10 Hallway Console Tables to Spruce Up Any Space

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The hallway console table is an often overlooked but essential part of your furniture ensemble. When guests enter, a console table is the first thing they'll see upon arriving in your entryway. A solid table can also double as a TV stand or end table. It can even lend itself as a dining room buffet or bar cart stand-in. And, let's be real, you know wherever you place a console table, it'll be used to hold keys, jewelry, mail, and any other tchotchkes you accumulate throughout the day.


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Ensuring your console table can house your prized decorations and spruce up your space is key. Here are 10 of our favorites.

1. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Wood & Cane Console Table with Pull-Down Drawers, $199.99

Give your entryway some midcentury modern vibes with this fun console table. Display your favorite plants and house your more private items in the built-in drawers. It's also pretty sturdy, meaning it can double as a TV stand or hold your unique eco-chic lamp. Your console table is about to become your most versatile piece.


2. Anthropologie Ingram Console Table, $598

This modern console table is slim enough to fit in a small entryway and visually interesting enough to debut in a formal living room. With sleek, metallic legs and a geometric top, you can use this piece for both its fashion and function. Plus, since it's a drawer console table, you can easily store extra keys, credit cards, and personal documents.


3. Safavieh Albus Chocolate Brown 3-Drawer Console Table, $181.62

This midcentury modern wood console table is meant to complement both your boho entryway or rustic dining room. Having a drawer console table makes for easier storage, especially in rooms where extra space is of the essence. Put your nice utensils, kitchen gadgets, and formal dishes in these drawers, then wow your dinner guests when the time comes.


4. Anthropologie Shona Console Table, $698

This modern console table gives off a slightly rustic vibe, making it perfect for both contemporary and traditional spaces. The solid wood allows it to seamlessly fit a multitude of aesthetics, while the black stripe gives it a bit of an edge over most normal tables. One of our favorite uses for this console table is placing it in the living room as a sofa table. This way, you have a little extra space for framed photos of your family members.


5.Urban Outfitters Roma Storage Console, $499

Hello, funky! If the basic console table is making you yawn, this will make your entryway do a little happy dance. A fun use for this piece is to put it in the living room and then use the base as a modern bookshelf. It's a great solution for more compact spaces or an ultra-contemporary aesthetic.


6. Anthropologie Lacquered Glinda Console Table, $898

If you describe your house as sleek, you need to add this console table to your repertoire of furniture. The funky legs make this an accent table, while the neutral black color allows it to match a variety of home aesthetics. If your entryway is too tight to fit another piece of furniture, this statement piece also makes for a great end table or sofa table.


7. Sonoma Goods for Life Cameron Console Table 4-Piece Set, $155.99

A wood console table has a way of making a house feel homey as soon as someone enters it. If you're looking to create a more rustic space, this console table will help you craft that more traditional, eco-friendly aesthetic. With straw baskets for added storage and a convenient bottom shelf, you'll be using this console table for various uses.


8. Room Essentials Console Table, $45

Ready to embrace simple? For anyone who needs extra storage but is lukewarm to the idea of having another piece of furniture cluttering things up, this neutral console table can fit in tight spaces, blend in with any home aesthetic, and house any extraneous items. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

9. Anthropologie Maya Open Shelf Console, $1,498

If you have a lot of decor to display, then this is the piece for you. Display items from your travels or pieces of art with this multifunctional piece. It can fit into a rustic home aesthetic or elevate a modern style. (It could even double as a stunning coffee table for your living room.)

10. Aiden Lane Dillard Narrow Console Table, $117.99

For a barely-there look, this console table will add a little "spark" to your entryway without drawing tons of attention. The slim legs and ultra-slim table portion make this the ideal piece for small spaces. It's sturdy enough to hold some beautiful fresh flowers, a fun piece of artwork, and some of your favorite decorative books.