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If you have carefully chosen the decor for your home, you can think of the entryway as an introduction to your personal style and tastes. As soon as guests walk through the door, they are welcomed by thoughtful design touches, smart and organized storage solutions, and furniture and accessories that set the tone for the rest of your digs.

It's also the first place you see when you come home at the end of a long day. Seeing some personal accents and having a proper place for your coat and keys might offer a bit of bonus serenity that invites you to unwind as soon as you arrive.


From lovely layouts to eye-catching decor, here's an intro guide to entryway ideas that will complete your home.

Entryway Design Ideas

The floor plan of your home will dictate the size and layout of your entryway. There are seemingly endless versions, including ones that open into grand hallways, spacious areas that are extensions of open floor plans, nooks next to staircases, and narrow foyers.

Whatever type of entryway you have, you can work with it and create a picture-perfect design. For spacious setups equipped with hallways that lead into the rest of your home, you can be generous with the layout. Consider a chair or two, a console table, and vibrant patterns or a statement wall that might otherwise overwhelm a small entry.

For copious entryways, ponder eye-catching wallpaper or even an entire wall of wood planking that reinforces a linear look seen throughout the rest of your home. For small entryway designs (or even if your home doesn't have a true entryway), there are plenty of tricks you can pull from your sleeve. Instead of a console or piece of furniture, consider floating shelves. Make both sides functional with convenient wall hooks or downsized furnishings.

Entryway Storage and Organization Ideas

Here's something that's guaranteed to cause instant stress: piles of stuff laying in your entryway. We know you're tired at the end of the day, but a wayward coat here and lost keys hiding under a scarf there will have you frustrated in no time.

Fine-tuned entryway ideas all have one thing in common: effective storage solutions, like this warm wood setup, so you can take your organization game up a notch. The result is a cool and clean area outfitted with wall hooks and built-in storage that even allows room for seating.

The good news is that these storage solvers don't have to break the bank. In fact, you can provide storage for your entryway and stick to a budget by bringing in a reasonably-priced entryway table that offers a surface for setting things down and also has drawers and places to put baskets. You can also turn to a couple of DIY options, like an A-frame shelf or an organizer complete with hooks, a shelf, and a mirror.


To go the traditional route, you can always place a hall tree, also known as an old-school station meant for coats and other items, in your entryway. Otherwise, we are totally on board with under-the-radar storage options for an entryway, ranging from beverage carts to bags hung on the wall to blanket ladders.

Entryway Furniture and Decor Ideas

Once you've come up with a layout and brainstormed storage options that will work for your entryway idea, it's time to take a look at furniture and decor.

As for furniture, you can feel free to get creative in an entry. Console tables and benches are always a home run, but you can also consider cabinets, armoires, or even a small table if you have the space. We love the simplicity of this woven accent bench sitting under wood and leather wall hooks. Throw in a potted plant and your fave throw pillow to complete the idea.

Entryway ideas aren't complete if you aren't setting the scene with decor. We are firm believers that you literally can't go wrong with a mirror, preferably one that's round. It'll give you a chance to take one last look at yourself before you head out of the door, and it just looks cool and visually-pleasing. An entryway should echo the aesthetic in the rest of your home. For instance, if you're drawn to bohemian spaces, you can dress up your entryway with woven baskets, vintage furniture, and art prints that depict nature scenes.

Of course, the finishing touch for any entryway is a few houseplants, at least in our book. Plants are always welcoming, and they'll add a bit of life in addition to verdant pops of green to your space. And if your entryway doesn't get a lot of light, ferns and philodendrons are ideal choices.

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