The 10 Best Paint Colors That Go Well With Cherry Cabinets

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If you're ready to bring an unmatched richness and depth into your kitchen design, cherry cabinetry is the way to go. The red undertones in this wood species can range from minimal to deep, so this may not be the best route if you prefer a simplistic white kitchen or Scandinavian look. If, however, retro cook spaces with vintage charm are your preference, you're in the right place.


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After settling on this type of wood finish, though, you have to consider the wall paint. Whether you prefer neutral colors (think light gray and beige) or statement-making shades, most natural wood cabinets can complement any interior design motif. We'll help you pick the best paint color for your cherry cabinets with ease.


Take time to compare color choices against the cherry wood before rolling on the first coat of paint.

Paint Colors that Match Cherry Wood

The paint colors that work with cherry wood cabinets range from muted grays to creamy whites and sophisticated reds. Since paint is your least expensive decorating tool, your options for coordinating colors are nearly limitless.


There are few rules to follow. Take time to play with the colors that catch your eye, test paint swatches on the wall, and hold them against the wood to ensure you will be happy with the end result.

1. Cream

A warm cream color on your kitchen walls will always work with cherry cabinets because it creates balance and complements the rich wood. We especially recommend cream or taupe walls when you want the cabinetry to be the star of the show. If you choose this lighter shade in a modern kitchen, bring in other pieces for pops of color. A colorful runner or bold light fixture will do the job.


Our pick​: Farrow & Ball Tallow

2. Gray

There's nothing wrong with going the safe route when it comes to kitchen color. A classic gray shade that doesn't lean too blue will help you add a touch of modernity to your cook space even if your cherry cabinets are vintage. To really hone in on the gray color palette, look for stainless steel kitchen appliances and polished chrome cabinet hardware.

Our pick​: Clare Paint Seize the Gray


3. White

Not all white kitchen walls are boring or lack imagination. In fact, when cherry cabinetry is the star in your cook space, white walls can be the perfect backdrop. Don't go for a stark shade that feels sterile, though. A smooth white with a hint of brown will warm up the room. And if you're craving some dimension, bring in colorful (and functional!) small appliances that can double as decor.

Our pick​: Backdrop Supermoon


4. Sienna

Who said you have to go with different colors in your cook space? Simply accept the red undertones of your cherry cabinetry, and paint the kitchen walls a rich, warm sienna or red. The end result will feel a little monochromatic and a lot special. We recommend this pairing in spaces that are on the larger side, however. Otherwise, your cook space could seem overdone instead of well decorated.

Our pick​: Sherwin-Williams Sierra Redwood


5. Pale Green

Green is a complementary color of red, so it would set off your cherry cabinetry beautifully. And while there are plenty of verdant shades to choose from, a pale green would add intrigue without clashing. Finally, if your kitchen reno budget allows, add wood floors to complete the look.

Our pick​: Farrow & Ball Pale Powder

6. Pale Yellow

Want your kitchen to feel sunny and bright even when the weather outside is dull and gray? Try painting your kitchen walls with a pale yellow hue. When used in combination with cherry cabinets, this color will feel energizing but not overwhelming. We like that even a few coats of this shade will take your kitchen remodel to the next level.


Our pick​: Valspar Lemon Twist

7. Soft Blue

Now the trick with getting the right color of soft blue is to avoid any shade that feels a little too nursery-friendly or bright. Try picking a hue with cool undertones that won't clash with your cherry kitchen cabinets. To really bring on the cohesion in your cook space, add wall tiles in a similar blue shade to amp up your backsplash area.

Our pick​: Dunn-Edwards Dreamy Blue


8. Olive Green

Olive green is definitely an "it" accent color in the kitchen design world right now. It's both sleek and bohemian, and when combined with cherry cabinets, this hue shines. If you're worried that the olive shade might clash with red-toned cabinetry, simply keep all other colors in your cook space very minimal.

Our pick​: Valspar Brisk Olive

9. Lemongrass

Different from pale yellow, lemongrass is more of a soft green hue with hints of yellow. While this color idea might be a little uncommon, it will work beautifully in a cottagecore kitchen that's filled with dark cherry cabinets, well-loved wood furniture, and quaint art. Even if you have a small kitchen with limited floor space, this earthy shade will make the heart of your home feel warm and cozy in the best way.

Our pick​: Glidden Essentials Lemongrass

10. Navy

For a rich, dramatic kitchen look, go for navy paint and cherry cupboards. Yes, this color combination will create a bit of moodiness, but you can balance the effect with bright kitchen decor, cabinet hardware, and curtains. You could even consider painting only the lower half of the walls with an inky blue and then bringing in a white tile backsplash. The end result will feel intentional and so timeless.

Our pick​: Graham & Brown Brave