We Asked a Chef: Here Are the Only 3 Knives You'll Ever Need

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Turns out, more is ​not​ always merrier when it comes to kitchen tools. We chatted with Jessica Lassner, former private caterer and pastry chef at buzzy LA restaurant Koi (and mom to me!), about the best knives on the market, expecting a long list of models or a must-have knife set. Surprisingly enough, she swears there are only three kitchen knives every cook needs. It's time for the big reveal.


Best Paring Knife

Victorinox is a brand that professional and at-home chefs have trusted for well over a century. This specific paring knife is Lassner's most used kitchen tool. The brand offers models with 3.25-inch blades and rounded tips; however, she opts for the four-inch, spear point version — better for coring, and just overall more versatile. Lassner uses the four-inch serrated and straight edge paring knives pretty interchangeably, however, if she had to pick one and only one, it would be the serrated knife. These stainless steel knives are ultra-sharp, sturdy, and comfortable to hold for all your peeling, slicing, and dicing needs.

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Best Chef's Knife

This razor-sharp, corrosion-resistant, high-carbon stainless steel chef's knife is beautifully crafted for a 10/10 performance and appearance. Lassner recommends going with an eight-inch chef's knife instead of a 10-inch model since it's a little less daunting and therefore a friendlier option for any beginner or home cook. It's basically just a tad easier to work with. Feel extra confident in your purchase with Enowo's 60-day money-back policy, free replacement, and lifetime guarantee. Precisely and effortlessly cut everything from meat to veggies with this lifelong kitchen staple.


Best Serrated Knife

This über affordable serrated knife can be used for so much more than bread alone. Lassner utilizes it for slicing and leveling cakes, cutting delicate pastries (like biscotti), slicing brisket, and more. You will love the ergonomic handle, high-quality, heavy-duty Japanese steel, and professional-grade design. All this to say: It's a kitchen essential.



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