20 Blue Living Room Ideas That Make an Unforgettable Statement

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ICYMI the color blue is on-trend this year, making it a sought-after choice amongst interior designers and novices alike. Not only is it commonly associated with trust, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence, but it's also linked to intelligence and faith — what's not to love about that? From navy to cobalt to sky blue, there are a wide variety of shades to choose from that will complement any decor style and look good in every room of the house. However, since the popular color is known for its calming abilities on the mind and body, the hue would work especially well in bedrooms and living rooms. So, in honor of this versatile shade, we're sharing 20 blue living room ideas guaranteed to make a dramatic statement in any abode.


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1. Go classic with a blue and white color scheme.

White and blue are a tried-and-true, can't-go-wrong color pairing that you'll undoubtedly love for years to come. We adore how the two hues automatically create a fresh vibe in any space. For example, this inviting living room created by Alexandra of M&P Design Group has a toned-down coastal aesthetic and an airy ambiance thanks to that beautiful muted shade of blue.


2. Embrace green undertones.

Kristine Hall of Restoring Lansdowne made beautiful use of a rich blue-green shade to amp up the drama in her living room. The color is inspired by the naturally dramatic Scottish skies and sets the perfect backdrop for a luxe navy blue velvet sofa, plants, and sentimental photographs.


3. Go bold with a tropical print.

There are plenty of playful blue living room ideas — case in point, this tropical space belonging to artist Alyse Rodriquez. By opting for this highly patterned wallpaper, she made a feature out of a relatively simple space. Not to mention the colorful print is also the perfect way to add different shades of blue to your scheme. Complete the eclectic look by pairing it with woven baskets, colorful throw pillows, and plenty of lush foliage.


4. Dare to denim.

Lacking blue inspo? Look to your favorite pair of jeans for the ultimate shade. We're loving this living room designed by Emily Henderson where the white shiplap-style ceiling juxtaposes exquisitely with a dreamy shade of muted blue — just like a classic white-tee-blue-jean combo, you can't go wrong.


5. Match the wall color to your sofa.

Interior design team 2LG Studio went with a tone-on-tone approach for the living area in this London townhouse. The light blue walls are an almost perfect match to the pale blue sofa, while the teal subway tile-clad wall in the dining room ties the two spaces together. The finished result is light, bright, and wonderfully cohesive.


6. Keep it dark and moody.

If you're feeling brave, darker color palettes can make any space feel like a little cocoon. For instance, the walls in this living room by Bayley Ward have been doused in a decadent shade of blue and paired with dark blue furniture to match. Imagine seeking refuge here on a chilly evening, getting cozy next to a crackling fire with a glass of wine in hand. Pure bliss.


7. Opt for sky blue.

Don't be scared to look to nature for the perfect pop of color. Sky blue is a versatile tone that works with a number of different color schemes, from similar pastels to earthy greens and browns. We love the latter, seen here in the home of Ashley Rose from Sugar & Cloth, where the outside has well and truly been brought indoors.


8. Warm it up with lustrous brass accents.

Jess Hurrell from Gold is a Neutral has lived up to her blog's namesake with this glamorous blue living room idea. She paired the rich shade of navy blue with a dramatic speckled gold wallpaper from Jonathan Adler as well as brass fixtures and accessories to create a fabulous finish.

9. Lean gray.

Looking for a grown-up version of baby blue? Well, your search has come to an end. Follow the lead of this modern living room by Arent & Pyke and opt for a muted shade with gray undertones. Punctuate the design idea with bold colors like the coral lounge chairs, black bookcases, and navy sofa.

10. Add pops of color for an eclectic look.

This royal blue living room belonging to Katie from Come Down to the Woods embraces all things quirky and mixes colors and patterns throughout. The tropical wallpaper creates a striking backdrop for the shelves that seemingly disappear, while the brightly colored furniture makes quite the statement in its own right.

11. Paint the walls and the ceiling.

Go bold in your home and paint everything from your walls to the baseboards to the window trim to, yes, even the ceiling, in the same hue. This transitional scheme from Chango & Co. is all the inspiration you need. Bonus: Painting most of the room in the same color also increases the verticality of your walls, making your ceiling feel taller.

12. Pair with pink.

Not sure about you, but this striking navy blue and pink scene is giving us life. The inky hue of the walls balances the cotton candy-colored loveseats brilliantly, while the emerald green coffee table is the cherry on top of this picture-perfect sundae.

Blue paint colors that contain black pigment help bring about an aged look that's dripping with old-school glamour as demonstrated by this living room

13. Invite a bold accent wall.

There's no rule that says you have to paint every wall in your living room. Take note of this vibrant setup by September Workshop, and stick to a bold accent wall instead. A turquoise abstract painting complements the dynamic color, while the surrounding pieces of furniture and decor add a warm and inviting note.

14. Dress it up with board and batten wall paneling.

In a smaller room with not much natural light, a darker shade of blue can often suck the life out and make the space feel a little crowded. To avoid this issue, consider limiting the dramatic color to half of the wall with board and batten wainscoting. Now, what would have been a claustrophobic living room is given a new lease on life thanks to a measured pop of color paired with neutral, white walls, furniture, and decor.

15. Contrast with orange.

Ariel from PMQ for Two used a brighter hue to bring about a feeling of happiness in her living room makeover. She successfully created a warm, comfortable, and eclectic space using a fun patterned wallpaper and an orange-hued sofa. Colorful accents finish the vibrant look.

16. Welcome boho flair with layers of texture.

Matte walls and warm neutrals complement the dark hardwood floors in Ruth from Norwegian Boheme's blue boho living room. By layering with different textures, this setup delivers the full hygge experience, complete with string lights and candles to boot.

17. Lighten the mood with yellow.

What's better than a living room design showcasing one on-trend color? A room flaunting two. And bonus: This floral wallpaper from Farrow & Ball makes combining both blue and yellow a cinch. The only thing left to do is accessorize with a pair of mustard yellow accent chairs and some of your fave pieces of furniture and decor.

18. Don't forget to paint the built-ins, too.

Paint your millwork and radiator cover the same color as the rest of your living room for a seamless, uninterrupted look. Erica Davies of The Edited did just that in her colorful digs by adding accent colors and patterns through vintage pieces of furniture and decor that she hunted down and gave new life.

19. Welcome painted wainscoting.

A grayish-blue breaks up this minimal Scandinavian-style living room, adding a cool touch to the overall scene. Complete the look with a gray couch, white floor lamp, and side table, along with woven baskets and a jute rug to soften the look.

20. Get artistic with color blocking.

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Color blocking is an ideal way to add interest to your space, and the painting technique works especially well if you live in a rental and don't want to paint too much. This living room idea features a bold blue stripe on the upper part of the wall, bringing attention to the art and sculptural floor lamp.