15 Art Deco Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Space Feel Ultra-Glam

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Art deco style is back in vogue, and its timeless glamor — think metallics, gilded details, sleek lines, geometric patterns, and jewel tones — is perfect in pretty much any space. As designer Jean Stoffer illustrates above, just a touch of deco flair can transform your bathroom into an elegant place to get dressed in the morning or take a luxuriating soak at the end of a long day.


Interior designer Kim Tasker recommends incorporating the style through thoughtful touches that exude the luxury and craftsmanship of the movement, rather than turning to "art deco-themed" patterns, which will date easily.

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"I would introduce detailed textures such as marble, glossy fluted tiles or glass, and maybe some burl wood," she says. "Even the way that a tile is laid can bring in some subtle geometric shapes. Brass fittings and tile edgings are classic, and I'd always add a high contrast color — even if that's black."

"If a client was looking for something more authentically deco, an upcycled 1930s vanity unit and vintage bevelled wall mirrors would look beautifully original," she continues. "Let's not forget to add some interesting feature wall sconces, as they will really elevate the space."

Read on for more ways to bring the elegance and sophistication of art deco style to your bathroom decor.


15 Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

1. Go for a decadent black and gold color scheme.

Generous use of gold is a hallmark of decadent art deco interior design. Combining it with black is common too, and the opulent contrast is used to great effect in this beautiful bathroom belonging to Jess from Gold Is a Neutral. The geometric tile and free-standing tub add extra layers of sumptuous luxury.


Get the look:Wyndham Collection Mermaid Freestanding Acrylic Soaking Tub, $997

2. Add sleek chrome fixtures.

Metallic fixtures — like the polished chrome in this art deco-style bathroom design by Elizabeth Roberts — lend an authentic 1920s feel. Use the same finish all over, from the mirror to the towel bars to the console sink to the light fixtures, for a sleek result. It's the perfect way to achieve the glamorous, high-end look you expect from this aesthetic.



Get the look:Allied Brass Washington Square Collection Towel Bar in Polished Chrome (24"), $179.99

3. Embrace the sunburst motif.

You might think wallpapering a bathroom is impractical, but art deco style is nothing if not a little extravagant. A sumptuous sunburst print, like this one from Divine Savages, can go a long way towards creating a luxe feeling in your washroom. (Bonus: Add subway tiles in the same color to amp up the drama.)


Get the look:Divine Savages Deco Martini Arsenic Wallpaper, $189

4. Inject moody glamour with black paint.

While art deco style is also known for its rich, luxurious jewel tones, a black and white palette in the bathroom is classic. That's proven by this beautiful space designed by Emily Henderson. Paint the walls in an ebony hue to add drama, timelessness, and a bit of glamour.


Get the look:Benjamin Moore Black Satin

5. Choose vintage-inspired light fixtures.

It's easy to add art deco elements via your bathroom light fixtures. Look for polished metallics and geometric, symmetrical forms. The pastel peach and shades of green in this bathroom might not be exclusive to art deco style, but the sconces and retro scalloped mirror give a clear nod to the aesthetic.



Get the look‌: Alabaster White Shade Brass Arm Art Deco Wall Light, $139

6. Go bold with opulent prints.

While geometric and angular forms are common motifs in art deco design, opulent, lushly colored tropical prints also fit this glamorous era. If you want a maximalist pop in your powder room, try a striking design like this one by Jungalow founder Justina Blakeney. It also cleverly contrasts with the bathroom mirror's linear black and white design.


Get the look‌: Jungalow Phoenix Wallpaper in Jungle by Justina Blakeney, $175

7. Bring art deco shapes into a modern bathroom.

Interior designer Nikki Levy has given this art deco-inspired bathroom a contemporary twist. The scalloped, fluted bathroom vanity and geometric pattern on the tiles offer clear nods to the era. Introducing a pastel color palette and softer lines brings warmth and joy to the aesthetic.


Get the look‌: Moon Cosmati Light WJ Mosaic, $151

8. Go next-level glam with colored glass.

Geometric and glam are two essential elements of the art deco period, and mirrors can combine both. Designer Mary Patton sourced a mirror that throws it back to the era with a bold, angular, emerald green frame. The jewel tone takes center stage when combined with the light blue printed wallpaper‌.


Get the look‌: Romano Wall Mirror, $839

9. Pull the whole space together with a geometric mirror.

The focal point of this bathroom by Steffi of @our_dream_at_no_15 is the quintessentially art deco fan-shaped mirror. The jungle-themed wallpaper fits with the theme and adds a pop of color against the black and white tiles. And arranging the wall tiles in a herringbone pattern is yet another nod to the era.

Get the look‌: Caracole Classic Fan-Tastic Mirror, $1,303

10. Reflect the light with stained glass.

Stained glass is a key element of art deco interior design. It can become a bold focal point if you add it in a small bathroom window or via a 1920s-style lamp on your bathroom vanity. The glass design in the window of this art deco space by interior blogger Kim Johnson works wonderfully with the opulence of the black tiles and geometric-textured towels. The pink bathroom sink puts a soft, contemporary spin on the theme.

Get the look‌: Blue Iris Floral Tiffany Window Panel, $177.99


11. Add a bold tile pattern.

When selecting tiles for your art deco bathroom, you don't always have to choose chevrons or sunbursts. The bold colors and geometric shapes in this space from House of Joan present another alternative. The Mondrian-inspired mirror, octagonal toilet, and playful tiled floor all contribute to a joyful art deco look.

Get the look‌: Console Lavatory Sink by Randolph Morris, $499

12. Mix modern and vintage-inspired elements.

You don't have to go all out with the decadent details to create a 1920s-inspired space. The teal color, parquet flooring, and art deco-inspired mirror in this tile bathroom by Becky and Ro of @alittlecotswoldhome's bathroom all add subtle vintage style. Plus, the clawfoot bathtub is just dreamy!

Get the look‌: Balsa Porcelain Wood Look Wall & Floor Tile, $98.65

13. Include geometric patterns, like herringbone.

Bold contrasting colors are key characteristics of art deco style. This eye-catching black and white bathroom from Jean Stoffer Design also encompasses other elements of the era without compromising on the contemporary vibe. The herringbone wall tiles, gold finishes on the lamps and mirrors, and streamlined sconces all tip their hats to the glamorous look.

Get the look‌: McGee & Co. Vendome Single Sconce, $240

14. Introduce a single art deco focal point.

If you love contemporary minimalism but you're also a fan of the art deco era, you can add subtle touches of the style without overwhelming your space. The geometric tile pattern in this built-in shower cubby playfully acknowledges the 1920s while still keeping with the pared-down bathroom design. In a white, minimalist space like this, one tiny accent goes a long way.

Get the look‌: Basalt Nova Noir Honed Mosaic, $94.95

15. Minimalist bathrooms can still nail the style.

This simple black and white bathroom has lots of touches influenced by the art deco aesthetic. The angular lines of the sink, the geometric floor tiles, and the sleek brass faucet all contribute to an impactful design. Sometimes chic and minimal is the way to go.

Get the look‌: ATI Widespread Faucet 2-handle Bathroom Faucet with Drain Assembly, $119.99



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