The Best Paint Colors for Kitchens With Cherry Cabinets

Cherry cabinetry in the kitchen brings a richness to the room and depth to the total environment. The red undertones in the cabinets can range from minimal to deep, but you cannot avoid the fact that cherry and red are closely identified. The beauty of cherry cabinetry is that it fits almost any decorating motif, and since paint is your least expensive decorating tool -- your options for coordinating colors are wide open.

Earth Tones

Grounded earth tones on kitchen walls bring a stability to the room and complement the cherry cabinetry. Depending on your choice of countertop color, you can brighten the kitchen with marigold walls. Follow through by accessorizing with shades of yellow and a dash of red on the countertop.

A red feature wall gives your kitchen extra snap and plays to the red undertones in the cabinets. You can play down the walls by painting them a light latte, with darker brown on the trim, with a nod to the red-browns in the cabinets. Keep the ceiling light with an ecru paint. Green is a complementary color to red -- or cherry -- and a light sage for the walls, with a darker, glossy sage on a feature wall highlight both the cabinets and the walls.

Modernist Grays

Contrast your cherry cabinets by painting the walls gun-metal gray or even a gray that's tinted with a steel blue. If you have a lot of walls in the room, tint the main color by adding white, diluting it for the feature wall. Adding brushed aluminum hardware to the cabinetry unites the cherry with the wall color. Stainless steel appliances and cobalt blue countertop accessories complete the color card.

The Clean Look of White

Not all white walls are boring or lack imagination. Your cherry cabinetry is the star in your kitchen, and the wall color serves as its backdrop. Avoid a glaring white; instead, tint it with the tiniest bit of cherry or brown, for a wheat-inspired white. Using enamel paint brightens up the kitchen, and is especially useful as a backsplash coating. White or bronze appliances complement the clean lines of the kitchen.

The Richness of Red

Accept the red undertones of your luscious cherry cabinetry and paint the walls a rich, warm sienna. Continue the Tuscan theme with a deep cherry-brown trim and a lighter sienna on the backsplash. A stone white ceiling brings light to the room and you can use the same color, but in a glossy enamel, on a feature wall, where wall art consists of Tuscan landscapes.