8 Gray Shower Tile Ideas for Anyone Who Loves Gray

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Sure, all-white bathrooms have been all the rage for the past few years, but just wait until you see your bathroom reimagined in gray. It doesn't matter if it's ash, dove, or charcoal, gray has the power to warm up any space, teetering nicely between subtle and statement. And nothing puts the hue front and center like bringing gray tile to your shower space. Need some inspo? Feast your eyes on these eight gorgeous gray shower tile ideas.


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1. Throw Some Shade

As this gradient guest bathroom proves, you don't need to include fifty shades of gray to make a statement. Here, interior designer Emily Henderson adds some nuance to a space with ombre subway tiles. Not only does the color gradient give this bathroom some texture, but it also gives off a patina effect that oozes rustic charm.

2. Shape Shifter

Gray shower tile ideas come in all shapes and sizes — just take a look at this bathroom renovation from SF Girl by Bay. For her bathroom, blogger Victoria Smith used Clé Tile's zellige hex tiles to create a space she'll actually want to hang out in. Not only does this light gray color palette ooze spa-like vibes, but the silhouette is a far cry from the typical subway tiles we know and love.

3. The Textured Treatment

There's nothing a little texture can't solve. At first glance, a collection of oversized square tiles don't seem like the most innovative of shower ideas; however, the textured finish adds some visual intrigue to an otherwise simple bathroom. Gold hardware and a wooden tub round out the look, blending the gap between form and function.


4. Mix and Match

Why settle for one style when you can enjoy two gray tile ideas together? In this setup, designer Katie Marker juxtaposes some simple subway tile with heather hexagon tiles at the shelf inset.

5. The Marbled Effect

Sure, marble is often associated with a crisp, white colorway; however, this bathroom from Chango & Co. proves there's plenty of gray to go around. If you want to give your bathroom a darker tinge, opt for a marble style with plenty of intense, gray veins such as Italian Statuario.

6. Gorgeous Grout

In case you didn't get the memo, subway tile translates to one of the most popular shower ideas — and for good reason. As one of the most versatile tile styles out there, it is compatible with virtually any color and bathroom style. That being said, subway tiles can veer into basic territory. Want to give your subway tiles an elevated, unique flair? Take a cue from Studio McGee and experiment with grout. The contrast between this bathroom's dark gray ceramics and crisp, white grout makes tile pop.


7. Go Vertical

Looking for another way to hit the refresh button on your beloved subway tiles? Dare to go vertical. Not only does this tip offer a new way to look at the traditional tile, but it also draws the eye upward and even make your room appear taller than it really is. Let this beautiful bathroom from Decus show you how it's done.

8. Big 'N Shiny

For an adaptable look that's modern and contemporary, consider lengthy, rectangular gray tiles with a glossy finish. The look won't cramp your style and will also look great against other colors should you decide to change up your bathroom paint.