30 Black Kitchen Floors to Take Your Cookspace to the Next Level

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Black is a color that's permeating nearly every square inch of homes these days. From bathrooms to bedrooms to even exteriors, it's a surprising hue that looks decidedly cool and modern. As you search for kitchen flooring ideas, you might be looking at traditional options like oak wood or white tile. But have you considered a black kitchen floor?


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While black kitchen flooring might be intimidating, it's actually a very good idea that's worth considering. For starters, there are tons of materials available that feature the ebony hue, like wood or ceramic tile, or you could even go with black concrete. Plus, it's an instant way to bring depth and edgy style to any kitchen. And, surprisingly, the color black works with a variety of kitchen styles — from modern to farmhouse. Additionally, dark, nearly black hardwood flooring will hide imperfections, like stains and knots, extremely well.


Not only will a black kitchen floor go with a variety of styles, but it will also pair well with a myriad of colors. It looks best with white for stark, visually pleasing juxtaposition, but it also looks stunning with other neutrals, like beige and gray. Bright hues pair quite nicely with black floors.

That all sounds good, but what are the downsides? There are a few things to keep in mind if your heart is set on a black kitchen floor. For instance, dirt and dust will show up more easily on dark flooring, so get ready for some maintenance. Scratches can be more obvious, too. And although some say that black floors will make a kitchen look smaller, we think that's debatable.


Now that we've shared our do's and don'ts, it's time for the fun part. Here are 30 black kitchen floor ideas that we adore.

1. Black Slate

If you have light green cabinets, you might want to give black slate flooring some consideration, especially after seeing this country kitchen by TOM. The contrasting combo is undoubtedly a home run, which means your culinary space will be relatively trend-proof. The brass details and wood shelving add the perfect dose of warmth.


2. Black Tile With White Accent

While light and airy kitchens tend to be easy and breezy, we think they could benefit from a little dimension and visual interest — and what better way to accomplish that than with black flooring? Whether it's wood, or tile, in the case of this charming cookspace by Elizabeth Roberts, you can't go wrong with a black floor in a country-inspired kitchen. The honed finish and white detailing keep the dark tile from weighing down the bright, light-filled design.


3. Black Floor Tile in Varied Sizes

Dreaming of a black tile floor? We recommend switching up the tile size, resulting in a design that's creative and much more interesting. For example, this kitchen idea spotlighted by Todd Wigant, also known as The Tile Whisperer, has perfected this look.


4. Patterned Tile

We want to let you know that if an all-black kitchen floor just isn't your thing, it's more than okay to bring in some white as well. In fact, we think a black-and-white patterned floor is exactly the cool juxtaposition your culinary space needs. We especially love the design in this kitchen belonging to Brooke of Nesting with Grace.


5. Painted Wood

If your kitchen came with wood floors ... yay! However, if you wanted to give them a makeover, consider painting them black. The original wood floors will still impart an old-school charm, but the ebony hue will give them a modern edge. Plus, it's a good way to hide any nicks or wear from over the years, and it really looks stunning, as evidenced in this setup by Maggie of Our Edwardian Home.


6. Black Wood Floor With Black Cabinets

If you're wondering if you can rock black flooring with black kitchen cabinets, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" The team over at Watts Studio proves our point flawlessly with this black and white design flaunting, yep, you guessed it: black floor with black cabinets and a black island. Swoon.

7. Hexagonal Tile

If standard black tile looks a bit flat to you, follow the lead of Beth Haley Design and opt for an interesting shape. In this small kitchen, she selected a hexagonal-shaped tile that adds loads of dimension and visual interest to the tiny space.

8. Black Wood Floor With Wood Cabinets

In this moody design by deVOL Kitchens, a jet-black wood plank floor acts as an anchoring presence and the perfect backdrop for rich wood cabinetry and the muted green walls plus matching ceiling. The white countertops and backsplash provide a nice visual interruption and just enough contrast.

9. Star and Cross-Shaped Tile

While you can always go with traditional black square tiles for your kitchen, geometric shapes will boost the visual interest under your feet. Jess and Jonathan of Taylor and Taylor went with this shapely star and cross approach, which looks simply stunning paired with well-loved wood and forest green cabinetry.

10. Rectangular Black Tile

If you're aiming for a trend-proof aesthetic, you can't go wrong with rectangular tiles. As showcased on Emily Henderson, homeowner Rashida Banks clearly got the memo and incorporated the idea in her small kitchen remodel. And to push the envelope a bit further, the tile was installed at an angle, resulting in a more modern look and feel.

11. Black Tile and Wood Combo

When it comes to kitchen flooring, you don't have to go with ​all​ tile or ​all​ hardwood. In fact, you can make your floor look a lot more interesting if you mix both together. Phil of 709 Design combined black hexagon tiles with wood flooring, and the result is unique and oh-so-unexpected.

12. Asymmetrical Tile in Rustic Kitchen

Wondering if black floor tile would work in a rustic kitchen? Allow us to draw your attention to this idyllic cook space by Leanne Ford. The inky tile paired with white cabinets, weathered wood, and exposed brick is a match made in design heaven.

13. Black Polished Concrete

Make your industrial kitchen dreams come true with polished black concrete flooring. We are loving the edgy look in this gorg setup showcased by Peter Fell. The inky floors are a seamless match to the decadent ebony cabinetry. The open layout and flood of natural light keep the design from feeling too dark or heavy.

14. Mosaic Tile

Kadie of A Home Is Announced went with hexagon-shaped mosaic tile for her black kitchen floor, and we wholeheartedly approve. Not to mention, the ebony hue ties in the black range hood and matching storage containers quite nicely.

15. Black Marble Tile

Give your kitchen remodel the luxe treatment and opt for black marble floor tile à la this setup by Silver Birch Interiors. The polished finish and white veining really up the wow factor. Complete the scene with dark cabinets, a crystal chandelier, and swanky barstools.

16. Glossy Black Hardwood Floor

Having a black kitchen floor doesn't mean that you have to surround it with neutrals. In fact, black can work shockingly well with bold, bright hues. It's a truth that's seen in this kitchen belonging to Hannah Billberg and showcased on My Scandinavian Home, pairing a high-gloss black floor with bright white cabinets.

17. Black and White Checkerboard Tile

Does it get any more classic than a black-and-white checkerboard floor? It's a sure thing for any kitchen design, regardless of style. In this kitchen belonging to Karen of The Art of Doing Stuff, the patterned flooring looks simply flawless, especially paired with white walls and white cabinetry.

18. Weathered Black Wood

Black flooring doesn't always equal shiny and polished. It can also look gorg when it comes to a well-loved material, something that's proven by this deVOL Kitchens design. Whether your home came with weathered wood floors or you're installing reclaimed planks, a black finish will amp up the drama without taking away from the vintage appearance that we all know and love. Be sure to incorporate plenty of flea market finds and bygone pieces of home decor.

19. Black Tile in Midcentury Kitchen

As mentioned, black flooring will work with any design style. Take this midcentury kitchen, for example. The dark tile grounds the light and airy space and allows the rich wood cabinetry and the picturesque views, which can be seen from the large window, to take center stage.

20. Arabesque-Shaped Tile

When it comes to tile, standard shapes — such as square, rectangle, and hexagon — get the lion's share of attention. However, if you really want your black kitchen floor to stand out from the crowd, think outside of these boxy shapes. For example, we love the arabesque-shaped tile that Amanda Masters Design selected for this all-white space.

21. Large Black Tiles

For something that feels more modern, go with extra-large tiles for your black kitchen floor. There will be fewer grout lines, resulting in a cleaner and sleeker finish. The team over at Roundhouse Design shows us how it's done.

22. Herringbone Tile

What could possibly make herringbone flooring any better? Black herringbone flooring. But don't just take our word for it. This kitchen styled by Sara Barney, and featured on The Effortless Chic, proves our point beautifully.

23. Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo is a trend that's still going strong, so why not jump on the bandwagon when it comes to selecting black flooring? With visible flecks of light minerals, this material by Johnson Tiles looks contemporary and edgy without feeling too dark or heavy.

24. Black Wood in Scandinavian Kitchen

As previously discussed, you can't go wrong with black hardwood flooring. And, what's not to love about Scandi kitchens? So it probably comes as no surprise that a Scandinavian cookspace with black wood flooring would be, well, chef's kiss! In this dreamy setup by Alvhem, showcased on Coco Lapine Design, the ebony hue is echoed by a single black dining chair, pendant light, and various works of art. The gray accent wall is the perfect finishing touch.

25. Black Tile With Pink Grout

A black floor doesn't have to be serious. If you want to up the fun factor in your kitchen, consider an offbeat grout color, like pink. This straightforward space by Marianne Simon and spotlighted by Lark & Linen suddenly looks a lot more free-spirited thanks to the blush-colored detail.

26. Black Chevron Floor

A black wood flooring in a chevron design? Does it get any cooler than that? Apparently not, as seen in this Biasol kitchen. Go with black (or the darkest hue you can find) and use wood planks to recreate this look. Although white surroundings are seen here, we think pairing the idea would look particularly dramatic alongside dark walls, too.

27. Ornate Patterned Tile

Again, all-black isn't necessary if that's not your thing. Choose white tiles saturated with a black pattern to incorporate the hue into your kitchen design. Aniko of Place of My Taste did just that in her culinary headquarters, resulting in a major design moment.

28. Black Tile With Brass Detailing

A black kitchen floor easily lends itself to minimalist spaces. But if you want to add a little something extra without going overboard, select a tile design showcasing simple brass inlays. This porcelain option crafted by TileBar should do the trick.

29. Painted Tile

Give your existing floor tile a high-contrast makeover with some black and white paint. That's exactly what Virginia of That's a Good Find did in her kitchen. It's not a DIY project for the faint of heart, but as you can see, the end result will be worth the hard work.

30. Black Brick

In the world of interior design, when we think of brick, we usually imagine the material on the wall. However, it can look equally as stunning on the floor, especially in black, as proven by this kitchen from Simo Design. Here, the brick tile adds an industrial edge and a dash of contrast to an otherwise neutral setup.