How to Decorate a Blank Wall: 25 Ideas to Make Your Walls Pop

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A lot of us love having all-white walls inside our homes. The design choice provides flexibility since the light and airy look goes with pretty much every decor style. But sometimes this approach can make your walls look a little too plain. Luckily, you don't have to paint the entire room in order to add a little pizzazz to your space.


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Instead, turn to wall decor. Whether hanging an oversize piece of art, a large mirror, or some floating shelves, adding eye-catching elements to an empty wall will elevate your home in all the right ways. Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to add color, texture, and personality to any room.

Perhaps you're a world traveler who wants to create a gallery wall using photos from your journeys. Or, maybe your eclectic wall hangings speak to your creative side. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to giving your space a makeover. To get you started, here are 25 stylish ways to decorate a blank wall.


Shelves are a great way to add dimension to plain, white walls. But sometimes you don't want to commit to installing anything too permanent. This charming rustic design from Amazon will add something unexpected to your living room wall, and it only requires a single stainless steel hook. Or, try this DIY option if you're feeling handy. Either way, shelving is the perfect way to display picture frames, plants, and other small objects.


An accent wall is always a nice touch in any space. But if you want to stick to your all-white theme, opt for a white wallpaper pattern like this brick-inspired design from The Home Depot. Since it is peel-and-stick, the wallpaper will be easy to install, and if you eventually change your mind down the road, it will be easy to remove.


A sleek, framed wall mirror is a great addition in any space, but it's an especially nice touch in spatially challenged rooms since it will reflect light, making them appear larger and brighter. This round style, spotted on Wayfair, is just the right scale to hang over a mantel or credenza. You can also try a larger, rectangular design and lean it against a bare white wall for dramatic effect. The great thing about mirrors is that they come in so many shapes, styles, and sizes, so there's always a look that will work perfectly in your space.


Whether over a sofa or in a hallway, a gallery wall is the perfect solution for a blank wall. You can order a set of frames, like this one on Amazon, to get you started, and then slowly add on to the display with frames that you pick up at vintage stores or flea markets. From wedding portraits to vacation memories, this easy-to-hang wall decor idea allows you to display all of your favorite memories in one place.


Like the look of a painting versus a print? You can get in touch with your inner artist by creating your own abstract art (here's a handy DIY tutorial) or you can purchase one, like the colorful piece we found on West Elm. You can't go wrong with either choice. What's even better is you'll feel like a fancy art collector without having to pay those hefty gallery prices.


If boho-chic style is more your vibe, then this celestial-inspired tapestry from Urban Outfitters definitely fits the bill. Not to mention, light and airy textiles are quick, easy, and earthquake-friendly ways to dress up the empty space above the bed. And with so many options to choose from, you'll be able to find one that blends in well with the rest of your bedroom decor, pretty much guaranteeing that your sleeping quarters will feel extra special and dreamy.


Who says paintings are the only things that count as wall art? A few colorful handwoven baskets like this trio from Anthropologie can add just the right amount of dimension and style. The look is perfect for a boho or desert-inspired space, but can easily add a little extra flair to a farmhouse living room. Opt for baskets in the same shade or mix things up for a more eclectic vibe.

Celebrate that wanderlust with an oversize antique-style world map on your bare wall. Add rose gold stickers to mark the places you've traveled to, and take note of all the places you have yet to visit. We found this lovely design on Wayfair, but you can find even bigger, mural-sized versions, too.

Add a hint of greenery to any room with a wall-mounted planter like this nine-piece beauty from Wayfair. The wall decor idea would work great in a kitchen or dining space for herbs, but you can switch things up with some trailing greenery or succulents in a living room, too. Hang multiple units side-by-side to create a vertical indoor garden.

In a farmhouse or modern-style home with white walls, hanging an oversize clock for a touch of charm is right on time. This brushed brass number from Target looks smart and sophisticated, especially showcased next to decorative molding. For a more rustic look, opt for a design in bronze or wood.

Looking for a place to display your favorite pieces of home decor? Floating bookshelves like these from Ultra Shelf would do the trick — not to mention, they'd be a perfect addition to any modern or farmhouse-style space. The light oak finish will warm up your bare white walls, and even better, you can quickly and easily swap your treasures to refresh your space anytime you like.

Get creative with your blank wall and add a stenciled pattern, like this linear design from Amazon. All you need is a paintbrush, a few hours, and presto — the white surface will be transformed into a super stylish accent wall. Pick a color that stands out, like charcoal or taupe, for extra contrast.

Add some surprising texture to any wall with three-dimensional panels. This textured design found on Amazon is easy to install (and remove for all the renters out there). Plus, once they are in place, there's no need to hang any additional decor. The finished result will add instant architectural flair to any modern setup.

This frame rail from Pottery Barn takes the guesswork out of gallery walls. The unique sculptural element adds loads of visual interest and will work great with just about any decor style. The rail includes three vertical posts, each of which has two hanging bars, and both the posts and the bars can be adjusted to create the perfect arrangement for you and your space.

Perhaps you like the look of plain white walls. You can still add a little extra flair with the help of some statement-making sconces, like these from CB2. The black finish gives the fixtures a modern edge that blends in perfectly with wood accents. And bonus: The swivel design makes them the perfect reading lamps in a bedroom and beyond.

Increase the cozy factor in your space by creating a home library. Opt for a bookcase that runs the width of the wall, or invest in more than one, for a built-in feel. This particular design from IKEA comes in several finishes and with or without glass doors.

If you really want to go all out, invest in a custom-painted design or mural. You can always opt to do the work yourself or you can hire professionals like the team over at Very Gay Paint. Tape off shapes and patterns on your wall and pick colors that inspire you for an eye-catching piece of art. While this organic design looks lovely in a bedroom, the wall decor idea would work beautifully in a dining or living area, too.

Bring a touch of nature indoors with the help of these small wooden vases spotted on Etsy. You can group several together with dried flowers, as shown here, for an artful display, and the foliage is easy to switch out whenever you want to freshen things up.

Yes, we talked about gallery walls, but lean into the concept even more and go with strictly black and white photos in black frames. You can use your own photos or purchase a ready-made collection like this one from Poster Store. Either way, the monochromatic display will bring a timelessly chic look to any modern, transitional, or even traditional space.

For those of us who don't have a fireplace in our homes, this electric model from Wayfair is an excellent way to decorate a large blank wall and literally warm things up. The unit can be wall-mounted, inserted into an existing cut-out, or it can be freestanding. Hang one below a flat screen for a warm and cozy effect. You can even take the idea a step further by hanging a floating shelf above to create a mantel.

Not into prints, paintings, or photos on a white wall? Add something unexpected like this brass wall sculpture from Target. The vertical pieces showcasing a loop design are a guaranteed conversation starter and will look great above a dining room credenza or bedroom dresser. And who doesn't love a lustrous accent for an extra touch of elegance?

In a living or family room, an empty white wall is usually the perfect spot to hang that flat screen. This rustic entertainment center from Wayfair adds a little warmth to what is often a cold look. The mini shelf above provides a spot to add some personal touches and the unit hides all those annoying cables.

Hanging a unique light fixture, like this one from Etsy, will add a little architectural detail to your room where there wasn't a whole lot going on beforehand. You could install it over a painting, but we think it works beautifully solo, too. It's also a great way to create a moody atmosphere when the sun goes down.

If you've got a boho or Scandi style space, a wall hanging like the one we found on Etsy will definitely do the trick. Find a design flaunting hues that make you happy or create it yourself with this handy DIY project. The textured addition will warm up any room instantly.

Save yourself the time and energy required for stenciling or hanging wallpaper, and opt for these chic decals from Urban Walls instead. The stylish stickers can be applied all over the wall — or use them to create a decorative border. Plus, they come in lots of different hues to blend into your home's color palette. It's the perfect weekend project to give your space a little glow-up.