These 7 Art Deco Bathroom Ideas Will Make Your Space Feel Next-Level Glamorous

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Sadly, there are probably few original art deco bathrooms still out there. With exposed chrome fixtures, monochrome or black and white palettes, and lots of tile, it's just the sort of "outdated" look that unfortunately got scrapped over the years in favor of more updated, modern designs.


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But art deco style is back in vogue, and its glamorousness — think metallics and gilded details, sleek lines, geometric patterns, and jewel tones — are perfect in pretty much any space, but especially for the bath. Just a touch of deco flair can transform the bathroom into an elegant place to get dressed in the mornings or take long luxurious soaks at the end of a long day.

But how do you infuse your sanctuary with the same elegance and sophistication that this aesthetic is known for? Take a look at these seven art deco bathroom ideas for timeless inspiration.


1. Soaking Tubs

The centerpiece of every art deco bathroom? A freestanding tub for luxurious lounging à la this space belonging to Jess from Gold Is a Neutral. (Add an open shower, too, if you prefer something faster and easier for the day to day.)


Get the look: Wyndham Collection Mermaid Freestanding Acrylic Soaking Tub, $1,048

2. Polished Chrome Finish

Metallic finishes — like the polished chrome in this art deco bathroom by Elizabeth Roberts — lend a true Twenties feel. Add it everywhere from the mirror to the towel bars to the console sink to the fixtures to the lighting for a lustrous end result.


Get the look: Signature Hardware Casey Art Deco Undermount Console Sink, $371.99

3. Patterned Wallpaper

You might think wallpapering a bathroom is impractical, but art deco style is nothing if not a little over the top. A sumptuously patterned print can go a long way towards creating a luxe-feeling in your washroom. (Bonus: Add subway tile in the same color to amp up the drama.)


Get the look: Divine Savages Deco Martini Arsenic Wallpaper, pricing upon request

4. Exposed Fixtures

A British telephone faucet with exposed pipes and vintage cross-style handles feels elegant and classic. We particularly like the idea of freestanding design perched next to the bath, as seen in this New York City apartment by Chango & Co. The black and white mosaic floor tile completes the look.


Get the look: Kingston Brass Double-Handle Floor-Mounted Freestanding Tub Filler, $349.99

5. Black and White Palette

While art deco style is also known for its rich, luxurious jewel tones, in the bath, a black and white palette is classic as proven by this handsome space designed by Emily Henderson. Paint the walls in an ebony hue to add drama, timelessness, and a bit of glamour.


Get the look: Black Satin Paint by Benjamin Moore

6. Marble-Inspired Accessories

Add marble — lots of it. And if you can't incorporate the luxe material into the surfaces of your art deco bathroom — the floor, walls, or countertop — you can still get the look on a dime with marble-inspired accessories displayed throughout.


Get the look: DKNY Mixed Media Tumbler, $15.99

7. Tile Everywhere

Last but not least, don't forget tile, which makes for a quintessential art deco bathroom. Mix and match styles in a black and white palette, like the hexagonal floor tile paired with the white square tile on the walls in this bathroom by Studio McGee. The polished chrome console sink doesn't hurt either.

Get the look: Nero Marquina Black Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile, $13.79 per sheet


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