10 Art Deco Curtain Ideas so Pretty You'll Want to Keep Them Closed All the Time

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Right now, 1920s art deco-inspired interiors are making a comeback, and it's not difficult to see why. Filled with luxe fabrics, bold prints, and sparkly metallics, art deco decor is elegant and eclectic at the same time.


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Looking for a stylish way to usher some art deco vibes into your home? Curtains are a great place to start. From black velvet drapes to geometric printed ones and more, scroll down for 10 glamorous art deco curtain ideas to dress up your space in a pinch.

1. Try black velvet.

Nothing livens up a window like a pair of dark velvet curtain panels. These embroidered stunners from Anthro are constructed of plush black velvet and feature hand-embroidered detailing to boot.

Get the look: Embroidered Velvet Wyatt Curtain, $108

2. Go for gold.

Few things evoke the spirit of the roaring '20s like shiny gold metallics. Employ a pair of shimmery gold curtain panels to bring a dash of glittery drama to your window scene.

Get the look: Cotton Luster Velvet Curtain, $109

3. Get geometrical.

Large symmetrical circles can make a glamorous statement in any space.


Get the look: Selby Window Panel, $39

4. Mosaic mania.

From bathroom floors to kitchen backsplashes and beyond, mosaic tiles are common features in art deco-style interiors. Forge a similar look for your windows by hanging up some subtle mosaic-inspired curtains to brighten up the display.

Get the look: Marta Barragan Camarasa Pattern Mosaic Art Deco Blackout Curtain Panel, $89

5. Remember not all that glitters is gold.

A little sparkle goes a long way in an art deco-style space. These beauts boast a metallic silver interlocking circular pattern that creates a gorgeous sheen.

Get the look: Kittrell Metallic Top Geometric Semi-Sheer Grommet Curtain Panels, $42.32

6. More champagne, please.

Give in to your inner Gatsby with a bit of champagne. These are composed of super shiny textured velvet that creates a decadent display inside any room.


Get the look: DKNY Modern Textured Velvet Window Panels, $240

7. Find glass-style curtains.

Stained glass windows were all the rage in the 1920s, so why not score a similar look with glass-inspired curtains? These feature a stained-glass style geometric print in a shimmery finish for some added art deco flair.

Get the look: Sheer Abstract Glass Curtain, $79

8. Look for loud prints.

Try cotton curtains in an eye-catching gold geometric pint to score a more modern art deco-inspired window display.

Get the look: Fey Printed Cotton Twill Geometric Room Darkening Single Curtain Panel, $52.74

9. Go all out glam.

When all else fails, you can always count on lavish window treatments to make a room feel more art deco in minutes. These are made of chic faux silk and boast a pleated crinkly motif that simply screams "luxury."


Get the look: Adonis Solid Semi-Sheer Rod Pocket Curtain Panels, $75.10

10. Bright velvets FTW.

You can always count on colorful velvet curtains to add a hint of art deco flair to a room. Not into teal? Fear not; these come in three other snazzy colorways, including mauve, pink, and marigold — all priced at under $100 a panel.

Get the look: Velvet Louise Curtain, $58


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