16 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Hollywood Regency-Style Bathroom Ideas

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When it comes to designing a home with sumptuous details and timeless glamour, there's no better style to draw inspiration from than Hollywood Regency. Featuring plenty of bold patterns, gold accents, jewel tones, and statement chandeliers, the golden age of Hollywood's interior design is all about opulence and decadence. And what better room to channel these very characteristics in than the one meant for pampering and relaxation?


Designer Samantha Todhunter loves to bring the drama to her interiors, especially bathrooms, like the one pictured above. "We love designing bathrooms because you can have an amazing time with stone and lighting, and we love the idea of making that utilitarian space feel like a room rather than just a place to bathe," she says.

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"We like to play with the utilitarian and dress-up elements by adding details that you wouldn't traditionally expect, like lovely armchairs and upholstered stools, curtains and rugs that infuse the space with a laid-back, old-school Hollywood glamour. Have fun with the space and give it high-octane glamour by tiling it in its entirety, running the tiles across the floor and up the walls, even across the ceiling. There is something really fun and indulgent in that."

Whether you're starting from ground zero in a primary bathroom renovation or sprucing up your powder room, we've found 15 foolproof Hollywood Regency-style bathroom ideas that are sure to give your home the perfect shot of glamour.

16 Hollywood Regency Bathroom Ideas

1. Add a pop of color.

Even though black and white is a classic choice for old Hollywood glamour, saturated colors can really pack a punch. Go for jewel tones — as seen in the flowers and hand towels here — and rich shades of blue-green like this jade-hued penny tile from Tilebar. Keep the overall palette sophisticated with a heavy dose of black, white, and gold.


Get the look:Loft Adriatic Mist Penny Round Tile, $24.96

2. Feature geometric details.

Bright colors are not the only way to make a statement. Just take a look at this stunning bathroom from Studio SHK. To recreate the luxurious vibe, use the same geometric tile across your flooring, bathtub surround, and shower wall.



Get the look:Liason by Kelly Wearstler Mosaics for Ann Sacks

3. Mix classic patterns.

This classic banana leaf wallpaper screams old Hollywood, and it feels even more luxurious when paired with glossy black and white checked floor tile. Finish off the look with a painted bamboo bathroom vanity for added texture and depth.


Get the look:The Original Beverly Hills Martinique Banana Leaf Wallpaper, $359.95

4. Add gold hardware.

Black finishes feel inherently luxe and sophisticated, but never more so than when paired with gold accents. To recreate this striking bathroom design full of old Hollywood inspiration, add unlacquered brass hardware to glossy black tile. Pro tip: Keep the walls bright white for added contrast.


Get the look:Waterworks Henry Faucet in Brass, $1,910

5. Add dramatic drapery.

While it's clear that no detail was left unconsidered in this Hollywood Regency bathroom by Tineke Triggs, the sumptuous window treatments may be our favorite part of all. For a similarly dramatic look, opt for a lush, textured fabric pulled back with jewel-like drapery hooks for a luxe silhouette. Add an elegant wall sconce for extra light.



Get the look:Astoria Grand Abra Drapery Medallion Curtain Holdback, $15.99

6. Bring in a luxurious mirror.

This gorgeous powder room by Alexandra Kaehler is a slightly more subtle take on a Hollywood Regency bathroom, while still incorporating key elements of decor style. The mirror's scalloped edges make it a true statement piece, while the gold hardware ties in to create a feeling of opulence and luxury. A mini bouquet of pink flowers perfectly complements the wallpaper.


Get the look:Mainstays Pewter Shaped Oval Mirror, $24.98

7. Incorporate a clawfoot tub.

Nothing says retro glamour like a clawfoot tub — and it's even more dramatic in black and white with brass hardware. Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard then continues the color combination in the geometric tile floor and the framed Esther Williams movie still. We love this playful nod to ‌Bathing Beauty‌ right above the bathtub.


Get the look:Streamline Glossy Black Acrylic Clawfoot Soaking Bathtub, $847


8. Hang an ornate chandelier.

This bathroom by designer Dylan Farrell feels almost like a sculpture gallery. But while it's quite modern, the decor still retains a clear Hollywood Regency influence. Note the geometric black doors, the polished stone, and the brass fixtures. Most of all, though, the vintage crystal and brass chandelier is about as glam as it gets.


Get the look:Lobmeyr Mid Century Modernist Gold Plated Crystal Chandelier, $2,950

9. Add a makeup vanity.

If you want your bathroom to make you feel like a Hollywood starlet, the obvious thing to include is a makeup vanity. This one selected by Kelly Wearstler reflects the designer's penchant for maximalism and Hollywood Regency style, and it's about as black-and-gold-and-shiny-all-over as it gets. Unapologetic glitz and Hollywood glamour? We are here for it.

Get the look:Modern Makeup Vanity Table Set, $1,099

10. Add sumptuous stone.

Luxe materials like velvet, silk, acrylic, and polished stone make up the backbone of Hollywood Regency style. This powder room, with its dramatic marble countertop, takes a page from that book, in a contemporary way. You can see the old Hollywood influence on designer Greg Natale in other ways here, too, such as the boldly patterned jewel-toned wallpaper, as well as the vintage vanity mirror and sconces.


Get the look:Calacatta Viola Marble Sink, $1,690

11. Go high-gloss.

Black Lacquer Design is the firm responsible for this jewel box of a powder room, and what could be more fitting? Just about everything in this luxe bathroom shines, from the glossy teal walls to the vanity with acrylic hardware to the crystal sconces. For a similar vibe in your space, consider having your walls lacquered or coating them with high-gloss paint.

Get the look:Sherwin Williams All-Surface Enamel Latex in Really Teal, $83.99

12. Stick to black and white.

In this black and white bathroom by Samantha Todhunter, the simple color palette lets shapes take center stage. Glossy black and white tiles form a large chevron print across the floor, walls, and ceiling. A teardrop-shaped chandelier hangs above a freestanding bathtub, and ornate vintage chairs sit on either side. The final look feels ultra glam and rooted in Regency style but still completely modern.

Get the look:Black Basket Metal Chandelier, $666.21

13. Add period-inspired sconces.

This bathroom, too, nods to the past while remaining firmly planted in the present. Designer Rachel Halvorson brings the glamour with glossy black, white, and gold tone finishes, and retro touches in her faucet style and art deco sconces. She tops it off with the ultimate luxe pop of color — deep crimson roses ftw.

Get the look:Brass Crackle Glass Sconce, $99

14. Hang Chinoiserie wallpaper.

Chinoiserie elements are another hallmark of Regency style. This bathroom design by Greg Natale features a stunning turquoise Chinoiserie wallpaper as well as a gilded mirror with bamboo detail. The neutral geometric tile floor, the heavy drapes, the white marble-and-brass vanity, and the gold chandelier are all of a piece for this particular aesthetic.

Get the look:Chisine Chinoiserie Wallpaper, $28.60

15. Choose a sunburst-patterned tile.

Sunburst motifs are a mainstay of Regency style, whether in a Sputnik chandelier or a tile pattern. In this bathroom by Samantha Todhunter, you can see how the pattern repetition in the variegated blue-green tile adds up to something quite striking. They make such an impact on their own that you can really keep the rest of your accents simple.

Get the look:Merola Tile Aster Wall and Floor Tile, $118.34

16. Go all-white.

With its all-white palette, flood of natural light, and palm leaf accent, this space by James Schettino Architects feels like a nod to Palm Beach Regency style, a variation of Regency associated with warm weather locales like Florida and Palm Springs. A monochrome moment can be so glam with the right details, and the glossy white marble floor, seashell-back art deco style chair, and oversize Murano chandelier really do the trick.

Get the look:White Velvet Accent Chair, $1,555



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