11 Minimalist Entryway Designs That Welcome Guests in Style

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It can be a struggle to keep your entire home in order, but a good place to start is with your entryway. Life can be crazed enough as it is, and having a minimalist entryway can offer a welcomed visual respite from the chaos of your day. Besides a few visitors, no one else sees that space more than you, right? It provides that perfect greeting, even if the rest of your living space is busy.


Think of it like the beginning of a new relationship — it's nice to let people ease into your home. There's no need to overwhelm anyone in that first minute or two. These minimalist entryway design ideas offer simple and easy ways to get creative with that first impression, whether you're looking to strip back or layer something new into your existing setup. (We're talking to you, maximalists.)

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The Best Minimalist Entryway Decor Ideas

1. Nothing says minimalist like neutral tones.

The simplicity of this entryway is not just about having a few elements, but also the color choices. Especially if you have little to no natural light, this minimalist design offers a tranquil greeting to all.


Get the look:West Elm Half Circle Dimensional Wall Art by Roar & Rabbit, $319

2. But limited pops of color can still impress.

Minimalist entryway designs can still have a vibrant feel with strategic choices. In this case, we adore how Brittni from Paper & Stitch let color tell the story with a minty green door, black walls, a vintage area rug, and a verdant potted plant.


Get the look:Behr Misty Moss and Behr Carbon

3. Make your entryway memorable with textured wall decor.

The soft hanging items in this minimalist entryway design create a surprisingly peaceful composition. The lesson here is to really think about how shape, variety, and texture can create a very memorable first impression.



Get the look:Meso Handwoven Dimensional Wall Art, $359

4. Group items and isolate others without overwhelming your entryway.

If you have a collection of items you'd like to display, but still want your entryway to feel uncluttered, stick with a neutral color palette. Additionally, group together visually pleasing sets — playing with heights, shapes, and the types of items — while singling out other items. This minimalist entryway design shows you how, even with a large mix of items.


Get the look:Serena & Lily Solid La Jolla Basket, $98 and Large Blue Geometric Planter, $54.07

5. You can't go wrong with a large circular mirror and simple wood cabinet.

You'll see this entryway combo everywhere because this minimalist design is so chic yet so easy to achieve and customize based on your budget and existing wares. The nice twist seen here is the floating cabinet, which results in a very clean look.


Get the look:Room & Board Focus Round Wall Mirror, $169

6. Place items on your floor creatively.

Who says you have to hang all of your artwork ? Not ‌Sex and the City‌ production designer Jeremy Conway, who inspired the practice of layering artwork versus hanging it in Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. For a minimalist entryway design, follow his lead and consider keeping a few canvases or framed prints in the same color palette (or avoiding color altogether), and set off with a monochrome mat showcasing some design or texture.



Get the look:Black-and-white photography on Saatchi Art, $125–$200 and Heymat Sand Mat, 87x130 cm, $202.22

7. Get sophisticated with dark paint and furnishings.

Not everyone wants a bright, cheery welcome. If you want to create a different mood with your minimalist entryway design, a warm color goes a long way, especially if you pair your walls with a dark piece of furniture, like North Carolina interior designer Annie Fair did with blue paint and a wood sideboard.


Get the look:Farrow & Hall Hague Blue and Dowden Dark Charcoal Buffet, $499

8. A mirror is a staple in entryways, so make yours unique.

Yes, large circular mirrors have endless appeal, but for a little more edge, go with an alternate shape, or maybe a series of them. This overlapping diamond design is a stunning piece on its own, so you can go very simple with a cabinet or bench below. For your minimalist entryway design, you can also group a set of mirrors of different shapes together for added interest.


Get the look:West Elm Overlapping Diamonds Mirror, $489


9. Pair wood paneling with wall plants for a breathtaking entryway.

A minimalist entryway design with repeating elements is a win in our book. And you can't get better than these hanging plants and pine wood–striped wall treatment in the Huntington Beach home of Eclectic Goods owners Denise and Andrew Palma. According to Denise, "they wanted something to tie the indoors and outdoors [together]." We wouldn't mind having this, too.

Get the look:Artvoom Narrow Wall Slats, from $71.09

10. Consider clear furnishings for minimalist style points.

In this NYC home, Megababe Founder Katie Sturino opted for a clear console table in her entryway to allow the subtle wallpaper pattern and bold decorative accents, like a black-framed mirror and verdant greenery, to stand out.

Get the look:CB2 Peekaboo Acrylic Console Table, $399

11. Let your front door make a statement.

Talk about a minimalist entryway design. Whether you like midcentury modern or contemporary, a windowed door allows natural and artificial light (think exterior lighting) to cast changing reflections onto the floor and walls of your entryway throughout the day.

Get the look:4-Lite Mahogany Continental Double Door, $2,400



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