16 Double-Sink Bathroom Lighting Ideas That Are Simply Illuminating

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When it comes to your bathroom sink, two is often better than one. Nowadays, those who are blessed with ample square footage install double sinks so two people can simultaneously brush their teeth, fix their hair, and complete their skin care routines. That said, dual sinks often come with a unique set of challenges, including how to light them.


Unlike with a single-sink space, where one light source can be enough to light up the entire area, you'll want to make sure that your fixture has enough gusto to give both basins a beautiful glow. That's exactly why so many designers reach for multiple light sources. "Where we have double vanities, we like to break down the scale and have each space defined by its own framed, decorative mirror," explains David Frazier, an interior designer based in New York City.

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In addition to scale, you'll also want to think about the location of your bathroom vanity lighting. While lightbulbs perched directly above your sink can offer plenty of coverage, you'll want to make sure that they don't cast any unflattering shadows. Another thing to consider is which type of light fixtures you select. We love a lamp as much as the next person, but you want to keep those bulbs far away from your sink with a flush mount, sconces, or a chandelier. (After all, water and electricity don't mix.) And, to add even more to your must-have list, your light fixture should look good too. "Lighting, especially in a bathroom, has to be first and foremost functional," designer Kristina Phillips shares. "It also can be fun in kids' bathrooms or a guest bathroom. Primary bathrooms tend to combine practically with glamour, two of my favorite design elements."


Though sconces and LED bars might seem like the obvious choices, there are many ideas to help elevate your bathroom design. Read on for double-sink lighting inspiration that truly puts the "bright" in a bright idea.

16 Double-Sink Bathroom Lighting Ideas

1. Embrace layered lighting.

Why settle for one bathroom lighting idea when you can enjoy a few? The secret, according to Dabito of Old Brand New, is to keep your modern vanity lighting cohesive. The designer paired a forward-thinking globe flush mount with equally bulbous bathroom sconces for a visually pleasing variation on a theme.


Get the look:Mitzi by Hudson Valley Renee Semi Flush Mount, $322


2. Try a pendant.

Looking for a lighting idea that's a bit unexpected? We'll advocate for a pendant light to illuminate your double sink. This stunning sanctuary belonging to Austin and Alex of Hommeboys is the perfect example, featuring a dome-shaped fixture hanging above the vanity. (Psst ... we love how the pendant's brass accent matches the faucets and hardware.)


Get the look:Colony 1-Light Small Pendant, $149.99

3. Craft a cohesive color palette.

When deciding on your bathroom color palette, you've likely thought about decor, materials, and finishes that will pull everything together. But have you tossed bathroom lighting ideas into the mix as well? In this dreamy white bathroom by Emily Henderson, the black and white sconces echo the other neutral hues seen throughout.


Get the look:Rejuvenation Willamette 16" LED Clear Fluted Glass Wall Sconce in Oil-Rubbed Bronze, $569

4. Embrace an industrial look.

We're always fans of trendproof, classic fixtures. Though angular task lighting is often associated with home offices and productive desks, we like to think that this industrial idea works beautifully in a farmhouse bath too. Need proof? Take a gander at this charming respite styled by Beth of 1111 Light Lane. Two rectangular mirrors, a vintage rug, and some wooden accents provide the perfect farmhouse-style flair.



Get the look:Red Barrel Studio Flaherty Swing Arm Sconce (set of 2), $86.40

5. Wow with metallics.

Double-sink bathroom lighting ideas don't need to fade into the background. Yes, they serve a practical purpose, but they can look cool and artistic too. An easy way to achieve both? Metallics, always. To make a major statement, add some brass light fixtures in a bathroom packed with spalike neutrals. Let Jenny of Juniper Home show you how it's done in this modern bath.


Get the look:Kohler Lighting Artifacts 3 Light 23" Wide Bathroom Vanity Light, $389

6. Double down on your lightbulbs.

As the saying goes, two really ‌is‌ better than one. Not only can a dual wall sconce right between your sinks give each primping area a gorgeous glow but it will also help shine a light on the rest of your space. We can't get enough of the geometric backsplash and midcentury-inspired lighting in this design by Erin of Sunny Circle Studio.


Get the look:McGee & Co. Bistro Double Sconce, $500


7. Consolidate your essentials.

Calling all small-space dwellers: Depending on your bathroom's exact footprint, you can get away with having one light source for two sinks. "A wide, three-globe sconce is perfect for a double-sink bathroom," explains Christina Kim. "It feels expansive enough to properly light the area, and the odd number of globes provides a visual balance." The New Jersey-based designer perfected the look by pairing a trio of lights with a farmhouse-style sink featuring two faucets. Go ahead, bring this vanity lighting idea to your small bathroom or powder room.


Get the look:Castell 3 Globe Vanity Lights, $199

8. Keep it simple.

We're going to let you in on a little secret: Simple vanity light fixtures don't have to be boring. When Kristine Renee from Design Alchemy designed this children's bathroom, she added two slim light bars to help cater to her clients' spatial and stylistic needs. "[They] wanted to maximize storage, so we went with two medicine cabinets and installed light bars above each cabinet," the designer shares. "LED light bars are a great application for bathroom spaces, as they are clean and simple and provide ample light."


Get the look:Modern Forms Lightstick LED Vanity Light in Brushed Aluminum, $169-$679

9. Throw (sweet) shade.

Sconces are an obvious choice for most double-vanity bathrooms, but if you want to make your digs feel a touch cozier, dress up your light source with lampshades. "In this bathroom, we used sconces to further delineate the space of each sink," Frazier explains. "We love using shaded decorative sconces, as they provide a softer light than traditional bathroom fixtures." The finished project is a bathroom that's simultaneously sweet and simple — not to mention it shines at full wattage.

Get the look:West Elm Beatrix Sconce in Dark Bronze (set of two), $258

10. Create a pop of color.

Brass, nickel, and matte black might be the go-to palette for bathroom light fixtures, but why stick to the status quo? For a lighting design that will really pop, consider reimagining your bathroom sconce in a fun, makes-you-do-a-double-take hue. "The pop of orange sconces makes this kids' bathroom a fun place to brush and get ready for the day," Kristina Phillips shares. To make the lights really shine, she created contrast with blue wallpaper and matching cabinets. Meanwhile, white countertops create negative space between this high-contrast power couple.

Get the look:Dutton Brown Color Monarch Sconce in Orange, $269

11. Factor in natural lighting.

From sunrise to sunset, your bathroom's natural sunlight is always changing, so it's important to scheme up a design that can keep up. Case in point: this rustic room from Chango & Co. Ceiling lights and shaded sconces will brighten up the washroom in the evening, but thanks to that generous window, they fade into the role of accent lighting during daytime.

Get the look:Globe Electric Company Kurt Semi Flush Mount in Black, $53.99

12. Opt for an artful accessory.

If you're looking for a true lightbulb moment, consider turning your bathroom light into a work of art. In this minimalist marvel, Studio McGee spruced up the vanity area with a dimensional sconce. (The result? A setup that's inspiring and illuminating in equal measure.) While it may not seem like enough for the whole room, the angular window across from the large mirrors provides a subtle, natural light. A simple ceiling fixture can supplement after dark.

Get the look:Studio M Chips LED Sconce, $330

13. Mix it in with your mirror.

We're settling the debate for good: A bathroom mirror with integrated LED lights ‌is‌ the fairest of them all. Don't believe us? Just take a look at this modern bathroom vanity from Mauricio Lobeira of Ten Plus Three. "The light bars are on both sides and [at] the same height as the mirrors. This is important because the light needs to be balanced equally so it covers both sides of your face," he shares. "We paired the mirrors and bath with oak wood cabinetry in an espresso finish to bring more warmth to this space."

Get the look‌: Rejuvenation Logan LED Mirror (48" x 36"), $550

14. Revel in repetition.

Ultimately, your bathroom should be a place where you can truly unwind. In this rose-hued washroom, Emilie Munroe of Studio Munroe lined up three matching sconces to create an easy repetition that relaxes the eye. A soft, feminine color palette adds to the soothing effect.

Get the look:The Urban Electric Co. Pip Sconce, $803

15. Create some drama.

Lights, camera, action! If you want to level up the wow factor in your bathroom remodel, take a cue from these chill digs that were built by Gustave Carlson and designed by Atelier Davis. Here, a trio of can lights lines the top of the bathroom vanity mirror, creating the illusion of spotlights. The cool palette and wooden accents complete the space, giving this glamorous moment a hip edge.

Get the look:Volume Lighting Glass Flush Mount, $98.99

16. Experiment with asymmetry.

If you're working with a sun-drenched bathroom, having two lights on both sides of your vanity might feel like optical overkill. Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs created the best of both worlds in this laid-back refuge. With two pendant lights clustered on one of the sinks, this bathroom has extra lighting exactly where it's most needed. And, of course, we're loving the visual intrigue the asymmetry provides.

Get the look:Eglo Coretto 11" Wide Pendant, $159.99



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