21 Maximalist Bathroom Ideas That Are Big on Style and Color

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Giving your bathroom a design makeover? Here's your permission to embrace your bold streak. While minimalism might be the status quo for bathroom decor — after all, muted palettes and pared-back accessories often create a spa-like vibe that's perfect for completing your skincare routine or soaking in a nice, luxurious bubble bath — leaning toward the maximalist end of the spectrum has its perks. The perfect mix of colors, patterns, and accessories is bound to start your morning on an energetic foot, and it can also turn something as basic as brushing your teeth into a smile-inducing task.


"A client who wants to show off their bold and unique personality might be drawn to this type of bathroom," explains Jamie Gasparovic, principal at Studio Gaspo, an interior design firm based in Orlando, Florida. "It really allows you to show off a lot of elements you love in one small space."

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Unlike with minimalism — which follow the "less is more" philosophy of design — maximalism offers infinite options for decor. Want to breathe some life into a boring black and white bathroom? Add some oomph with a vibrant accent wall or whimsical wallpaper. Looking to make the most of your limited square footage? Bust out your DIY chops and pack on the personality with a conversation-sparking gallery wall. Or, if you're looking for a quick infusion of maximalist decor that's also budget-friendly, consider swapping out your hardware or shower curtain.

"In true maximalist fashion, more is more in a bathroom decorated in this style," Gasparovic adds. "Think about combining a patterned wallpaper, bold paint color, and fun tile. A maximalist bathroom is heavy on the decor and accessories, too; load in the plants, artwork, and quirky tchotchkes to really get the maximalist vibe."

But, with so many sources of inspiration, where to start? We tapped a few of our favorite designers to share their top maximalist bathroom ideas. Whether your personal aesthetic skews more modern or borderline-Victorian, there's bound to be an idea that will brighten up your bathroom.


21 Maximalist Bathroom Ideas

1. Wow with wallpaper.

For a maximalist bathroom design idea with plenty of visual intrigue, take a cue from Jungalow and cover your walls in whimsical wallpaper. (Psst...a lively repeat is an especially cool way to add some pep to a petite powder room.) "[This bathroom] is giving luxe jungaliciousness," Jungalow founder Justina Blakeney explains. "The Phoenix wallpaper in Jungle is a whole vibe all on its own, so I decided to keep the additional accessories graphic and monochromatic so the wallpaper could have its moment."



2. Commit to a floor-to-ceiling monochromatic color.

A floor-to-ceiling emerald green bathroom isn't for everybody, but it is for Laurel Gallucci, one of the founders of Sweet Laurel. Every surface, from the the walls to the ceiling to the cabinets, are painted with Dunn-Edwards' Mission Jewel. Fireclay's hexagon tiles in Venetian Green add textural interest to the floors. Round mirrors and art deco lights complement the standout color.


3. Double down on DIY with a painted mural.

Torn between wallpaper and paint? Get the best of both worlds with a painted mural, just as Noz Nozawa did here. For this small-but-mighty bathroom, the San Francisco-based interior designer tapped Terrence Eubanks to create a high-energy arrangement. "There's a hand-painted mural against a very subtle color block: white up top [and] pale pink-mauve [on the] bottom," Nozawa explains. "Terrence and I collaborated on the colors in the [pattern]." With matching black accessories such as a wastebasket and slim mirror, the mural acts as the bathroom's main attraction.


4. Transform your vanity into a very cool moment.

More times than not, a bathroom vanity has a strictly practical purpose. A convenient place to install your sink and store your knick-knacks? Absolutely. A design moment? Not necessarily — but this space from Nikki Levy is a stunning exception. The interior designer dialed up the drama with a fluted vanity she sourced from Consentino. "I wanted to spark joy into the design through the use of bright colors and the blending of soft and hard materials for this sweet bathroom," Levy shares. "Silestone's Cala Blue was exactly what I was looking for — it's a soft yet sophisticated blue that didn't limit our creativity but offered a great addition to complete this fun design."



5. Go bold with black.

Though a black and white palette is often reserved for minimalist spaces, Breegan Jane is here to prove that it can work nicely in a maximalist bathroom, too. The secret? Creating a laidback, layered atmosphere with a gallery wall and eye-catching accessories. "Black is a beautiful, classic color that has the power to elevate the vibe of any space, let alone the bathroom," Jane shares. "Combining this with pops of gold finishings and unique pieces of art creates a truly unforgettable design."


6. Go all-in on a theme.

Maximalist bathrooms aren't for the faint of heart, so you might as well take the opportunity to go above and beyond with a theme. Gonzalo Bueno of Ten Plus Three made every square inch count by pairing bold floral wallpaper with ornate scones, a branch-motif mirror, and a marble sink. "This bathroom is so unique, with the Gracie bold orange-colored panels creating a beautiful landscape with the custom marble pedestal sink," Bueno shares. "It has such a vibrant and happy style!"


7. Layer your lighting.

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Just take a look at this maximalist bathroom designed by Rozit Arditi. Together, the wall sconce and ceiling pendant create a rich, layered glow that makes this bathroom warm and inviting. Plus, the modern fixtures perfectly offset the charming wallpaper repeat the New York-based designer used here.



8. Shake things up with your shower curtain.

We're going to let you in on a little secret: You don't need to undergo a full-blown renovation to turn your bathroom into a master class in maximalism. For an easy-yet-affordable way to get the job done, add a patterned shower curtain. Let this floral-infused space designed by Julie Rose for Emily Henderson show you how it's done.

9. Tile it all.

While bathroom tiles are known to withstand moisture as well as minimize mildew and mold, they also have plenty of style potential. Case in point: This moody, maximalist space by Sasha Bikoff. The New York designer took a more-is-more approach by extending a navy and white pattern from the floor all the way into the shower niche. Lathering up just got a lot more stylish.

10. Maximize your mirrors.

Whether you're doing your makeup or picking a pesky broccoli floret out of your teeth — hey, it happens! — a mirror is one of the most important decor items to add to your bathroom. But if you want to give your personal quarters a maximalist spin, why not add a surplus of reflective surfaces? Designer Barry Goralnick balance this traditional space with an ultra-glamorous wall mirror and reflective vanity, which provide ample opportunities to for a close-up. (Bonus points: Mirrors can help bounce natural sunlight around, making them a must-have for small spaces.)


11. Or, turn your mirror into a moment.

Speaking of mirrors, put all eyes on your reflective surface by opting for one with a fancy frame. In this space from Mary Patton, an angular emerald frame takes center stage but doesn't completely overshadow the blue bathroom. Another thing to love? This mirror bears a striking resemblance to a swoon-worthy gem in a jewelry box.

12. Don't forget your door.

When you think of a bathroom door, you might see it just as the obvious way to get some much-needed privacy in your personal quarters. But, according to design Grey Joyner, it can also be an unexpected way to make a bold statement. "I loved the idea of adding even more color to this space by painting the door yellow," she shares. "It enhances the energy of the wallpaper and your eye is really pulled around the room by the interest that the color and pattern combination creates." Talk about a grand entrance!

13. Make way for metallics.

Not a fan of color? No problem. Designer Ghislaine Viñas employs a metallic palette to achieve a pared-back take on maximalism. While the tiny wall tiles conjure visions of a gilded disco ball, the trio of shape-shifting pendants provide a modern Midas touch. (Meanwhile, the white vanity, duo of mirrors, and surrounding walls keep the attention on that sparkling statement.)

14. Mix and match your patterns.

Why settle for one pattern when you can enjoy a few? In this small bathroom, designer Tara McCauley juxtaposed an op-art-inspired wall with a retro floral shade. While these two patterns might seem like an unlikely pairing, their shared soft pink color scheme turns them into a surprising dynamic duo.

15. Create contrast with color blocking.

Can a maximalist bathroom ever have too much color? Absolutely not, which is why this bathroom from 2LG Studio receives top marks in our book. The mix of warm and cool tones offers the perfect pick-me-up, while a few custom touches make this pigmented room remarkably practical. "We designed bespoke plywood joinery for this project, playing with a fun palette [and] adding black for structure and a real graphic feeling," principals Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead share.

16. Pack on the plants.

Heed the call to the wild — and dial up your bathroom's maximalism level — by adding a few plants to the mix. Leafy greens can do everything from reduce stress to improve your home's air quality, but they can also transform a space into a dreamy boho oasis. Take a cue from Old Brand New's primary bathroom, which is covered in brass accents, geometric tiles, and, of course, plenty of plants.

17. Opt for awe-inspiring appliances.

If you want bring a jolt of energy to bath time, consider investing in a lipstick red-painted tub. And why stop there? Designer Katie Martinez took that bold streak to a whole new level by pairing the vibrant soaking tub with an abstract paint-inspired wallpaper. Equal parts cool and colorful, this bathroom is unforgettable.

18. Give your bathroom the tonal treatment.

While monochrome is a definite way to take your bathroom to the max, painting your walls and ceiling in the same hue isn't necessarily for everyone. If you're newer to the maximalist trend, consider incorporating different tones of the same color into your bathroom. From the navy mirror to light blue wall covering, this space from Noelle Interiors is a great foray into bold bathrooms.

19. Shine bright with a bold pendant.

Is somebody looking for a bright idea? Go big with a statement-making light fixture, as Chango & Co. did here. The red pendant certainly pops against the cool-toned bathroom, drawing the eye upward. Because the fixture incorporates plenty of negative space, it doesn't feel too over-the-top.

20. Fancify your bathroom flooring.

The cat's out of the bag: A maximalist bathroom doesn't ‌have‌ to be covered in highlighter-bright hues. Instead, wow with a cheeky pattern in a neutral color scheme as seen in this space by Zoe Feldman. With its rich, nature-inspired terra cotta and cream palette, the shape-shifting floor makes a case for keeping your head down.

21. Paint your trim.

Wallpaper is an easy way to bring that maximalist touch to your bathroom, but if you want to rev up your repeat, paint the trim in a coordinating hue. If you need inspiration, check out this tropical-chic space from designer Mel Bean. The dark teal trim creates a cohesive look, while gold-hued fixtures provide the finishing touch.