10 Chic and Savvy Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Ideas We Love

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Your bathroom medicine cabinet is brimming with design potential — it just takes a little imagination. To help, we searched the web high and low and rounded up some of the chicest bathroom medicine cabinet ideas we could find. From pivoting styles to double mirrors and more, scroll down for 10 medicine cabinets that will transform your bathroom into the savvy space it deserves to be.


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1. Find a simple wood style.

Searching for a medicine cabinet that's every bit as versatile as it is sleek? An acacia wood-framed medicine cabinet with a beveled mirror is a sophisticated way to elevate a bathroom vanity scene.


Get the look: Acacia Medicine Cabinet, $229

2. Look for a medicine cabinet with a curvy mirror.

Never underestimate the impact of a shapely mirror in a room. A frameless medicine cabinet with an arched mirror complements any size or style of bathroom.


Get the look: Kohler English Trellis Frameless Medicine Cabinet, $108.76

3. Consider something colorful.

If you thought there was no such thing as a colorful medicine cabinet, think again. A medicine cabinet with a bold-hued frame brings a pop of color and personality into an all-white bathroom.


Get the look: Teague Medicine Cabinet in Teal Blue, $399

4. Search for some coastal cottage charm.

Crown molding, metal hardware, and a distressed white finish turn this simple medicine cabinet into a perfect focal point for your bathroom. A pair of shaded sconces complete the look and provide plenty of ambient bathroom lighting.


Get the look: Seaside Mirrored Wall Cabinet in Distressed White, $132.49

5. Go midcentury style.

A clean-lined walnut medicine cabinet with an open storage shelf instantly creates a mid-century modern vibe in a bathroom.


Get the look: Briceno Wall Mounted Framed Medicine Cabinet, $319.99

6. Look for a long and lean mirror.

No room for a full-length mirror in your bathroom? No worries. A slender medicine cabinet with a long, vertical mirror supplies more mirror coverage and storage opportunity.


Get the look: Marquis Recessed Frameless Medicine Cabinet, $214.99

7. Try a corner medicine cabinet.

If you're stuck working with a bathroom sink in an awkward corner, then we have the medicine cabinet for you. A compact medicine cabinet designed specifically for a tight corner offers a small-space savvy storage solution.


Get the look: Kugler Stainless Steel Corner Medicine Cabinet, $179

8. Search for a beaded style.

Prefer your medicine cabinets with a little more pizazz? An eye-catching medicine cabinet with a beaded frame makes a glamorous statement in any kind of bathroom.


Get the look: Weslaco Beaded Recessed Framed 1 Door Medicine Cabinet, $164

9. LED lighting FTW.

An energy-efficient medicine cabinet with built-in LED lights provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bathroom vanity lights.


Get the look: Simplicity Surface Mount Framed Medicine Cabinet, $2,100

10. Double up.

Why invest in a medicine cabinet with a single mirror when you can have one with two? A surface mount framed medicine cabinet with double mirrors and open storage space provides twice the functionality.

Get the look: Lee Surface Mount Framed Medicine Cabinet, $566.99


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