10 Blue Living Room Ideas That Make an Unforgettable Statement

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ICYMI the color blue is on-trend this year, making it a sought-after choice amongst interior design gurus and novices alike. It is commonly associated with trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and faith — what's not to love about that? Known for its calming abilities on the mind and body, it's a great addition in bedrooms or living rooms, so in honor of this versatile shade, we're sharing 10 blue living room ideas that'll make a dramatic statement in any abode.


1. Make it moody with blue-gray tones.

Kristine Hall of Restoring Lansdowne has used this blue-green hue to add dramatic ambience to her living room. The color is inspired by the naturally dramatic Scottish skies and sets the perfect backdrop for a luxe velvet sofa, plants, and artistic photographs.

Get the look: Inchyra Blue by Farrow & Ball

2. Go bold with your wallpaper selection.

There are plenty of opportunities to be playful in a blue living room, and by opting for a highly patterned wallpaper, you can make a feature out of the simplest space. Artist Alyse Rodriquez used this tropical print in her living room, pairing it with woven baskets, colorful throw pillows, and plenty of foliage.

Get the look: Justina Blakeney Aja in Teal

3. Paint the room from head to toe.

Go bold and paint everything from your walls to your baseboards to your window trim in the same hue. This living room by Bayley Ward has been doused in a decadent dark blue, paired with furniture to match. Bonus: Painting in the same color increases the verticality of your walls, making your ceiling height feel taller.


Get the look: Hidden Sapphire by Benjamin Moore

4. Pair dark blue with gold for a luxe look.

British blogger Jess Hurrell from Gold is a Neutral has lived up to her namesake with this glamorous blue living room idea. She paired the rich shade with a dramatic gold drip wallpaper from Jonathan Adler as well as gold fixtures and accessories to create a fabulous finish.

Get the Look: Basalt by Little Greene Paint

5. Pair a coastal blue with natural materials.

Blue commonly references the sky and the sea, so if you're trying to create a nautical setting, choose colors that are close to the real deal like blogger Kristin Lagerqvist did in her living room. Hang photographs and prints of landscapes and accessorize with warm natural materials such as leather, terra-cotta, and brass.

Get the Look: Boca Raton Blue by Benjamin Moore

6. Add pops of color for an eclectic look.

This living room belonging to Katie from Come Down to the Woods embraces all things quirky and mixes and matches colors and patterns throughout. The tropical wallpaper creates a striking backdrop for the shelves, while the brightly colored furniture makes a statement in its own right.


Get the look: Cosmic Bobalt by Behr and Palmeral Wallpaper in Midnight by House of Hackney

7. Create a vintage feel with a touch of black pigment

Blue paint colors that contain black pigment help bring about an aged look that's dripping with old-school glamour as demonstrated by this living room belonging to interior designer Melanie Lissack. The light blue shade highlights interesting architectural features, while vintage furniture and metallic finishes complement the overall look.

Get the look: Dix Blue by Farrow & Ball

8. Accessorize with blue accents.

We love the way Ariel from PMQ for Two used a brighter hue to bring about a feeling of happiness in her living room makeover. She successfully created a warm, comfortable, and eclectic space using a clever match of blue paint and fun patterned wallpaper. Colorful accents finish the overall look.

Get the look: Blueprint by Behr and Angelina Wallpaper by Hygge & West

9. Add layers of texture to bring a boho aesthetic.

Matte walls and warm neutrals complement the dark hardwood floors in Ruth from Norwegian Boheme's boho blue living room. By layering with textures, this setup looks oh-so-cozy and ready for an evening of hygge.


Get the look: Oslo by Jotun

10. Upcycle furniture to fit.

Paint your millwork and radiator cover the same color as the rest of your living room for a seamless, uninterrupted look. Erica Davies of The Edited did just that in her colorful digs, adding in accent colors and patterns with vintage furniture and accessories that she hunted down and gave new life.

Get the look: Juniper Ash by Little Greene Paint Company


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