15 Entryway Bench Ideas That Will Welcome You Home in Style

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Every home deserves an inviting welcome when you first walk in. If you've been mulling over some entryway bench ideas and you're not sure which direction to go in, allow us to provide some clarity. Everyone has different priorities for their entryway — for some, the most important thing is to simply have a comfortable place to sit down to take off their shoes at the end of the day. For others, it's all about having a place to store scarves, gloves, a dog leash, tote bags, and all of the other miscellaneous household things that always seem like they don't have their own home.


Below, find eight entryway bench ideas that will inspire you to decorate one of your home's most underrated areas, giving you the chance to show off your design personality from the moment guests walk in.

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1. Keep it multi-functional.

For indecisive homeowners (or renters!), here is a bench that gives you the best of both worlds, without taking up too much space. This bench has a beautiful contrast between the deep espresso wood of the base and the light gray cushion topper that will draw the eye up, plus room for storage or decor — whichever strikes your fancy.

Get the look:Ravenna Home Entryway Bench, $218

2. Don't stop at just a bench.

Give your entryway some versatility with this bench that can store shoes in the shelving underneath and coats and bags above. The sleek design ensures this useful piece is also a part of your entryway's look, never forfeiting style in favor of practicality. Choose between Dark Walnut and White Lacquer.


Get the look:West Elm Nolan Entryway Bench & Wall Shelf Set, $799

3. Make a statement with a pop of color.

If you prefer luxury over practicality, this bench is one worth swooning over. Available to customize in fabrics like velvet and performance wool, this Italian-inspired design is one that will be a conversation starter from the moment you walk through the door.



Get the look:Anthropologie Edlyn Bench, $598

4. Maximize your wall space.

Remember the good ol' hall tree? We've been seeing these everywhere — and for good reason. Rather than coming home and tossing your coat and bag onto a chair, this genius bench-closet-combo gives everything a proper place. The Nolan Entryway Hall Tree from West Elm is sold as a single bench-closet combo, but it can be paired with others to create a larger (and still cohesive) storage space depending on your home size and storage needs.


Get the look:West Elm Nolan Entryway Hall Tree, $799

5. Extra shoe storage is always a good idea.

If your front door usually looks like a shoe-filled war zone, a bench with built-ins will be a godsend. Each cubby can hold at least one pair of shoes, and by adding wicker baskets, you can create an illusion of organized chaos. (Pro tip: Just don't let anyone look ​in​ the baskets.)


Get the look:Lorraine Cubby Storage Bench, $137.99


6. Consider the trunk.

So it's not exactly a bench, per se, but the idea's there. A sturdy storage bench can be dolled up with a delicate throw and colorful pillows, while the inside provides the perfect hiding place for all of your rain gear, board games, or kids' soccer equipment. Just throw down the lid and no one will be the wiser.


Get the look:HOOBRO Blanket Chest, $87.99

7. Keep it small.

If you have a tiny space but are still looking for a little something to warm your entryway, this angled bench is an excellent option. It has an extra shelf for added storage and provides a touch of midcentury modern glam.


Get the look:K&B Furniture Madison Entryway Bench, $103

8. Make it a show-stopper.

Yes, an entryway is usually just a tiny piece of your home — but who says it can't be treated as an entire room? Jazz up the decor, coordinate statement walls with rugs and pillows, and make that bench the most coveted spot in the place. At the very least, it'll bring you serious joy every time you get home from a long day.



Get the look:Serena & Lily Shore Bench, $798

9. Get midcentury-inspired.

West Elm ensures that you never have to compromise your style for your home needs. Designed in the midcentury modern style, this bench includes a place to sit and two storage drawers. The straight lines and dark stain provide a sleek, classic look, immediately conveying your style the moment guests walk through the door.


Get the look:West Elm Mid-Century Storage Bench, $649

10. Stay simple.

For a smaller space, consider keeping it simple. If your apartment backs right into your living room, grab something that won't distract from the space you've curated, but will instead complement it. This stylish but incredibly simple bench from Article offers storage, a tufted top for comfortable seating, and a nice but unobtrusive dark stain and muted cushion.

Get the look:Article Culla Walnut Bench, $799

11. Compartmentalize.

Declutter your entryway with this three-sectioned bench. Each compartment comes with a wicker basket that, while stylish, holds everything from shoes to winter gloves to junk mail you aren't ready to sort through. While many of the above benches have offered storage, we love the convenience of the wicker basket, which hides our mess while providing ample space to stack and store.


Get the look​: Safavieh Lonan White Storage Bench, $203.99

12. Never underestimate the power of secret storage.

Ask any woman who has ever celebrated learning her dress has pockets: There's no such thing as bad surprise storage. This bench from Wayfair follows that same premise. When the bench seat is lowered, this is a stylish but not atypical entryway bench. But, once the top is lifted, you'll find that extra storage space that makes this piece unique, perfect for dog leashes, winter scarfs, or packable umbrellas.

Get the look:Loon Peak Entryway Detachable Cushion Bench, $159.99

13. Think long-term.

If you're looking for a piece that will become a part of your home, you'll want to consider the durability and quality of your entryway bench. Made of sturdy, live-edge acacia wood and iron, this bench from Crate & Barrel is meant to last more than just one season. And with a simple, natural look, it'll also outlast the trend cycles.

Get the look:Crate&Barrel Yukon Natural Entryway Bench, $799

14. Opt for something contemporary.

If Instagram-scrolling is where you get your home-design inspiration, we found the perfect on-trend bench. Finished with a statement yellow, this entryway bench comes with two built-in shelves and a simple design. It's clean without being cold, and the bright color complements a maximalist style.

Get the look:Urban Outfitters Roma Entryway Storage, $299

15. Take a cue from beach living.

If your home is what you consider your sacred space, where the workday ends and self-care begins, take inspiration from the tranquil, beach-inspired design. Lean into soft colors and surfaces, where the purpose is more about creating a space to decompress (while you take off your shoes) and less about storing all un-homed belongings. This cane bench utilizes natural materials and neutral tones to create a calming space that, because of the polyfoam cushion, also happens to be incredibly comfortable.

Get the look:Crate & Barrel Grier Cane Bench, $999