Colors That Go With Pewter

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As a muted shade of silver gray, pewter varies from light to medium tones, depending on the material. Real pewter is a metal alloy comprised mostly of tin and small amounts of antimony and copper or silver. Often used to make flatware, tableware, picture frames, candleholders and vases, pewter is also a favored gray paint color for walls. It also offers a common finish option for hardware in kitchens and bathrooms, on light fixtures, cabinetry and doors.


Complementing Pewter Tableware

Take a cue from restauranteurs, who grace fine dining tables with a rustic, artisan look on tableware, according to Hotel Management Magazine. Rustic table settings are inspired by the farm-to-table idea of eating more wholesome, organic foods. Hand-crafted hammered pewter plates, bowls, mugs, goblets or serving pieces fit the artisan aesthetic. Complement the pewter with stoneware or hand-glazed ceramics in earthy beige, tan, brown or stony gray colors.

Natural wood tones on tabletops provide an earthy, organic backdrop for pewter tableware or flatware. When using table linens, reds and blues offer a stunning backdrop against the silver-gray pewter hue.


Accenting Pewter Gray Walls

Gray is a favored color choice for walls; many of the top paint manufacturers offer a pewter-inspired gray for interiors including:

Manufacturer paint color names don't always represent the true color, but these three colors are similar to the color of actual pewter metal.


Influencing Gray

Any pewter gray wall color will be greatly affected by the room's lighting and surrounding colors. For example, Revere Pewter paired with creamy white trim, brown or red-toned wood or warm colors of beige, gold, yellow, brown, red or orange appears as a warm gray with brown undertones. Paired with bright white trim, upholstery in blueish gray or green and the cooler natural light of a north-facing room, Revere Pewter appears slightly cooler, as more of a stony gray.

Pleasing Color Palettes

Pewter gray walls combined with a color scheme of white and black or silver and black inspires a look of elegance and sophistication. Pewter gray makes an excellent backdrop for bright accent colors of yellow, coral, hot pink, magenta or turquoise.


For a striking bedroom color palette, mix pewter gray walls with bright white trim and furniture. Accessorize the room with silver and purple textiles, lighting and accents.

Pewter gray walls blend easily with warm neutral palettes of creamy white, beige and brown. This flexible wall color also pairs beautifully with cool earth tones in green or blue.

Harmonizing with Pewter Hardware

Pewter hardware in the kitchen blends seamlessly with stainless steel appliances and mixes easily with other soft finished gray or silver-toned metals such as satin or brushed nickel and chrome.


Mixed metals offer a trending look in both fashion and interior design. Add interest to the kitchen by mixing pewter hardware on pendant lights with copper cookware and cabinet pulls in oil-rubbed bronze. Create a rustic look in the bathroom with wrought-iron towel rods and wall sconces with pewter knobs on drawers.



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