8 Entryway Bench Ideas That Will Welcome You Home in Style

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.


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Every home deserves an inviting welcome when you first walk in. If you've been mulling over some entryway bench ideas and are not sure which direction to go in, allow us to provide some clarity. Everyone has different priorities for their entryway — for some, the most important thing is to simply have a comfortable place to sit down to take off their shoes at the end of the day. For others, it's all about having a place to store scarves, gloves, a dog leash, tote bags, and all of the other miscellaneous household things that always seem like they don't have their own home.

Below, find eight entryway bench ideas that will reinspire you to tackle decorating one of your home's most underrated areas and show off your design personality from the moment guests walk in.

1. Keep it Multi-Functional

For indecisive homeowners (or renters!), here is a bench that gives you the best of both worlds, without taking up too much space. This bench has a beautiful contrast between the deep espresso wood of the base and the light gray cushion topper that will draw the eye up, plus room for storage or decor — whichever strikes your fancy.

Get the look: Ravenna Home Reader Bench, $159

2. Hide Your Clutter When You Need To

Give your entryway some versatility with this bench that can hide clutter wherever you place it. There's only one cabinet door that slides across the whole unit, so you can keep one side perfectly curated, while the other hides your perfectly strewn about shoes/hats/gloves.


Get the look: West Elm Kaira Storage Bench, $399

3. Make a Statement With a Pop of Color

If you prefer luxury over practicality, this bench is one worth swooning over. Available to customize in fabrics like velvet and performance wool, this Italian-inspired design is one that will be a conversation starter from the moment you walk through the door.

Get the look: Anthropologie Edlyn Bench, $598

4. Maximize Your Wall Space

Remember the good ol' hall tree? We've been seeing these everywhere — and for good reason. Rather than coming home and tossing your coat and bag onto a chair, this genius bench-closet-combo gives everything a proper place. Plus, a mirror for quick touch-ups on the way out is always a plus.

Get the look: West Elm Ezra Entryway Hall Tree, $799

5. Extra Shoe Storage Is Always a Good Idea

If your front door usually looks like a shoe-filled war zone, a bench with built-ins will be a godsend. Each cubby can hold at least one pair of shoes, and by adding wicker baskets, you can create an illusion of organized chaos. (Pro tip: Just don't let anyone look in the baskets.)


Get the look: Loon Peak Maryjane Storage Bench, $174.99

6. Consider the Trunk

So not exactly a bench, per se, but the idea's there. A sturdy storage bench can be dolled up with a delicate throw and colorful pillows, while the inside provides the perfect hiding place for all of your rain gear, board games, or kids' soccer equipment. Just throw down the lid and no one will be the wiser.

Get the look: Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Glenns Storage Trunk, $303.41

7. Keep it Simple

If you have a tiny space but are still looking for a little something to warm your entryway, this angled bench is an excellent option. It has an extra shelf for added storage, provides a touch of midcentury modern glam, and it's under $100.

Get the look: K&B Furniture Madison Entryway Bench, $86

8. Make It a Show-Stopper

Yes, an entryway is usually just a tiny piece of your home — but who says it can't be treated like an entire room? Jazz up the decor, coordinate statement walls with rugs and pillows, and make that bench the most coveted spot in the place. At the very least, it'll bring you serious joy every time you get home from a long day.

Get the look: Serena & Lily Shore Bench, $898


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