15 Farmhouse Entryway Ideas That Are Bursting With Charm

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More often than not, larger areas of the home get the lion's share of attention, but it's important to show smaller spaces, like the entryway, some love too. After all, first impressions matter. Even if you have a petite or almost nonexistent foyer, you can still design it in a way that will suit your needs and embody your aesthetic, whether that be modern, minimalist, or farmhouse.


Known for having undeniable charm, farmhouse style is all about warm, cozy, and relaxing vibes, and what better way is there to welcome guests into your home? The country-inspired look effortlessly prioritizes both form and function, so forget about busy patterns and chintz galore — it's all about muted color palettes paired with organic textures. Think well-loved wood; antique metal finishes; natural stone; lush foliage or fresh flowers; and earthy neutrals, such as brown, taupe, tan, beige, and green.

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Sound like your cup of tea? Scroll on for 15 farmhouse entryway design ideas that make the space more than just a nice place to store your Wellington boots.

15 Farmhouse Entryway Decor Ideas

1. Make the front door count.

If there's one thing that should take center stage when it comes to an entryway makeover, it's the front door. The team at Chango & Co. clearly received the memo and opted to go with this simple barn-inspired design with X-brace detailing for the foyer. The door, walls, and trim are all painted in a crisp shade of white while the decor is kept to a minimum, resulting in a clean and pared-back space to welcome guests.


2. Invest in a console table.

The key to nailing the modern farmhouse look is to combine new furniture and accessories with vintage finds. Look for weathered woods with natural knots and pieces that look well loved but not too worn. This entryway by House Seven Design hits the nail right on the head with its clean white board and batten walls, wood console table, and tonal accents. The chevron-patterned wood flooring doesn't hurt either.



What's not to love about a farmhouse entryway with a gallery wall? It adds loads of visual interest and dimension, but more importantly, it weaves in a personal touch. Fill the frames with treasured photos like Toria Erskine did or display your favorite art prints instead. Whenever you're ready for a change, just rotate them out and replace them with something new. The unique bench-meets-entryway-table filled with plants completes the scene.


4. Go big with a mirror.

If you really want to open up your entryway, consider hanging a mirror on the wall. And if you're lucky enough to have high ceilings in your home like Natashia and Shauna from Public 311 Design, you can showcase an oversize design. In this setup, the large, round mirror fills out the wall space and complements the warm wood and metallic finishes.


5. Don't forget the coat hooks.

This petite farmhouse entryway idea by Mindfully Gray has been designed with storage space in mind. Due to the lack of available floor space, there isn't room for a bench to stash small essentials. However, there is ample room on the walls; a row of coat hooks provides a place to hang jackets, scarves, bags, and even storage baskets. The subtle gray wallpaper pattern and navy blue paint add decorative flair.



6. Add a message board.

If coat hooks aren't enough for you, you could always create a mudroom vibe in your entryway instead. This farmhouse decor idea by Clark + Aldine is basically organizational heaven, featuring storage baskets, wire bins, wall hooks, room for a couple of dog beds, and even a functional area with a calendar and message board to keep the entire family up to date.


7. Incorporate vintage treasures.

Create an impactful farmhouse entryway by mixing modern and vintage pieces of decor. In this foyer by Landed Interiors, an antique grandfather clock makes quite the impression and brings a sense of history and character to the cozy space.


8. Hang an oversize work of art.

Wall decor is a quick and easy way to weave color, texture, and a bit of personality into entryway design. Follow the lead of Heather Bullard and go for a piece that will add contrast and act as a focal point. In this setup, a black abstract work of art in a brass frame balances rustic pieces of decor, such as the wood console table and woven wicker basket. The shiplap wall paneling is a classic farmhouse touch.



9. Consider a dark wall color.

According to experts, bold and sometimes dark paint colors are one of 2023's biggest design trends, so amp up the drama in your entryway by painting the walls in a moody hue. We love the hunter green shade that Becky Shea chose for this country-inspired setup. The dark hue definitely grabs your attention as soon as you walk in the door and pairs beautifully with the rich wood finish spotted throughout.

10. Embrace distressed finishes.

If you love farmhouse style, you're probably already a fan of distressed finishes. But on the off chance that you're a little hesitant, just check out how beautiful this weathered cabinet looks perched in an entryway by Amber Lewis. And bonus: You don't have to run out to buy another piece of farmhouse furniture in order to get the look. You can actually give an existing piece a vintage appearance with the help of this DIY project.

11. Welcome guests with a runner.

Traditionally, country-inspired spaces are chock full of materials such as rustic wood, tumbled stone, and blackened steel. With so many hard finishes, it's important to integrate soft, cozy textures to create a balanced farmhouse design. Since there aren't many opportunities to add textiles in an entryway, a stylish area rug or runner is pretty much a no-brainer, not to mention that it's also a great way to define your entry while simultaneously adding color, texture, and maybe even a little pattern, as demonstrated in this elegant setup by Kate Marker Interiors.


12. Include a rustic bench.

If your foyer has a bit of space to fill or if perhaps you would prefer that family and friends remove their shoes upon entering your home, some form of seating is a must-have. Not only will it add a decorative touch but it will also make it easier for people to take off their shoes without falling over. Follow the lead of Sandra from Old Silver Shed and opt for a vintage wooden bench to dress up your space. Peruse your local flea markets, thrift shops, or online marketplaces until you find the perfect farmhouse decor piece.

13. Make room for a few woven baskets.

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to stash reusable tote bags, dog-walking essentials, or any other items, woven baskets are the way to go. Not only are they great for corralling odds and ends but they also add loads of warmth and texture. And a bonus is that they come in lots of sizes, most of which can tuck neatly below a console table as showcased in this setup by Studio McGee.

14. Fill out a spacious foyer with an entryway table.

Want to make a unique first impression on your guests? Take a page out of Emily Henderson's design playbook and incorporate a round farmhouse table in your entryway. It's the perfect way to showcase a picture-perfect vignette of books, lush greenery, and perhaps your favorite candle.

15. Be thoughtful about the lighting.

If you really want to take your farmhouse entryway to the next level, swap the builder-grade light fixtures for something a bit more inspired. For example, the team over at Park & Oak lined this narrow setup with mercury glass lanterns. The unique pendants — plus a few carefully selected pieces of home decor — are all it takes to complete the minimal scene.



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