8 Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas for a Perfectly Zen Space

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When designing any space in your home, lighting is by far one of the most important aspects to consider. This is especially true for bathroom vanity lighting ideas. After all, you check yourself in the mirror during every morning ritual. So wouldn't you want to choose the most flattering light possible?


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There is a perfect fixture for every vanity, too. But you have to figure out which one works best for you and your space_._ For some people, a classic row of wall-mounted sconces will work, but others might prefer a unique pendant light.

Whichever option you choose to go with, though, don't always settle on the first fixture you find. A good bathroom vanity light can make the entire space feel ambient and fresh.


1. Inverted Sconces with Glass Shades

You can't go wrong with mounted sconces over a double sink. And brass light fixtures like the ones in this Amber Interiors bathroom are particularly lovely because of the inverted style and soft glass shades. Add four of them to up the elegance factor. This also makes us wonder: How many other decor items can you completely redesign by simply flipping them upside-down?


Get the look: Wayfair Koda Sconce, $204

2. Traditional Sconces With Fabric Shade

Sconces with fabric shades work so well in traditional bathrooms with makeup vanities. But we recommend installing them only if your space is large enough or you have good ventilation (to protect the fabric from getting damp). This look is especially good if you want your bathroom to feel more like a luxe dressing area.


Get the look: Mitzi by Hudson Valley Robbie Wall Sconce, $151

3. Two-Light Sconce With Edison Bulbs

This light has the perfect combination of a modern shape and vintage-style Edison bulbs, so it can serve as a bit of bathroom decor. And if you're lucky enough to be able to mount your sconce directly on the mirror, you can create the illusion of a double fixture. The trick will make the space feel brighter and bigger


Get the look: Aurora Lighting Wall Sconce, $138.99

4. Three-Light Fixture

Orb lights like these are usually installed directly on the wall. But here they're suspended ever so slightly, bringing the bulbs closer to the mirror. A three-light fixture like this one would be perfect if you like to get up close and personal with your skincare routine. You'll be able to see everything perfectly. Add an all-white, subway tile backsplash if you want a more modern vibe.


Get the look: Sea Gull Lighting Oslo Fixture, $165

5. One-Light Armed Wall Sconces

Metal wall sconces come in so many finishes and sizes that you're bound to find the perfect set no matter your aesthetic. These ones are especially lovely because they're shaped like vintage candlesticks. We recommend putting trendy bathroom vanity lights like these on a dimmer so you can create the perfect mood for those nightly bubble baths.


Get the look: Wayfair Daren Wall Sconce, $174

6. White Globes With Gold Accents

There is something so alluring about the classic combination of white and gold. This pair of contemporary milk glass sconces might look simple at first glance, but the brass accents are quietly beautiful. And they let the wood sink and neutral paint color be the stars of the room.


Get the look: IKEA Frihult, $19.99

7. Boxy Wall Sconce

This rectangular sconce adds a particularly unique flair to an airy bathroom. It's industrial, but the contrast feels purposeful. If you go this route, add a honeycomb floor tile and indoor plants to the space as well. You'll end up feeling like you're in a zen hotel bathroom all the time.

Get the look: Wayfair Danvers Rectangle Wall Sconce, $207

8. Plug-Pendant With Edison Bulb

Haven't had enough of the Edison bulbs? Us either. And of all the bathroom vanity lighting ideas, you can DIY this pendant without any hardwiring. It will even work in a small space. Simply hang a plug-in pendant light from the ceiling. Bonus points if you add it to a minimalist washroom like this one.

Get the look: Globe Electric Plug-In Hanging Pendant, $36.85