10 Essential Art Deco Decorating Ideas for a Stunning Interior

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Art deco decor may conjure up images of high-end details and opulent living spaces (and that wouldn't be wrong!), but don't confuse this style for being inaccessible or impossible to recreate in your own home.


Art deco style relies heavily on sumptuous materials, curved lines, and shiny details to give off that retro glam vibe that it's known for. While it may seem tricky to tackle, there's more than a handful of foolproof ways to bring that luxurious vibe into your abode, no matter which room in your house (or apartment!) you're looking to tackle next.

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Ahead, we're giving you the down-low on 10 ways to bring art deco style to any corner of your home, be it a bathroom, living space, bedroom, or home office.

1. Layer multiple patterns.

Jeweled Interiors shows us pattern-mixing done right in this luxe, art deco style bedroom. By layering in several different patterns (stripes, floral, malachite), she creates an extravagant, opulent vibe that feels right at home with her drool-worthy headboard. To recreate this look, vary the scale of your patterns from large to small scale to keep them from competing with one another.


Get the look: Anthropologie Havenview Mural, $228

2. Incorporate geometric patterns.

Lest you think that art deco style can only be achieved through furniture or accessories, this kitchen design by Charlotte Fequet is here to turn that theory on its head. Geometric patterns — like the white and gold backsplash featured here — instantly lend that quintessential retro vibe that's so closely associated with art deco style, and a pop of jewel-toned blue adds to the overall feminine, glamorous look.



Get the look: AllModern Julien Dining Table, $786

3. Accent with metallics.

Art deco style without metallic accents is like ABC without The Bachelor: It just doesn't make sense. This art deco living room design by Kimberly of Swoon Worthy shows no shortage of shiny details thanks to her glam coffee table, the mirror over the mantle, gold shelving, and a statement light fixture.


Get the look: RugsUSA Metallic Beige Devour Cowhide Rug, $283

4. Add decadence with marble.

Detroit's Siren Hotel guest rooms strike the perfect balance between timeless and retro, luxe and relaxed. Thanks to crisp white bedding, jewel-toned accents, and marble details that elevate the entire space, you're left with a room that feels sumptuous and approachable all at once.


Get the look: Circa Lighting Go Lightly Sconce, $239

5. Go glamorous with wallpaper.

This black and gold Etsy wallpaper can instantly transform any room into a glamorous sanctuary thanks to its metallic accents and geometric pattern. Suitable for everywhere from a powder room to a nursery, this art deco-inspired wallpaper would surely get Gatsby's approval.



Get the look: Coloritto Removable Peel N' Stick Wallpaper, starting at $19.12

6. Bring in velvet.

Mark our words: Nearly every art deco inspired room you come across will have at least a hint of velvet. Think about it: It's inherently glamorous and sure to elevate even the most humdrum interiors. Here, Melissa Grieve ups the drama by pairing forest green velvet chairs with dark painted walls — a look we fully approve of.


Get the look: Structube Rainer Green Velvet Armchair, $199

7. Opt for a geometric mirror.

This tip is really two in one, since both mirrored accents and geometric details are key attributes of art deco design. Fuse both of these together with a geometric-shaped mirror over a bedroom vanity, hallway console table, or powder room sink.


Get the look: Soho Home x Anthropologie Oak Deco Mirror, $598

8. Focus on curves.

Art deco style favors curved lines and feminine silhouettes, and this vintage sofa find in Jodi's living room certainly fits the bill. Curious how to bring this look into your own space? Opt for a curvy and colored statement sofa, but keep the rest of the details simple and streamlined to allow it to really steal the show.



Get the look: CB2 Curvo Pink Velvet Sofa, $1,999

9. Focus on jewel tones.

If you're ever curious about how to identify jewel tones, simply think of the color of your favorite gemstones. Sapphire, ruby, emerald, and amethyst (among others!) are often used in art deco rooms to inspire a sense of grandeur. Case in point: this velvet sapphire headboard paired with ruby red bedding from Anthropologie. When can we move in?

Get the look: Soho Home x Anthropologie Landyn Duvet Cover in Crimson, starting at $248

10. Make a statement with lighting.

While this dining room by Swoon Worthy is chock full of gorgeous details (those art deco chairs, for starters!), it's the fringe-filled chandelier that really steals the show. Statement lighting lends a lavish touch in any room, making it a cornerstone of art deco style. To recreate this look that combines art deco silhouettes with a contemporary color palette, stick with pink and taupe stones for a soft, subtle vibe.

Get the look: Anthropologie Fringe Chandelier, $728



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