This Emma Chamberlain Step Stool Dupe Is Less Than $200

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After Architectural Digest toured internet icon Emma Chamberlain's home in September, fans have gone crazy over one specific item she owns — an orange acrylic stepladder by Kartell.


"The thing I really wanted to do in this house, too, was take something boring like a step ladder and try to find one that I actually liked that could actually add to the space," Chamberlain said in the video. "I think this thing's so cute, [so] I leave it out!"

While it's absolutely a statement step ladder — bet you didn't expect to hear that phrase today — it also costs a whopping $540.


However, leave it to savvy TikTokers to find a more affordable version. Marco Zamora (@want.zamora) posted a video to the social media platform showing his very similar orange acrylic step ladder that he purchased from Amazon. Of course, the Amazon dupe isn't quite so affordable either. It still costs $192, but that's definitely a ‌step‌ ‌down‌, if you'll excuse the pun, from the Kartell original.


There is also another Amazon version that comes clear rather than in an orange color, but it's still pretty pricey at $149.

Unfortunately, it seems that stylish step ladders are somewhat of a hot commodity, so they all command pretty high prices. Nonetheless, if you go with one of the Amazon dupes, you'll certainly save a hefty amount of cash.


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