20 Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

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We think interiors look even richer and more authentic when two styles are combined. Not quite convinced? Well, let us present this brilliant mash-up: farmhouse meets industrial. Believe it or not, these two aesthetics are more alike than you might think. They both embrace neutral palettes, vintage home decor, and raw materials. Plus, they both celebrate well-loved finishes and natural patinas.


When woven together in a space like a kitchen, industrial farmhouse style really starts to shine. To achieve the inviting look, you'll want to first start with industrial touches, which can include metal light fixtures, materials such as brick and concrete, and lots of rustic wood. Next, combine those elements with classic farmhouse accents, like white cabinetry, a subway tile backsplash, and flea market finds.

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Although industrial farmhouse style is certainly within the same zip code as modern farmhouse, they differ ever so slightly. While a modern farmhouse kitchen may include contemporary visuals and sleek lines, an industrial farmhouse kitchen relies more so upon worn, weathered finishes and visuals that look as if they've been pulled from factories of yore. Here are twenty drool-worthy industrial farmhouse kitchen ideas that show us exactly how it's done.


1. Welcome worn-in leather.

If you can, try to incorporate buttery leather into your industrial farmhouse-style kitchen. We recommend bringing it in by way of your kitchen island seating, either with barstools or in the case of this culinary space crafted by Anastasia from The Identité Collective, an industrial leather bench.


2. Employ industrial lighting.

For the lighting, picture metal light fixtures that look like they could have resided in an old warehouse. Paired with a white island and a subway tile backsplash, the black metal pendants in this kitchen by Renee and Christina of Park and Oak Design are the ideal finishing touch.


3. Choose metal barstools.

To continue the industrial farmhouse theme in your cook space, consider metal barstools. As proven in this cozy setup belonging to Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage, stools with a steel frame will provide the perfect amount of edge, unlike upholstered seating.



4. Mix sleek black accents with rustic wood features.

While white is typically associated with modern farmhouse spaces, black is oftentimes linked to edgy industrial interiors. To push your country kitchen in an industrial direction, include black accents like the pendant lights and island base seen in this picture-perfect scene by Kate of Root + Revel.


5. Shop for culinary essentials at second-hand stores.

The one thing that farmhouse and industrial styles truly have in common is that they both welcome vintage visuals. With a throwback refrigerator, reclaimed medicine cabinet, antique metal light fixture, and concrete countertops, Vanessa of The Market Beautiful has created a flawless industrial farmhouse kitchen that's bursting with old school charm.


6. Showcase an industrial faucet.

With a focus on metal finishes and accents, it only makes sense that an industrial farmhouse should have an attention-grabbing faucet. Molly of What Molly Made opted for an industrial fixture flaunting a black finish to match the grout in her backsplash, and since it's framed by upper kitchen cabinets and a floating shelf, it's free to take center stage.



7. Incorporate linear details.

Industrial style tends to be slightly more linear and polished than farmhouse design, and you can bring those streamlined details into your culinary headquarters, too. Thanks to the barstools and lighting in this kitchen by Lindsay Hill Interiors, showcased on Home Bunch, it's a shining example of just how beautiful industrial farmhouse style can be.


8. Invest in open shelving.

When it comes to design ideas for your kitchen, have you considered installing some industrial-style shelving like the pair seen in this cook space styled by Christy of White Oak Farmhouse? Complete with black metal frames that support wooden planks, they make for eye-catching ​and​ practical wall decor.

9. Aim for cohesion.

If you prefer a more streamlined look instead of an eclectic, vintage vibe for your kitchen remodel, incorporate a few items that are similar in appearance. For instance, in this white kitchen showcased by McGee & Co., the black metal lanterns above the island echo the lines of the barstools resulting in a cohesive finish.


10. Weave in warmth.

Here's something to ponder: Farmhouse decor ideas ​don't​ ​always​ need to be black and white. While the contrasting duo is a popular choice, you can punctuate your industrial farmhouse kitchen by using a warmer palette that feels more rustic. Think copper, beige, and warm wood finishes — all of which are featured in this charming setup by Ashley of Cherished Bliss.

11. Embrace exposed brick.

You might be lucky enough to already have an exposed brick wall in your kitchen, but if not, you can always go the DIY route and install the real deal or brick-inspired wallpaper. It's a look CC + Mike perfected in this kitchen using a thinner brick that's ideal for indoor use.

12. Stick to a simple color palette.

If you want to achieve peak industrial farmhouse style, but your mind is full of way too many decorating ideas, you can't go wrong with a simple color palette. Becki Owens kept the scheme light and bright in this kitchen with white shaker cabinets, a farmhouse sink, brown wood finishes, black countertops, and black light fixtures.


13. Keep it subtle.

Perhaps you're not into tons of black metal and heavy wood finishes. That's okay. You can give a slight nod to the industrial farmhouse trend by including just a few decorative pieces showing a little rust and wear in your cook space. You can even follow the lead of this fixer-upper by Jamie from So Much Better With Age and opt for a light color palette, too.

14. Opt for stainless steel appliances.

Stainless steel appliances are interior design mainstays that aren't going anywhere anytime soon, and it's easy to see why. In this new kitchen by Kim of The TomKat Studio, the lustrous finish is used throughout from the appliances to the range hood to the sink to even the light fixtures, lending a little industrial flair to a classic farmhouse design.

15. Add charm with a vintage sink.

Maybe you want your industrial farmhouse kitchen to have an air of authenticity. In that case, you'll want to visit your local salvage yard. You'd be amazed at the treasure trove of vintage pieces that you can find such as old barn doors and antique light fixtures. You can also discover an old-school kitchen sink, or even a farmhouse-style dining table — things that are displayed in this small cook space belonging to Paige of Farmhouse Vernacular.

16. Hang oversize light fixtures.

Old factories, warehouses, and barns used to hang large metal light fixtures, so why not do the same in your industrial farmhouse kitchen? Liz of Love Grows Wild is showing us how it's done in her culinary space with the help of black pendants that add just enough contrast in this all-white setup.

17. Combine farmhouse, industrial, and modern features.

As we've proven, both farmhouse and industrial aesthetics can live happily within the same space. But let's say that modern style interests you as well. Not a problem. At least for interior designer Kate Marker. This kitchen design has it all with a reclaimed wood island and wood floors, a crisp white farmhouse palette, and lucite chairs that impart a modern ambiance.

18. Consider concrete countertops.

To give your kitchen a complete industrial farmhouse makeover, you probably need some concrete countertops. As you can see in this kitchen by Chloe of Boxwood Avenue, they feel incredibly industrial, and with their neutral hue, they also work equally well in country-inspired interiors. Pair them with butcher block, and you'll be all set.

19. Put reclaimed wood to work.

Reclaimed wood always has a place in an industrial farmhouse kitchen, thanks to its rich character and perfectly imperfect texture. We love the creative way the material is showcased in this delightful scullery by Manda of The Merrythought spanning from the ceiling down to the range hood.

20. Hang a utensil rod for essential tools.

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

Metal is a must-have in any industrial farmhouse design — from stainless steel to wrought iron, you just can't go wrong. Look for any and all opportunities to incorporate the material, such as hanging a utensil rod to keep your culinary tools at the ready. Practical and resplendent ... it's a win-win in this cozy kitchen.



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