15 Beige Bathroom Paint Colors Interior Designers Swear By

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It's official: Beige is back. While we'll never tire of bright white, let's be honest, it's not exactly an original option. Don't get us wrong, the neutral hue is timeless (and we'd certainly never suggest abandoning it altogether), but it's become a rather safe and, dare we say, boring choice, particularly for a bathroom. For the sake of variety, we're making the case for extending your gaze slightly beyond white swatches with names like mascarpone, cloud cover, and sea pearl, toward warm beige tones instead.


In an effort to convince you to give the trending hue a try, we asked top interior designers to share the beige bathroom paint colors they swear by. After all, who better to speak to about the rising color than the pros? From a subtle beige (for those who don't want to veer too far from white) to an earthy neutral that's warm and inviting, these are the shades interior designers have deemed far from dated (and far from boring). Keep scrolling to shop 15 expert-approved shades.

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1. Benjamin Moore Floral White

This hue brings a sense of softness to a bathroom without feeling dated, according to Los Angeles-based interior designer Stefani Stein. "I love using this color from Benjamin Moore's Aura line in a matte finish for washable walls without the sheen," she explains.


As seen on the walls in the lede photo.

2. Farrow & Ball White Tie

"A cross-section of beige and ivory, like the name implies, [this shade] dresses walls with elegance and warmth," offers Stein. "If you aren't ready to stray from bright white walls, this color can add the most subtle contrast when used on millwork or cabinetry."


3. Portola Paints & Glazes Chalet

"For a rustic yet sophisticated touch, this is my top choice," says Stein.

4. Benjamin Moore November Rain


Los Angeles-based interior designer Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs swears by this hue. "It goes really well with both cool and warm tile tones," she explains. "It's a true chameleon."

5. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

This hue "is not gray at all but a warm and inviting beige," says Myers.


6. Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

"Pale Oak is a very subtle beige for those fearful of veering too far away from whites and off whites," recommends Myers.


7. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter


"I love Revere Pewter because it feels like a true neutral that can transition well between warmer and cooler accents in a space," divulges Portland-based interior designer Courtney Nye of Courtney Nye Design. "It makes a great general paint color for that reason."

8. Benjamin Moore Old Prairie


"This color is great when you still want a lighter, bright space but more warmth than just white," offers Nye. "It's just a few steps up form my go-to white (Simply White) and has a nice creaminess to it without going yellow."

9. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist


This hue "feels classic and timeless with a slightly warm tone," says Nye of the shade.

10. PPG Stonehenge Greige

"I love this mid-tone beige-gray because it looks so modern when paired with a complementary white trim," says renowned interior designer Leanne Ford. "My favorite is PPG Timeless Pure White, a super convenient out-of-the-can option."


11. PPG Patches

"This rich brown-gray is a great darker neutral," offers Ford. "It is gorgeous alone on the walls with a clean white trim. It lives well with any of your metallic hardware. Other natural colors and materials such as natural wood flooring also coordinate well with this hue."

12. PPG Whiskers

"This popular gray with subtle beige undertones helps create a sense of balance and peace," says Ford. "I love this color paired with white tile flooring in a bathroom. Just simple and pretty."


13. Farrow & Ball Cornforth White

"I've been dying to paint a bathroom in Farrow & Ball's Cornforth White," Los Angeles-based interior designer Kerry Vasquez tells Hunker. "The color reads like the moodiest beige you've ever seen. Honestly, it feels almost like a plaster or lime wash, which is something else I've been dying to do! I also love this particular beige because it ends up reading much cooler in tone than your typical beige, which just adds to the overall gorgeous moody vibe."

14. Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee

This shade is another standby Vasquez swears by. "I know, I know, you're thinking: 'Really?? BORING,'" says the designer. But "this color is a classic for a reason," she explains. "If you're looking for the perfect, slightly warmer toned beige — look no further!"

15. Behr Burnished Clay

This hue is a new favorite Vasquez is loving as of late. "It definitely reads on the gray side of beige but it is oh-so-sophisticated," says the interior designer. "I'm really after paint hues that feel of the earth and naturally made and this really captures a rich adobe colored hue."



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