15 Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas That'll Add Rustic Charm to Any Room

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Thanks to ​Fixer Upper​ and its darling co-hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, modern farmhouse style is one of the most popular aesthetics in interior design today. And with signature characteristics like timeworn finishes, neutral palettes, and vintage accents, it's easy to see why. Whether you want to go all in on the cozy look or you just want to test out the pastoral-living waters, there are a myriad of different ways to incorporate the style in your own home. One of our personal favorites? Farmhouse wall decor. Interested? Here are 15 quick and easy ideas that will help you add the perfect dash of country flair to your design scheme.


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1. Add shiplap accents.

Found in barns across the country, shiplap — a type of wall paneling made up of smooth planks of wood — is a staple in farmhouse designs. Follow the lead of Studio McGee and opt for a white shiplap accent wall for a subtle farmhouse feel. The look will fit in just about anywhere, but we particularly love it in the bedroom, and you can feel free to paint it in any color your heart desires, even if your dream hue isn't white.


2. Brighten things up with a few rustic mirrors.

Everything about farmhouse-style decor is bright and airy, and you can maximize those qualities by using mirrors as a rustic wall decoration, something that Liz of Love Grows Wild did in this living room. If you can find some with rustic-style frames — perhaps old, repurposed window frames — that will double the country vibes. And bonus: Mirrors reflect light and give the illusion that small spaces are larger than they really are.


3. Display decorative baskets.

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A handmade aesthetic is firmly tied to farmhouse style. With that in mind, consider hanging decorative baskets on the wall for a unique, handcrafted touch. They can also double as shelving for small plants while adding texture to the room. Hang them above a sofa or bed, or line them up on a blank wall in the kitchen.


4. Focus on nature when selecting artwork.

Choose wall art that has a natural theme to capture the essence of the great outdoors. You can choose between black-and-white photographs, vintage landscape paintings, or even framed pressed flowers. Pretty much anything goes, as long as it brings nature indoors, like Jess of White Picket Farmhouse did in this dining room. Nature-themed pieces will work anywhere in your home, but we're partial to using them in bathrooms and living rooms. They're sure to pop against white walls.


5. Add a reclaimed wood coat rack.

Even a simple farmhouse addition can make an impact in an entryway. For example, Jenna Sue took an extra wooden plank from another project and transformed it into a farmhouse-chic coat rack — the ideal place to hang flannel shirts and woven tote bags. Hang one in your laundry room or entryway for a true form-meets-function accent.


6. Breathe new life into antique wall clocks.

We love the idea of using clocks as decor. Take a page from this nook designed by Sarah of She Holds Dearly and combine multiple timepieces with different styles for a fun display. Hang them alongside a door (perhaps a barn door) and, for added visual interest, consider painting the wall black for an amazing backdrop.


7. Style a wreath.

Farmhouses are often filled with fresh florals and greenery plucked from the garden. And while fragrant eucalyptus in a vase is always a nice touch, consider hanging a wreath instead. You can change it out with the seasons to keep it interesting and hang it on your front door to cheerfully greet guests.


8. Install a textile wall hanging.

Image Credit: Carrie Waller
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Another great way to add pattern, color, and texture to a farmhouse-style space is with a textile wall hanging. It's also a way to add a soft touch that leans a little bohemian to a bedroom, living room, or dining room.


9. Find a new purpose for an old door frame.

Farmhouse style really lends itself to reusing and upcycling materials. Case in point: This distressed wood door frame reimagined by Jess of White Picket Farmhouse as a way to frame art. We love how it turns an otherwise boring, small area of wall space into an eye-catching feature, something that looks perfect in a rustic farmhouse living room.


10. Hang a white stained wood sign.

A wooden sign is basically required if you want to perfect your farmhouse wall decor. Rachel Joy of Joyful Derivatives went with a quote showcased on white stained wood for this dining room. But if you'd prefer a more customized approach to farmhouse wall art, consider chalkboard.

11. Hang several pieces of art for a collage effect.

Farmhouse home decor always looks better if it has some patina, such as antique artwork sporting frames with a distressed finish. Grouping several pieces together on any wall in your home, from the dining room to the bathroom (as seen in this setup by Chris Loves Julia), will look even grander and more eye-catching. And to take the idea a step further, an off-white wall color will lend warmth and a bygone feel to your thoughtful wall collage.

If you want to keep your farmhouse aesthetic looking modern and streamlined, opt for a monochromatic gallery wall, like the one in this Bria Hammel Interiors design. Black frames and simple drawings look chic and even more stylish when lit up by a sconce (or three). If black frames aren't your thing, go with wood frames instead for a look that will be just as cohesive.

13. Showcase word art.

To take a bit of a departure from popular farmhouse wall signs, consider hanging a simple black quote on the wall instead, preferably in cursive for added charm, à la this entryway by Clark + Aldine. Although a laser-cut quote will always look lovely on a white wall, from the mudroom to the bedroom, you could also lean it on a wall shelf and pair it with a few flower-filled mason jars for a delightful farmhouse effect.

14. Incorporate black and white photos.

Perhaps you gravitate toward decor ideas that feel authentic and full of heart. In that case, we'll direct you to black-and-white framed photos to deck out your walls. Not only will they add a dreamy dose of contrast to your space, but they will also complement any neutral palette. This bathroom crafted by Cathy of A Hosting Home is picture-perfect proof.

15. Layer flea market finds.

Do you have a bunch of antique wall art sitting in storage boxes in your basement? Bring them out into the light, and hang them along your staircase or on the wall in your bedroom. Layer them on top of one another, as seen in this gallery wall by Liz Marie, to create an artful display that tells a beautiful story.


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