11 Unique Shower Curtain Ideas for Every Bathroom

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The poor bathroom always gets the short end of the decorating stick. Your bedroom is your temple, and your living room is designed for showing off — but your bathroom? It's one room that's easy to forget, but doesn't the space where you start and end each day deserve a little more TLC? Swap out your bland white shower curtain for one of these unique numbers that will complement your design aesthetic and make an enormous difference.


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1. Bohemian Bath: Everado 100 Percent Cotton Tassel Shower Curtain, $37.99

Your boho-chic bathroom doesn't have to be boisterous. Show off your free spirit with this red-tassel (yet minimal) shower curtain.


2. Farmhouse Bath: McGee and Co. Westport Shower Curtain, $60

Turn up the heat up in your farmhouse bath with this striped number. Its black and white color palette and the unfinished fringe hem will add a bit of country chic to your rustic loo.


3. Whimsical Bath: Room Essentials Face Shower Curtain, $5.59

Take a page out of designer Anita Yokota's bathroom, and have a bit of fun by adding this whimsical artistic face shower curtain to your uber chic bath. It shows you have a sense of humor and lighthearted personality, not to mention the kiddos will get a kick out of it, too.


4. Minimalist Bath: Bathage Modern Grid Pattern Fabric Shower Curtain, $32.90

Minimal decor doesn't have to equate to dull decor. Add a hint of color to your toned-down bathroom with this white shower curtain, which features bright orange and subtle gray checks.


5. Beach-Chic Bath: Tensira Maryn Stripe Shower Curtain, $160

Extend your home's beach bungalow vibe into the bathroom with this blue and white stripe shower curtain. Made from 100 percent cotton, this vibrant indigo-hued gem is handwoven and hand-dyed in West Africa.


6. Turkish Bath: Parachute Home Turkish Shower Curtain, $89

Transform your shower into a Turkish bath with this grey and white striped shower curtain. Made from 100 percent luxurious Turkish cotton, this curtains's hand-knotted tassel fringe adds an authentic touch.


7. Modern Bath: Zara Home Geometric Motif Shower Curtain, $35.90

Geometric prints can sometimes feel busy. But the gray ombre effect of this modern shower curtain subdues the pattern just enough, so it's visually interesting without being overwhelming.


8. Midcentury Modern Bath: Ferm Living Spear Shower Curtain, $99

If your modern tastes lean more towards midcentury, then this colorful geometric print shower curtain might just be the perfect match.


9. Scandinavian Bath: OYOY Herringbone Shower Curtain, $85

These days, Scandinavian minimalism is all about black-and-white — and this black herringbone shower curtain will pull the trend into your bathroom. Pair with crisp white walls and muted metal accessories, and stepping out of the shower will feel like a stroll through Oslo.


10. Traditional Bath: Peacock Alley Vienna Shower Curtain, $135

Not everyone's looking for trendy bathroom decor. This timeless, traditional shower curtain highlights a subtle, elegant pattern pressed into Egyptian cotton.

11. Tropical Bath: Decorative Things Tommy Bahama Swaying Palms Shower Curtain, $95

Do you dream of a tropical paradise? Then this lush green foliage-covered shower curtain seen in chef Sarah Schiear's bathroom will turn your primping space into a steamy equatorial escape — without going overboard.


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