, the intricate design, along with the mini pendant lights at the vanity, will emit a relaxing glow that's perfect for tub soaking.


Can you put a chandelier in the bathroom?

Yes! A chandelier can be a charming and unique addition to a bathroom — even a small parlor room. In a bathroom, you can highlight specific areas, such as the vanity or bathtub.

How big should a chandelier in the bathroom be?

This depends on the size of your bathroom, but generally, Storey recommends sizing up a little. As a general rule, the sum of the length and width of the room (in feet) tells you what the diameter of the chandelier should be (in inches).

What should the drop height be?

To err on the safe side, a chandelier should never be hung lower than seven feet from the ground. And if the fixture is being installed near a wet area — like a shower, toilet, or bathtub — you'll want to go a little bit higher to be safe.

Can you hang a chandelier over the bathtub?

Yes, you can hang a chandelier over a bathtub, so long as it's secured properly. It should be at least eight feet above the tub or three feet out from it to be safe.



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