7 Spa-Like Spaces That Will Instantly Sell You on a Vessel Bathroom Sink

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Whoever thinks the style of a bathroom sink should be an afterthought clearly hasn't been properly introduced to the vessel sink. And trust us, the pleasure is all ours. Unlike most washbasin options, like an undermount or self-rimming sink that is integrated into the countertop, this bowl style sits perched on top of the counter.


Vessel sinks are known for their unparalleled good looks, but they're practical, too. Not only are they extremely easy to install, but they also take up a little less countertop real estate ... and every inch counts. But just because these bathroom sinks deftly marry form and function, that doesn't mean that they're a miracle model. In addition to being more prone to chips and cracks, the height can be an issue for children or shorter adults. However, if you're on the taller side, this might be a nice plus for your back. Cleaning is another factor to consider, since it can be difficult to get to the area where the bowl meets the countertop.

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If after careful consideration you feel that the pros outweigh the cons, here are seven standout ways that you can incorporate a vessel bathroom sink into your spa-like oasis — including some of the best places to shop.

Vessel Bathroom Sink Idea #1: Midcentury Marvel

Generally, most vessel sinks have a very modern aesthetic, and yet they still manage to look good in any style of bathroom. Interior designer Emily Henderson incorporated a round washbasin with wall-mounted fixtures into this small midcentury space, styling it with a vintage wood vanity cabinet, retro-inspired lighting, and a simple, leather-framed mirror to round out the design.


Vessel Bathroom Sink Idea #2: Be Bold

Attention all creative free spirits! Take a cue from Three Birds Renovations and pair your pristine, glossy vessel bathroom sink with a bold tile or some punchy, printed wallpaper. The result? A happy medium between snazzy and spa.


Vessel Bathroom Sink Idea #3: Think Outside of the Box

This just in: Sinks don't have to be round. We dare you to think outside of the box (pun intended) with a square vessel sink, instead. And, as this bathroom from Always Rooney proves, a square sink is a beautiful alternative.



Vessel Bathroom Sink Idea #4: Round it Out

Love the curved furniture trend as much as we do? Accessorize your round vessel bathroom sink with an oblong mirror as well as circular knobs for your faucet and vanity cabinet. In this space designed by the team over at Three Birds Renovations, the curvilinear accents feel oh-so-chic in this luxe sanctuary punctuated by rosy patterned floor tile.


Vessel Bathroom Sink Idea #5: The Tonal Treatment

Follow the lead of designer Amber Lewis, and set the mood in your luxe refuge using a dark backdrop that will allow your vessel bathroom sink to be the star of the show. In this dramatic space, a low-height concrete washbasin — complemented by a brass wall-mounted faucet — stands out when juxtaposed against a black accent wall clad in floor-to-ceiling tile; the floating black vanity almost disappears.


Vessel Bathroom Sink Idea #6: Channel Your Country Charm

Convinced vessel sinks are too sleek for a country bathroom? Think again! You'll be surprised by how seamlessly your washbasin fits in to your farmhouse design. Pair it with a rustic vanity cabinet, shiplap walls, and antique accents like Jenna from Jenna Sue Design Co. did to create a bucolic paradise that immediately sparks calm.



Vessel Bathroom Sink Idea #7: A Fun Pop of Color

While vessel sinks are often associated with minimalist bathrooms showcasing neutral color palettes, the all-white aesthetic isn't for everyone. Instead, take a cue from Australian firm MRTN Architects. Pair your sink with a colorful faucet, and double down with a vibrant accent wall. We love the mustard yellow hue seen throughout this space ... after all, this bright shade is currently trending.


Where to Buy a Vessel Bathroom Sink:

Now that you've become acquainted — and consequently fallen in love — with the vessel sink, it's time you pick up your own. Not sure where to start? Check out these three retailers:

The Home Depot


The Home Depot has virtually everything you need for your next renovation — and your vessel sink is no exception. With plenty of price points, styles, and trusted brands to choose from, this retailer makes finding the perfect vessel sink for your space (almost) as stress-free as a soothing spa day.


Kohler has been the ultimate bathroom destination since 1873, so its array of vessel bathroom sinks won't disappoint. The catch? Some of the manufacturer's finest sinks could elicit sticker shock. But if you're looking to treat yourself and your space to the lap of luxury, it's well worth the investment.


As Overstock's vast selection proves, a vessel sink doesn't have to be shiny, circular, and all-white. From hand-painted sinks, to square styles, to the ever-so-versatile glass varietal, you'll feel inspired to find an option that matches your design personality.



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