8 Entryway Mirror Tips to Boost Your Home's First Impression

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Entryway mirrors are a powerful design tool that isn't utilized nearly enough. From adding storage to opening up spaces to doubling as art, the right pick will do so much more than provide a convenient place to check your outfit pre-departure. It's time to brighten up our entryways, make our spaces feel more balanced, and implement this first impression decor piece effectively. Keep scrolling for eight surprising ways to use the oh-so versatile entryway mirror to your advantage.


1. Ditch the frame.

Not all mirrors need a frame. While the frame is meant to add dimension and depth to a room, this infinity mirror almost feels like it's part of the entryway wall and is successful in making the room feel even more spacious. A frameless mirror is great for minimalists and also allows the rest of the pieces in your room to do the talking.

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Our pick:West Elm Ridge Wall Mirror, $130

2. Pick a piece that doubles as art.

Whether it boasts a colorful border or interesting shape, selecting a unique mirror lets it serve as a functional piece of art. Pick anything from vibrant and eye-catching to subtle and stylish — it's the perfect opportunity to get creative.


Our pick:The Citizenry Mapocho Mirror, $350-$595

3. Create a mirror collage.

Go for more: An eclectic cluster of mirrors in a foyer creates the illusion of a large, reflective surface. Think of it as a gallery wall, but comprised entirely of mirrors.


Our pick:Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Woven Wall Mirror, $24 each

4. Use a leaning mirror for a more grandiose effect.

If you have enough room, there is something artfully undone and unexpected about a nearly floor-to-ceiling mirror leaning against the wall. Take note: This generally works best with oversized mirrors. (Anything smaller and the idea tends to feel like an afterthought). Before setting up your new piece, make sure you know how to properly secure a leaning floor mirror.



Our pick:Modloft Greene Mirror, $695

5. Use the entryway mirror as your wardrobe mirror.

This suggestion works well for small spaces without the depth or space for a wardrobe or stand-alone mirror. Invite your guests in with this full-sized mirror and use it as your own personal vanity to check yourself out each time you step outside.


Our pick:Trent Austin Design Cazares Tall Wall Mirror, $159.99

6. Pair your entryway mirror with storage.

Tiny apartment dwellers, rejoice: Mirrors can effectively double as shelving units. You can house practical items beneath the mirror, like keys or wallets, or use it as another option to display various decor items.


Our pick:Red Barrel Studio Jermaul Accent Mirror With Shelves, $249.99

7. Turn a wardrobe mirror horizontal.

Here's an affordable and simple hack: Buy a narrow wardrobe mirror, turn it horizontal, and place it at eye level. For added effect, stack three horizontal mirrors. This also does a fantastic job of elongating any room.



Our Pick:Latitude Run Metal Framed Full Length Mirror, $159.99

8. Add a paneled mirror to open up a space.

A paneled mirror is a popular option for people wanting to create the illusion of more space. The style mimics the form of a window, making a hallway appear brighter and more spacious. Pottery Barn offers stellar windowpane-style mirrors, but if you're looking for a bargain, try scouring your local flea market for a used find.

Our pick:Pottery Barn Markle Antique Glass Panel Mirror, $399-$699



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