15 Ways to Paint Your Staircase

tile stairs
credit: Erin Kunkel

This article was originally published on Lonny.

One of the best ways to create some style in your home is to do something unexpected. One of those subtle, yet totally incredible tricks? Painting your staircase. Whether you are creating a cool contrast with a railing, going totally rainbow, or adding in hand-painted tiles, your home will totally make a cool statement.

Want to get inspired by some pretty stairways? We rounded up 15 incredible spaces that will convince you to grab a paint can. Click ahead to get elevated.

1. Rad Railing

stair railing
credit: Nicole Hollis

A stark black railing adds lovely definition to this modern space.

2. Directional Design

painted staircase
credit: Homepolish

Lavender triangles add a nice pop of color and also add some direction as you are descending the stairway.

3. Tile It

tile stairs
credit: Erin Kunkel

Hand-painted tiles are always an incredible option for an outdoor staircase.

4. Take It In

printed stairs
credit: Erin Kunkel

But they make even more of a statement indoors!

5. Tangerine Dream

orange stairs
credit: Dezeen

Don't be afraid to fill your stairwell with a wash of color. It's going to totally transform your space for the better.

6. Go Gray

Want to keep things neutral? A gray staircase is a nice way to mix up an all-white space.

7. Retro Pop

pastel stairs
credit: @zilverblauw

The infamous stairwell at Opening Ceremony in Tokyo is such an inspiring design for anyone who wants to fill their home with a Memphis-style aesthetic.

8. Treasured Trim

green trimmed stairs
credit: Albert Font

A touch of green on the trim of this stairwell is a simply chic way to incorporate in color.

9. Faux Runner

Details painted down this beautiful minimalist stairway almost make it look like there is a carpet running down.

10. Pretty Pastels

Don't be scared to paint your bricks in a wash of bold color. All your friends will be 'gramming them at every visit.

11. Shades Of Blue

Want to do a rainbow staircase that stays on palette? Find a mix of complimentary shades that will keep each step cohesive.

12. Frame It

Painting the side of your staircase a bold color will create a seriously cool contrast to frame your wall beneath.

13. Graphic Alternative

Don't want to deal with a paint can? Wallpaper is a great alternative to add a pop to your steps.

14. Go Green

We love how this light sage color brings life to this space.

15. Have Fun

Don't forget to have fun! Your home is a space to express your personality, whatever the shade.