25 Large Wall Decor Ideas to Fill Empty Space

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When moving into a new home, the most exciting part is decorating to make the space your very own. But one challenge that oftentimes leaves homeowners and renters alike stumped is what to do with all of the empty walls. So much blank space can be a bit overwhelming, and frankly, original art can be a tad expensive. But wall decor isn't limited to fine art — there are many unexpected ways to deck out your space.


If you're lucky enough to have larger areas to fill up, there really are endless possibilities. And sometimes doing nothing can be a cool choice, too. From hanging an extra-large canvas to showcasing a picturesque mural, there are a lot of stylish solutions to consider. But where do you begin? Don't worry: Inspiration awaits. Below are 25 unique ideas that will help you fill all of the large, empty walls in your luxurious pad.

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25 Ideas for Filling Large Empty Walls

A surefire way to keep your favorite pieces from looking dwarfed by a large room is to cluster them all together, which creates the illusion of one large piece of artwork. Need to pick up a variety of affordable prints to accomplish this task? Society6's roster of illustrators and artists offers a variety of options in different sizes, making it easy to create the perfect gallery wall à la Avenue Design Studio.


2. Paint an awe-inspiring accent wall.

While all-white walls can feel light and bright, sometimes it can make blank spaces stand out a bit too much. One smart solution is to pick a bold color — like the vibrant shade of green that Dabito from Old Brand New chose for this living room— and paint your biggest wall. No need to add much more than that to make a striking style statement. And bonus: You can switch up the wall paint from time to time without too much hassle.


3. Hang an XXL piece of art.

Perhaps you are an art collector, or maybe you just found an extra-large painting at a flea market that you just had to bring home. An oversize piece like this one needs ample wall space to be displayed properly. The result is a one-of-a-kind focal point that's guaranteed to be a conversation starter.



4. Fill parallel picture ledges with your favorite pieces of art.

Instead of hanging all of your art in the spirit of a gallery wall, follow the lead of Wall of Art and rest your cherished prints on a series of picture ledges instead. The display will add some unexpected dimension to what was once a giant blank wall. You can find different lengths and depths to suit your space perfectly.


5. Stick to a color scheme.

If you stick to a color scheme, it won't look overwhelming to cover an entire wall in different pieces of art. But don't just take our word for it, let this swanky kitchen belonging to Brady Tolbert show you how it's done. Check out Saatchi Art for black and white pieces in every size imaginable.


6. Install an industrial bookcase and display your favorite pieces of home decor.

The metal bookcase in this living room designed by Atelier Barda uses a lack of tchotchkes to its advantage, employing the blank, white wall as a clean backdrop for just a few plants and books. Sometimes less really is a whole lot more. Plus, this pared-down approach gives you the flexibility to mix things up and rotate your treasured pieces around at a moment's notice.



7. Stick to a simple wall art display using a handful of prints in the same size.

There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple and neat. So why not try hanging a handful of prints that are in the same size? You can pick up simple frames at places like IKEA for your favorite posters to recreate this stylishly streamlined display. We love how these word-art prints complement the black finish of the pendants.


8. Try out a tapestry.

Tapestries are a more affordable option for taking up a lot of wall space than say, an original painting that can break the bank. Plus, they'll add a welcome dose of texture to any room that needs some depth. This particular idea works beautifully in boho settings or even kids' rooms, as proven here. Even better, you don't have to make a major commitment as they're easy to hang or take down whenever you want to switch things up.


9. Add some reflection with an oversize mirror.

While mirrors reflect light and help create the illusion of more space, they can also help fill up some of that vacant wall real estate. Consider unique shapes or colors, like the rose gold tinted option shown here, for a stylish and unexpected twist.


10. Arrange art in an unexpected way.

It's easy to create some visual interest with wall decor, but the creativity doesn't have to stop at just slapping some art on a wall. If you want to add a little extra flair consider an asymmetrical arrangement, like the one captured in this dining room by Martin Tessler. There are no hard and fast rules that say your artwork needs to be hung in a traditional or uniform fashion — the way you choose to install them can be a statement in and of itself.

11. DIY a mural.

Don't want to bother with hanging up a bunch of art? You could DIY your own wall mural à la this watercolor installation by Mr. Kate if you're ready to get in touch with your inner artist. If painting isn't really your forte, hire some professionals to do the work for you.

12. Or just purchase one.

We totally won't judge if you decide not to DIY your own mural. This precious botanical wallpaper from Rebel Walls is a darling choice for a nursery, but the idea can be used in any room of the house. And bonus: It is easy enough to install yourself.


13. Cover the wall in a statement wallpaper.

In the spirit of wall murals, why cover only half of the wall when you can have a floor-to-ceiling display like this woodland scene by Murals Wallpaper? Not to mention, there are so many eclectic and bold designs to choose from nowadays, so finding a print that will perfectly fit your aesthetic, space, and budget will be a breeze. It's truly amazing how much a detailed mural can really transform a room.

14. Focus on the corner.

If you're a renter and don't want to get in trouble with your landlord, or you simply don't want to commit to any permanent changes to your home, we highly recommend using peel-and-stick decals or removable wallpaper. You can even follow the lead of this living room setup spotted on Urban Walls and focus on a single corner instead of the entire wall.

15. Install a faux fireplace.

This may seem a bit extreme, but think about it: A fireplace will definitely break up a large blank wall and will also allow you to display pictures or artwork. And who doesn't love sitting in front of the fire during cooler months and cozying up? But if a real-life fireplace is not in the cards, follow the lead of Bless'er House and opt for a faux version instead.

16. Consider a wall hanging.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

If you want to start small when it comes to your wall decor, why not consider a unique wall hanging? If you're feeling up for a challenge, we've got a few DIY projects that might work perfectly. And just think of how proud you'll be of yourself for creating your own art. Instant bragging rights granted.

17. Install a vertical garden.

It may seem like a crazy decorating idea at first, but it's been proven that houseplants can decrease stress and help clean the air. So why not go big and install a vertical indoor garden like this lush dining room display captured by Maíra Acayaba? If you have a bit of natural light, you can start with this easy how-to and make it your own.

18. Dedicate one wall to your book collection.

If you're a bookworm like us, dedicate a large wall to your love of books and create your own personal library. From art tomes to the classics you read annually, rows and rows of books are a beautiful thing, as witnessed by the floor-to-ceiling built-ins in this bedroom. You can even arrange them by color or size to make the feature even more interesting.

19. Use the wall space for all your streaming.

With so many things to watch on television these days, hanging your flat screen on the wall and setting up the perfect spot to chill out and enjoy movie night isn't a bad idea. You can even paint the wall a darker color to create a cozier vibe that will be the ideal backdrop for binge-watching the latest show everyone's been talking about.

20. Don't shortchange a minimalist approach.

In case you were wondering, there are no rules that say you can't just leave your walls blank. If your design style is minimalist and you like the look of clean white walls, that's totally fine. For some of us, empty space is soothing and stylish, so paint those walls a nice shade of white and enjoy them as they are. Fill the room with earthy colors and some of your favorite pieces of furniture, like a comfy couch or a pair of chairs, to complete the look.

21. Lean into it.

Rather than getting hung up on what to hang on your blank walls, try leaning a few pieces. It's a modern approach to displaying art, a mirror, or even just an object that speaks to you, without messing up that brand-new drywall. Plus, think of it as a pop-up installation that you'll change out from time to time when the mood hits you.

22. Add some texture with wood slats.

From board and batten to shiplap, adding wall paneling is sometimes all you need to liven things up. The wood slat wall in a natural finish truly elevates the decor of this modern living room in a snap. Try the look out in your own space with the help of The Home Depot or retailers like this Etsy shop.

23. Opt for a brick wall instead.

Lofts and older homes oftentimes feature exposed brick walls. But unfortunately, we're not all that lucky. These thin brick panels from Floor and Decor look super real — but aren't nearly as expensive — and will add instant texture and old-world charm to your space. You can also get the look with peel and stick wallpaper, too. No one needs to know it's not the real thing, right?

24. Invest in additional storage.

Let's be real, most of us don't have enough space for all of our stuff. And if you have a busy household with kids, this is even more true. So a big empty wall can be a thing of beauty in terms of adding much-needed storage. Take this living room set up, the roomy floor-to-ceiling shelves provide the perfect place to store toys, books, and more so floor space isn't constantly inundated with things to trip over.

25. Let there be (unexpected) light.

Adding dramatic sconces to an empty wall in an entryway or living room is a clever way to make a big impression. Take this modern pair spotted on Litfad — the sleek duo creates a whole mood in this contemporary space. Even if it's something simple, an interesting fixture will amp up the drama in any room.



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