These Utensil Drawer Organizers From Amazon Are Kitchen Game Changers

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So, you've organized the "big" areas in your home: The primary bedroom closet, the laundry room shelves, even the entire garage. But what about those often-overlooked "little" areas that could still use some attention? For instance, if you're looking to give your kitchen an overhaul chock-full of clever opportunities for storage and organization, we encourage you to go drawer-by-drawer and tidy up everything — even the utensil drawer. You know, that place where you're always rooting around for your measuring cups and the "good" cutlery when company visits?


This is where utensil drawer organizers come in handy. But before you purchase one, you'll need to, well, do some organizing! Start by cleaning out the entire drawer. Maybe you don't need those shrimp forks or a third ice-cream scoop. Then measure your drawer so you buy something that fits flawlessly. You can either buy a cutlery organizer that already has compartments, or you can buy separate bins to fully customize it. Once you've landed on one that you like, divide all of your items into categories: for instance, baking essentials, everyday flatware, cutlery for entertaining, etc. And voilà! Your drawer will be organized before you know it.

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Ready to get started? Take a look through these utensil drawer organizers, which are some of the most popular on the market. Oh, and you can find them all on Amazon.

Best for Easy Cleaning

OXO never disappoints. Make cleaning a breeze with this innovative organizer that features removable utensil trays for easily wiping away any buildup. It's also expandable, features non-slip feet, and has square corners for a flush, custom appearance.


Best Individual Dividers

This may very well be our top pick on the list. Organize kitchen utensils and gadgets in style with these sleek and adjustable bamboo dividers. Each one fits both vertically or horizontally to customize your drawers exactly as you please. Evenly space each divider for same-sized compartments or get creative with placement based on your variety of kitchen tools.


Best for Extra-Large Drawers

Got some extra-large kitchen drawers on your hands? First of all, jealous. Second of all, this expandable nine-compartment organizer is exactly what you need. Opt for the model that's expandable from 16" to 28" wide or the even larger model expandable from 18" to 33".


Best Space Saving Solution

Hello, efficiency. This set contains one knife rack and one cutlery storage rack. The knife rack has two layers to accommodate both small and large knives. And most importantly, the cutlery rack has a unique angled design that fits more silverware in less space.


Best Clear Plastic Organizer

Have your cooking utensil organizer blend right into your setup with this four-compartment, transparent plastic number. It's also expandable and perfect if you don't need a ton of different compartments.

Best Soft-Grip Lined Organizer

Everything will stay put just the way you like it when you incorporate Madesmart's large cutlery tray into your kitchen drawers. This is all thanks to the brilliant combination of non-slip rubber feet and soft-grip lining.



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