17 Target Storage and Organization Finds Under $20

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If you're gearing up for a spring organizing spree, it's important to have a few tools on hand to help you out. Take, for example, all the containers you'll need to corral that mess. Whether you're taking on your bathroom, bedroom, or desk, there's something to help with all of these areas. And you don't have to spend a ​ton​ to do it. We rounded up a few Target finds under $20 that will make clutter a distant memory. Happy cleaning!


1. Room Essentials Y-Weave Half Medium Decorative Storage Basket, $5

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Video of the Day

These handy baskets can be used everywhere from your closet to your TV stand. Grab them in various colors.

2. Brightroom Small Make-Up Turntable Beauty Organizer Small, $14

Gather all those loose nail polish and lipstick bottles and keep them in one place thanks to this chic organizer.


3. YouCopia FridgeView 11" Turntable, $14.99

Speaking of turntable items, they're a great idea for fridge shelves, too.


4. Room Essentials Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer, $7

Is your closet a mess? Tidy things up with this hanging organizer that you can also easily stash away when not needed.



5. Room Essentials Underbed Storage Gray, $9

At 29 inches wide, this under-the-bed storage container can help you free up closet space. It comes with a zippered closure and is great for storing off-season clothes.


6. Heyday Triangle Clip Cable Management (pack of 6), $9.99

Keep all those wires near your desk organized thanks to these self-adhesive cable clips.


7. Threshold Fabric Cube Storage Bin, $10

This fabric storage bin is budget-friendly and so versatile. And the best part is you can easily flatten it and hide it away when you don't need it.



8. Made By Design Square Pantry Basket, $12

Keep all those delicious snacks in one place thanks to this chic pantry basket.


9. YouCopia StoraLid Container Lid Organizer Small, $12.99

Forever struggling to find that ​one lid​? Make things easier for yourself with this handy item.


10. Threshold Bamboo Stackable Shelf, $14

If you're low on space, this simple but useful shelf can give you more to work with.

11. YouCopia UpSpace 2 Shelf Bottle Organizer, $19.99


Know exactly which water bottles you have with this super satisfying bottle organizer.

12. Brightroom Punched Metal Over the Door Organizer, $16

Don't miss out on potential storage real estate — like behind your cabinet doors.

13. Project 62 Acrylic Round Desktop Organizer, $15

Spending most of your time at your desk? Keep the clutter at bay with this acrylic find, which is aesthetically pleasing, to boot.

14. Project 62 Accordion Decorative Hook Rack Brass, $16

Decor ​and​ decluttering comes together with this brass hook rack.


15. mDesign Bath Countertop Hair Care Styling Tool Organizer Holder, $19.99

Create a hair-styling station with this tool holder for your straightener, curler, hair dryer — you name it.

16. YouCopia ShelfBin 4-Tier Small Bin, $14.99

We really love an organized pantry. This item can help you store all those essentials.

17. OXO Expandable Kitchen Tool Drawer Organizer, $16.99

Gone are the days of rummaging in a drawer or fighting to even open it — thanks to a simple but effective organizer.



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