11 Kids' Bathroom Accessories That Aren't Actually Hideous

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Kids' bathroom accessories are more often than not cheesy — think cartoon characters and loud colors. But with a bit of digging, there are some serious gems out there, too. We suggest you deck out your little boy or girl's bathroom in the following:


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1. Pillowfort Mermaid Tail Bath Rug, $14.99

How cute! A bath rug in a unique shape is a welcome funky addition.


2. Pottery Barn Kids Rainbow Stripe Shower Curtain, $49.50

The faded watercolor rainbow stripes on this cotton shower curtain are more tranquil than bold.


3. Creative Bath Animal Crackers Kids Towels, starting at $18

Animal crackers: They're slightly bland yet still delightful time machines to your childhood. Oh, and these towels with 3D elements were inspired by them.


4. Minted The Flamingos Are Staring Wall Art, starting at $89

Bathroom art is always tricky, but these framed flamingos are guaranteed to bring cheer.


5. Pottery Barn Kids Rainbow Stripe Bath Accessories, starting at $14

If you're looking for a matching set of kids' bathroom accessories, then here's an option. It includes a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, trash can, and tumbler that make decorating your kid's bathroom absolutely effortless.


6. Barefoot Dreams Minnie Mouse Minnie Mouse Zip Robe for Kids, $80.95

The Barefoot Dreams robes are a bit of a splurge, but nothing beats how soft they are. This one zips at the front and of course features sweet Minnie.


7. Anthropologie Llama Growth Chart, $68

It looks like drawing lines on the wall is a thing of the past. This llama growth chart is a far classier option. Just hang it on the back wall of your child's bathroom.


8. Pottery Barn Kids Kitty Shaped Wicker Hamper, $69

If this hamper isn't inspiration for your kid to pick up their dirty laundry then we don't know what is. It's cute as all get-out and interestingly made of water hyacinth leaves.

9. Pillowfort Floral Festival Shower Curtain, $16.99

How pretty! This shower curtain transitions well into your child's teen years.

10. Seletti Submarino Porcelain Bathroom Accessory Set, $90

Talk about inspired kids' bathroom accessories! This porcelain bathroom set fits together to create a submarine, but when taken apart it offers a tooth brush holder, gel dispenser, large box for cotton swabs, and small box for hairbands.

11. Crate and Kids Squared Up Steel Mint Step Stool, $59

It's tough to reach the sink when you're pint-size! This mint step stool not only looks nice, but is also functional.