These Tinted Mirrors Will Make Your Space Look Profesh

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Generally, in life, we're not huge fans of one-upsmanship. But in decor, it's a different game. Take, for example, the mirror. You could have a plain old mirror-mirror. Orrrrr you could have a snazzy mirror with a tint or attractive hue. We're seeing these sophisticated designs at our favorite retailers and in spaces that look hella professionally designed. Check out these picks:


West Elm Foxed Trio Mirror, $399

The lower circle on this clustered mirror is a rosy bronze while the right features a pinkish antiqued finish.


Lucie Kaas Terrazzo Black Mirror, $159.95

Hehe. Black mirror. Literally.


AYTM Pink Mirror, $285

A simple rose-hued circle mirror by Danish brand AYTM.


Normann Copenhagen Lust Mirror, $140-$175

Normann Copenhagen makes a number of colored mirrors with hues ranging from purple to orange to sky blue.


The Citizenry Barrio Italia Mirror, $350-$595

Choose from small or large sizes (or both!) with The Citizenry's bronze-hued mirrors.


Urban Outfitters Nova Iridescent Mirror, $49

Get groovy with a bit of a holographic glow.


Yield Day Mirror, $2,100

This mirror is pricey. But if you are a fancy-pants with some extra wall space, we say: You need this.

Pulpo Olivia Mirror, $319

This bright blue standing mirror's got major character.

Bower Ring Mirror, $1,825

Bower Studios is one of those cool-person brands making high-design mirrors. Just in case you are a cool person.