14 Ideas for Filling Large Empty Walls

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When moving into a new home, filling all the blank walls can feel overwhelming, to say the least. Where do you even begin? Don't worry: We can help. Below are 14 unique ideas for filling large, empty walls.


A surefire way to keep your favorite pieces from looking overwhelmed by a large room is to cluster them all together, which creates the illusion of one large piece of artwork. Looking to pick up a variety of affordable prints to accomplish your task? Society6's roster of illustrators and artists offers prints in a variety of sizes that are perfect for creating a gallery wall.

2. Or go with an XXL piece of art that covers a lot of territory.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, investing in in a jumbo piece of art is a great option, too. It really gives a room a high-end feel.

3. Line parallel hanging shelves with your favorite pieces of art.

In the spirit of a gallery wall, hanging shelves and placing your art on them is a great way to take up space, too.

4. Cover the entire wall in art within a color scheme.

If you stick to a color scheme, it won't look overwhelming to cover an entire wall in different pieces of art. Check out Saatchi Art for black and white artwork in every size imaginable.


5. Install a metal bookshelf to line with your favorite knick knacks.

This bookshelf uses a lack of stuff to its advantage, using the blank, white wall as a backdrop for just a few plants and books.

6. Hang four same-size pictures like ducks in a row.

There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple and neat — try making a line with several same-sized pieces.

7. Pick out a tapestry.

Tapestries are a more affordable option for taking up a lot of wall space. Plus, they can add texture a room that needs some depth.

8. Hang a huge mirror.

Mirrors help create the illusion of more space, but in this case also help take up some pesky wall space.

9. Arrange your art in an unexpected way.

It's easy to create some visual interest by, say, creating a rectangle out of artwork, but leaving out one of the pieces.


10. DIY a wall mural.

Don't want to bother with hanging up a bunch of art? You could DIY your own wall mural. Learn how to create the watercolor one above here.

11. Or just purchase one.

We totally won't judge if you take the easy way out, either. This precious wall mural can be purchased here.

12. Cover the wall in statement wallpaper.

In the spirit of wall murals, you could also just make an entire blank wall a statement piece with some detailed wallpaper. This can change the entire mood of your space. Purchase the above wallpaper here.

13. Hang decals.

If you're a renter or simply don't want to make any permanent changes to your home, we highly recommend adhesive decals or removable wallpaper. If you're in love with the botanical splash pictured above, check it out at Urban Walls.


14. Install a faux fireplace.

This may seem a bit extreme, but think about it: A fireplace breaks up a blank wall and allows for more picture hanging variations. And as a bonus, you'll have the perfect spot for holiday decor.


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