This One Trendy Texture Will Work in Any Jewel-Toned Setting

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How much do we love this space by Sarah Elshaug of Maitland Street Interiors? Let us count the ways. First, the contrast between bright white and jewel tones creates a stunning balance of airiness and weight, which is carried throughout the design with meticulous care. Then, the use of matching β€” and very trendy β€” cork furniture happens to coordinate well with those light and dark shades, while also adding texture and shape to the rooms. The artwork, meanwhile, correlates with the outline of that cork furniture, and pulls double duty by the way the plant life prints cleverly complement the actual greenery that enlivens the area. It's all just too good. But you know what? Instead of trying to figure out the impossible task of what we love most_,_ let's just say we love it all. The entire look makes for a modern aesthetic rich in layers, which can be recreated with a similar attention to details. Pick a jewel tone you admire, and then use like-minded textures and shapes to heighten its dramatic effect. Hopefully, you'll get a result as lovely as this.

Add some style to your space with this cork buffet.

Felix Furniture Kork Buffet ( $3,273 )

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