5 Splurgeworthy Brands We Love

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Working at Hunker, I spend a lot of time browsing offerings from mass retailers like Target and IKEA. But, I also find myself spending a lot of time researching what's new in design. And what's new in design is usually $$. Ugh. It's caused me to develop a slippery habit of buying lottery tickets and then passing a couple hours picking out my new mansion on Redfin, which of course is going to need to be completely decorated, and I'll have to get all new stuff. Sheesh! Being rich is exhausting! But in all seriousness, I do keep my eye on brands that would currently wipe out my bank accounts but will be MINE, ALL MINE!!! ... someday?


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1. Tom Dixon

If you've heard this name before, it might be because the British designer previously teamed up with IKEA to create a modular sofa that could also function as a bed, work station, and more. Tom — as I like to call him, because now I am his best client and we have a weekly caviar game night — heads up his own design house, which manufactures extremely creative light fixtures, accessories, and furniture. His team also does interior design for fancy hotels and restaurants across the globe.


Melt LED Mini Pendant Light, $830

Press Stem Vase, $95


Cloud Bowl, $395

2. cc-tapis

I discovered cc-tapis via some fancy international design fair's Instagram, and these rugs immediately blew my mind. The Milan-based company commissions designers to create rugs that are veritable works of abstract art. My favorites are by Patricia Urquiola, whose designs employ graphic-inspired motifs. cc-tapis's wares don't seem to be widely available; they're stocked by only a few online retailers, and I'd guess most designs would need to be special-ordered. (All prices excluding taxes, duties, etc.)


Double Slinkie by Patricia Urquiola, $10,114

Visioni by Patricia Urquiola, $8,020


Giudecca by Studio Zanellato/Bortotto, $6,383

3. Coming Soon

Okay, so Coming Soon isn't exactly a brand — it's a shop in Manhattan's Lower East Side that specializes in unique vintage items. Their collection, largely from the '70s, can mostly be described as, uh, un peu extravagant. (As I am now rich, I speak many international languages.) Think: chrome furniture in bold colors and shapes that may require designing an entire room around one item. They're the kind of statement pieces you'll need when MTV comes to film your episode of ​Cribs​.


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe BRNO Flat Bar Chair, $950

Wycombe-Meyer & Co. Lucite Loop Armchair, $850


John Mascheroni Chrome Sofa, $7,500

4. The Socialite Family

The Socialite Family is a French publication that goes inside the (mostly European, largely French) homes of cool and interesting families. In other words, once the renovations on my Marais flat are finished, I'm sure they'll be knocking on my extremely oversized door for a feature. A few years ago, TSF launched a small furniture and homewares collection. They don't produce a lot, but what they make is very well thought-out: lovely cane pieces, perfect velvet cushions, and ultra-luxe bedding. (All prices excluding taxes, duties, etc.)


Cavallo Sofa, $1,685.91

Copertina Bed Throw, starting at $42.15

Sogno Black Headboard, starting at $463.78

5. Yield

Yield is a Florida-based manufacturer of items that are supposedly "at the intersection of functionality and elegance, of high-end design and accessibility." True, the sleek accessories come in at more affordable price points, but the gorgeous glass pieces will set you back a bit. Well, I mean, is $5,000 a lot for a coffee table? I've lost all perspective. How much are sandwiches going for these days? $90?

Customizable Duotone Circular Coffee Table, starting at $1,820

Ceramic Meso Incense Holder, $64

Spun Planter, $380