These Art Deco Tile Ideas Are Swanky With a Capital "S"

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Art deco style may have started over a century ago, but in today's homes, the classic aesthetic is still very much alive and well thanks to vintage-inspired lighting and furniture designs. However, the fun doesn't stop there. You can also get the look with art deco tile, too. Whether you choose cement or ceramic, artful mosaics, or colorful subway tile, there are a variety of ways to get a look that's reminiscent of the Roaring '20s.


When shopping for art deco tile, look for graphic patterns and colors, like black and white options featuring curved, flowery patterns. Consider geometric or linear visuals from the patterns themselves to how you choose to install the tile. And lastly, your floor or backsplash can always benefit from a bit of inlaid brass to really make them shine. Don't know where to start? Here are seven art deco tile ideas to inspire a Gatsby-esque makeover.

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1. Black and White

Looking for a classic color combination? You can't go wrong with black and white. For example, in this kitchen designed by Shea of Studio McGee, graphic art deco floor tile with hints of gray steal the show, while black cabinets and brass fixtures complete the look.


Get the look: Clé Tile Harold, $15.50 per square foot

2. Neutral and Artistic

Even though art deco style can be pretty darn eye-catching, you can still find neutral tile that embraces the look. Opt for light colors and streamlined patterns like Zoë Feldman did in this bathroom. The gray and white mosaic floor pattern pairs beautifully with the other neutrals in the space, like the marble-topped console vanity and white wall tile.


Get the look: TileDaily Cube Illusion Marble Mosaic, $18

3. Star-Shaped and Stunning

Star shapes are quintessentially art deco, and we think they look even more striking when showcased on a tile floor. Rachael of This Is Our Bliss received the memo as seen in this bathroom, and the result is oh-so-lovely.



Get the look: Jeffrey Court Century Star White Polished Natural Stone Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile, $30.62 per square foot

4. Modern and Linear

Although art deco style tends to focus on curved, soft silhouettes, it also contains quite a bit of linear aesthetics, too. As a precursor to midcentury modern design, clean, polished lines look decidedly current, like the tile flooring seen in this striking bath.


Get the look: Vanitas Studio Stella I, pricing upon request

5. Sweet and Scalloped

Scalloped, fish-scale designs can also be frequently found in deco spaces, and this bathroom belonging to Paige of The Love Designed Life is no exception. When paired with brass pendant lights and a chic velvet stool, the scalloped backsplash looks undoubtedly art deco in spirit.


Get the look: Fireclay Tile Ogee Drop, starting at $36 per square foot

6. Classic and Unique

Sometimes, even if you opt for a standard option like subway tile, you can change the look and feel of your space. For example, in this bathroom belonging to Sara of Sincerely, Sara D., the 90-degree herringbone pattern of the backsplash tile, paired with brass accents and a marble countertop, gives the space an art deco vibe.



Get the look: Jeffrey Court Allegro White Ceramic Wall Tile, $4.28 per square foot

7. Glitzy and Gilded

Lastly, when it comes to art deco tile, you'll capture instant 1920s flair if you select an option that is inlaid with brass. The era was all about glitz and glamour, and you can absolutely bring those elements to the floor, or in this case, a backsplash designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel.

Get the look: Tabarka Studio Basel 6, $22.49 per piece



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