These Colorful Hallway Ideas Are Pure Inspo

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While you may have figured out paint colors for your living room, kitchen, and dining room, one important space still sits in the undecided column: your hallway(s). Perhaps you're trying to decide whether to go light, dark, bold, or muted, or if you should just settle for a lovely bright white.


Look at it this way: Your hallway is either an opportunity to make a big first impression, or a means to connect the flow of your home's decor. Either way, paint color is the perfect way to bring it all together or bust your sense of style wide open. The possibilities are endless, because when it comes to choosing hues, we could go on and on and on. You get it.

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And it's not just about the walls. Maybe you go bold with your trim, doors, or even paint your floors. What about a splash of color on your ceiling? Are you feeling it? Because we are. Well, let's do this thing. Here are some hallway paint color ideas that really inspired us.


1. Tone on Tone

Whether you have wainscoting or modern walls, you can play with different tones of the same color, resulting in a super chic effect. Include the crown molding, base boards, and door frames in your tonal treatment for one eye-popping area. This decor includes lamp shades in a similar color to elevate the effect. We like it a lot.


Get the Look: Little Greene Paint in Pique 299, Wormwood 300 and Edith's Eye 301

2. Pop of Pink

Can't decide on only one color in the hall? Try a bold color like pink on a wall at one end of your hallway. Add some art or even some shelves in a neutral color and you've got a design element that takes it to a whole other level. Plus, who doesn't love a pop of hot pink?


Get the Look: Farrow & Ball Paint in Rangwali No. 296 and Wimborne White No.239


3. Dark and Dramatic

A dark rich green and black combination turns this traditional hallway into something spectacular. The contrasting textures on the wall surface and the stairway catch the light, adding unexpected dimension to the space.


Get the Look: Farrow & Ball Paint in Schoolhouse White No.29, Bancha No.298 and Studio Green No.93

4. Warm and Earthy

Use contrasting earth tones together like grays and browns to break up your hallway space. It brings warmth, some serious drama, and a next level of sophistication as you walk on through.


Get the Look: Behr Paint in White OR-W, Colorful Leaves M190-7, and Anonymous 780F-5

5. Red, Yellow, Green

No, it's not a traffic signal, but definitely something that will stop you in your tracks. Face it, sometimes the least expected combinations work best. This traditional home used red, green, and yellow with black trim in a hallway we might have all expected to be white. It's warm, it's playful, and it's definitely wow.



Get the Look: Little Greene Paint in Scree 227, Trumpet 196, Mid Azure Green 96, and Cape Red 279

6. Something Blue

Sometimes it's not just about the walls. Keep your hallway bright white but try something you never thought you would like, such as blue floors and doors. In this case, pick out two different blues (or greens, pinks, or yellows) for a stylish look and get your rollers ready. Choose something surprising for your baseboards like black.


Get the Look: Little Greene Paint in Shallows 223, Air Force Blue 260, Smalt 255, and Jack Black 119

Where to Shop for Paint Color

Whatever you decide, your hallway is the perfect space to try something new with paint. So, grab some swatches, get a sample can or two, get your brushes out and go! Here are some places to explore some potential palettes:


Benjamin Moore

Little Greene

Dunn and Edwards




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