11 Affordable Places to Get Storage Containers and Organizers (That Aren't The Container Store)

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You know that feeling when you look around your house, feel boxed in from all of the clutter, then suddenly wish you were Marie Kondo? (We feel that way a lot, too.) In those moments of organizing desperation, it's easy to spend way too much on containers. Sure, your lentils and beans are in colored-coded, airtight glassware ... but now your bank account is looking a little sparse.


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Since giving up containers and organizing is impossible, we've rounded up our favorite places to find affordable organizers.

1. Bed Bath & Beyond

Shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond will 100% end in you finding organized solutions for each room (and probably some cute travel-sized toiletries, too). With every food container under the sun — including these top-rated OXO ones — you can easily have a kitchen fit for a food blogger. When you're done with the kitchen, the laundry solutions, bathroom organizers, and fabric cubes will hook you, too.


2. Target

Don't go to Target unless you are emotionally ready to buy everything you've been "needing" for the past year. At Target, you'll find tubs, bins, food storage, and utility storage solutions. Just when you think you've purchased enough plastic bins, the decorative containers will catch your eye. Next thing you know, you'll have a full arsenal of art supplies perfectly organized in this fabric cube.



IKEA's Scandinavian aesthetic, Swedish meatballs, and perfect showroom are a total vibe. Usually, a day at Ikea means you reevaluate your entire home, then go home and organize the heck out of it. Luckily, Ikea gives you hooks, shelves, boxes, carts, clothing racks, storage systems, and containers that are sure to blow you away.


4. Walmart

Sometimes, you want an organized house without all the frills (or hefty price tags). Walmart has your back with a wide variety of plastic bins, drawer carts, containers, tubs, fabric cubes, and baskets. With a selection this great, you can snag a solution for your entire linen closet.


5. Amazon

Amazon is the GOAT for having everything you need at the price that you want. And if you're in the organizational zone, two-day shipping means you can get everything before the inspiration runs out. Find food storage, plastic containers, drawers, tubs, organizers, fabric cubes, bins, and over-the-door solutions all in one place.


6. The Home Depot

There's a reason that The Home Depot is where everyone goes when they need to fix all their house problems. With organization solutions such as closet systems, racks, hanging closets, shoe racks, and shelves, you can have your dream closet or create a home office that can actually house all of the supplies that you say you'll need one day.


7. Wayfair

Wayfair always comes through when it comes to functional organizers that match your aesthetic. Find fabric storage cubes, baskets, folding bins, plastic boxes, and wooden bins that are ready for your every organizational need. With tons of storage options, you can create an intuitive organization solution for each room.


8. Macy's

Macy's takes food storage and Tupperware to the next level. Find glassware, airtight containers, canisters, fridge shelf organizers, jars, and containers that will make food prep, office organization, and any other decluttering a breeze.

9. Kohl's

Kohl's isn't just there for discounted candles and fun clothing finds, you can also score some awesome storage solutions when you roam its website. Find food storage, baskets, reusable bags, and containers with friendly price tags and great quality.

10. Overstock

Overstock has everything you could ever want in terms of storage. Check out the wire racks, collection of bins, shelving, baskets, linen organizers, and fabric cubes. Or, if you're looking to never have mud in the house again, you can invest in this cubby bench. Because cleanliness and organization will forever be best friends.

11. Big Lots

At Big Lots, you can find unreal deals on the organizers you always need but forget to buy — we're talking huge containers (hello, toy bins!) and 50-quart storage shelf totes for only $10. When you need to move or turn an unfinished space into a walkable room, this is where you'll want to be. Of course, they also have a good selection of smaller bins, baskets, and food storage solutions, if you need those too.