8 Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas so Good, You'll Be Screaming "Let's Reno!"

Hexagon tiling in master shower with gunmetal, black, and yellow colors.
credit: Jeffery Cross

Choosing ceramic tile over stone for your shower is a big decision. But choosing which ceramic tile for your bathroom can be downright overwhelming. Shape, color, texture, glaze, let us count the ways. It could seriously be a billion.

Ceramic tile is durable and more resistant to stains, but not impervious to a pesky bout of discoloration and soap scum from time to time (really though, who isn't?). Once you decide which direction to go with your design, be sure to always use a pH neutral cleanser to keep them and yourself happy. And honestly, is there anything better than getting sudsy in a gorgeous ceramic space that you selected?

Now back to those many ways … get your grout guns ready! We're featuring eight ideas that we just love.

1. Moody Blues

Blue steel-colored tile in modern shower.
credit: Mariko Reed

Subway tile is always a good turn to take when it comes to your shower. But this look from Heath has us crushing hard. Sophisticated and soothing and truly timeless.

2. A Touch of Black

Why not use black tile as an accent in your shower? We like the vertical installation and black grouting from Beginning in the the Middle seen here. It's a bold touch to an otherwise simple, clean space.

3. Mix and Match Patterns

So little time, so many directions (literally) to go with subway tile. Yes, but we love how Dayka Robinson Designs brings it to the next level with this pattern installed with a darker grout. Plus, the citrine shower curtain and brass fixtures are giving us serious fear of missing out (on a shower).

4. Cotton Candy

Pink square tile in shower with white bath tub.
credit: 2LGStudio

Commit to a color that's sure to bring you a daily smile like pink. This look from 2LG Studio is so sweet we need cut back a little on our sugar intake, but still so soothing. Who doesn't want to wash off in such serene surroundings?

5. Starry Eyed

Star patterned tile in master shower.
credit: Fireclay Tile

Why not add a little patterned tile into your palette? This floor and wall install from Fireclay has a whimsical feel and works perfectly in a white bath.

6. Make a Statement

Hexagon tiling in master shower with gunmetal, black, and yellow colors.
credit: Jeffery Cross

Tile is a surefire way to make a statement. And this look from Heath is saying something good. We love how black and bright yellow were brought into the shower floor design (along with gunmetal, the color which runs up the wall) for a little something something. OK, maybe way more than something.

7. Go Green

This shower looks like it has a secret.
credit: Studio DIY

If you decided to go somewhat neutral with you bathroom, your tile choice for the shower could take a turn. This idea from Studio DIY has us standing and clapping. Beautiful green square tile floods this shower with love, showcasing it as the place to be.

8. Hexagon Happy

Using a lighter grout can make your ceramic tile pop if you're going with a single color. This look from The Design Hunters is waking us up. We love the brass fixture with the mossy green hexagons.

Siobhan Murphy

Siobhan Murphy

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