Hallway Lighting Ideas and Inspiration: Everything You Need to Know

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You cannot revamp a hallway without taking the lighting into consideration. In fact, a dark, dreary passageway is as unaesthetic as it is impractical. Trust us, you don't want to bump into the walls when you're walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night. So how do you make sure the sure hall lighting is functional and complementary to the rest of your home decor?

First, you pick a style that suits the interior design of your living space. Sure, you can mix and match, but something about a minimalist hall light fixture, for example, that flows with the minimal architecture of a Scandi dwelling just feels right.


After determining the style, consider your unique space. Do you rent and potentially need to stick to designs that are removable? Maybe hardwiring a chandelier is out in this case. Alternatively, are you a homeowner with high ceilings that need some drama to create a focal point? Or perhaps you have a narrow hallway that won't allow for floor lamps, so you have to be especially particular about square footage.

No matter your circumstances, you deserve the ambiance of a perfect lighting solution. And we're here to help you figure it out and give you a few shopping recs to boot.

Hall Lighting Design Styles

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There are pros and cons to every style of hallway lighting. And again, if you choose one that works with the theme of your entire home, there will be a distinct flow as you move from room to room.


In a small throughway, you can't go wrong with a minimalist fixture. The simplicity of it will keep things from feeling crowded. If extreme minimalism is your goal, try a semi-flush mount on the ceiling. It'll be nearly invisible while still providing adequate illumination.


If you prefer to embrace color and greenery throughout your home, we recommend choosing a standout, boho light. In fact, if macrame and fringe is your thing, this is the style you want. Let your maximalist tendencies shine here, and go for brass, capiz shell, or even a fun rattan shade.

Midcentury Modern

A bit more mature than the average bohemian fixture, a midcentury modern light can suit multiple styles. Halls with built-in wood storage could easily host an MCM Sputnik chandelier. But so could a passthrough with unadorned white walls.


Got shiplap for days throughout your home and hallway? Are slightly chippy paint and cozy, rustic accents some of your favorite things? Then a farmhouse-style light might be for you. Try a reclaimed wood chandelier or a fixture that showcases oil-rubbed bronze or inky black metal details.



Want something a little more sleek and refined? Try a modern light fixture. Think stainless steel and chrome finishes, clean lines, and crisp styling. That means no pendant lamp chords dangling freely. Even the switch plate should feel unobtrusive. Track lighting can help achieve this effect, and you'll notice the functionality immediately.

Hallway Wall Sconces

Sconces are the workhorses of hallway lights. They fit nearly everywhere. You can typically reach them without using a ladder (in case lightbulbs need to be replaced), and that's just not the case with chandeliers. Plus, these fixtures tend to be on the affordable side of the spectrum, and they accentuate wall decor and paintings. We especially appreciate sconces in long halls, whether you're talking entryways or the passthrough from a living room to a bedroom.

Hallway Pendants, Chandeliers, and Ceiling Lights

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Ceiling lights and chandeliers were made to grace grand hallways and foyers. They add elegance, and the amount of light they create is unmatched. It may be best to avoid these fixtures if you don't have vaulted halls or tall ceilings. But when space abounds, go with one that amps up the drama. Pro tip: Have a professional install a dimmer or diffuser on your light switch so it doesn't get ​too​ bright.

Hallway Table Lamps

If your hallway has room for a slim console table, entryway shelf, or sideboard, it's almost a given that a table lamp will enhance the space. Not only will an appropriately sized plug-in option help with outfit checks before you head out the door, but it can also be left on during the night when you need a subtle glow for runs to the powder room.


Renter-Friendly Hallway Lighting Ideas and DIYs

If you're a renter, and a major light upgrade is out of the question (because of budget concerns ​or​ landlord restrictions), there's hope. In fact, you can easily mount a sconce to the wall — just be wary of creating huge holes – and create a glow without worrying about hard-wiring at all. You can follow our step-by-step DIY here. But all you truly need are rechargeable lightbulbs or puck lights that are battery operated. Simply screw in the bulb (no electricity needed), or secure the puck light with velcro, and you're good to go.

Alternatively, go the plug-in route. An eye-catching floor lamp with a minimal footprint will work wonders. As can a pendant that's easily secured to the wall or ceiling with S-hooks. When it's time to move out, simply take down the accessory and patch any minor holes.

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