15 Colors That Go With Light Blue

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When you hear about blue room makeovers, you probably imagine bold shades of navy or royal blue. However, dramatic shades can oftentimes be intimidating to homeowners and renters, whereas lighter variations might feel more manageable. This is one of the many reasons why a light blue palette might be worth considering. The pale shade is a refreshing hue that invokes a sense of peace and tranquility — which is likely why it's used a lot in bedrooms, bathrooms, and nurseries. However, when paired with the right accent color, it can also bring elegance and sophistication to any space in the home.


"Light blue in the right [shade], like any other color, can be simple to work with. It does not have to be confined to a nursery," says Jerad Gardemal, founder and principal designer of JF Gardemal Designs. "It can create a very sophisticated space [when] paired with corals, yellow-golds, and navy." Gardemal also recommends incorporating light blue in more subtle ways, such as with accent tile made of recycled glass or porcelain lamps. That way you can introduce the color without having to commit to more semi-permanent solutions like paint or wallpaper.

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Need a little more inspiration? Scroll ahead for some of our favorite shades to pair with the pastel hue.

15 Light Blue Color Combinations

1. Light Blue, Pink, and Lilac

Mixing different tile designs is an ingenious way to incorporate light blue without splashing it on the walls. This kitchen by 2LG Studio combines light pink subway tile on the walls with a light blue and lilac-colored mosaic that stretches from the floor up onto the back panel of the island. Gold cabinet hardware and fixtures add a lustrous warmth to the blue color palette.


2. Light Blue, Pink, and Teal

Pairing light blue with a darker shade from the same color family, like teal, is a great way to add contrast. For instance, the pale blue walls in this kid's bedroom is softened by the blue-green bed frame and patterned rug. Pink curtains and bedding add variety and a bit of warmth to the tonal scheme.


3. Light Blue and Cream

The board and batten-clad walls of this elegant sitting room by Chango & Co. are flaunting the perfect shade of powder blue. The paint color has subtle gray undertones which ensures the hue won't feel overwhelming, even though it covers all of the walls and the ceiling. The cream-colored lounge chairs surrounding a light wood coffee table brighten up the space and add subtle contrast, while a bubble chandelier acts as the perfect finishing touch.



4. Light Blue and Hunter Green

Surrounded by dark green walls, the baby blue dresser in this bedroom by Sarah Sherman Samuel is really able to stand out. Whimsical details — like the striped ceiling, a faux sheepskin-covered chair, and a tiger-shaped area rug — provide loads of visual interest, texture, and additional pops of color, resulting in a one-of-a-kind room that any kid would be lucky to have.


5. Light Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Red

Wallpaper is a great way to bring more than one color into your space, as proven by Ariel from PMQ For Two in this maximalist kitchen. The blue and orange floral wallpaper tie in the base of the bench and the window shade. Other bold elements — like the yellow seat cushion, red chairs, patterned accent pillows, and black and white checkerboard flooring — prove that sometimes more is more.


6. Light Blue and Fuchsia

In this eclectic living room, it's the the area rug that ties the vibrant scheme together. A pair of fuchsia lounge chairs echo the pink elements in the rug design and contrast vividly with the light blue wall color. A peacock-shaped fireplace screen, a canary yellow pineapple-shaped wall sconce, and an impressive blue and white vase collection are only a few of the details that fill this seating area with personality and charm.



7. Light Blue and White

The calming effects of a blue and white scheme have never been more evident than they are in this minimal bedroom design.The light-filled space features white bedding, curtains, and furniture that balance the sky blue walls. The hardwood flooring provides just enough warmth to the serene refuge.


8. Light Blue and Tan

This coastal bathroom design by HommeBoys is a study in how to rock a light blue color scheme. The subtle variation in color and texture of the zellige tile on the floor and walls provides loads of visual interest and keeps the pastel hue from looking flat. The natural wood vanity cabinet and arched door frame add a bit of warmth and an organic note that feels right at home in this sanctuary. Brass accents like the cabinet pulls, faucets, mirror, and pendant provide a tiny bit of sparkle.


9. Light Blue and Gray

Jono Fleming, designer and co-host of the House of Style podcast, smartly chose to let the stunning etched wallpaper mural showcased on the walls of his bedroom take center stage. The light blue linens provide a pop of color to the gray backdrop without taking anything away from the artistic display. And bonus: The bedding can be swapped out with different colors whenever the mood strikes.


10. Light Blue and Yellow

Katie Davis Design livened up this tiny workstation with a pop of yellow. Thanks to the muted shades of both colors, the scheme feels calm and refreshing. The light blue walls and built-in cabinetry beautifully balance the sunny hue of the desk chair and matching pinboard. A few books and treasured pieces of home decor lend personality and charm to the cozy setup.

11. Light Blue and Red

Red and blue might feel like a bold color combo; however, the scheme can vary depending on the intensity of each hue. For example, in this bedroom, interior designer Carla Lane tempered a saturated shade of red with a lighter blue, resulting in a vibrant space that feels wonderfully balanced.

12. Light Blue and Beige

In the dictionary under ​dreamy kitchen​, you might find this light and airy cook space belonging to Erin Kestenbaum. From the pale blue cabinets to the beige subway tile backsplash, everything about this culinary setup feels warm and inviting. Looking as if they were pulled from another time, the brass fixtures and hardware used throughout the space add rich character and the perfect amount of sparkle.


13. Light Blue and Turquoise

How cool is this whimsical staircase design by Kristina Crestin? The wallpaper pattern from Hygge & West — showcasing turquoise birds flying around light blue clouds — adds a playful note and the perfect dose of color to this often forgotten transition space. The blue runner is a welcome finishing touch and contrasts beautifully with the rich wood stairs and railing.

14. Light Blue and Brown

Light blue is the perfect backdrop for this elegant at-home library designed by Braun + Adams. The soft wall color is balanced out by distinguished dark wood furniture and a cognac leather armchair. A petite chandelier and a pair of sconces ensure there will be enough lighting to curl up with a good book any time of the day or night.

15. Light Blue and Terra Cotta

In this farmhouse kitchen by deVOL, the earthy terra cotta floor tile balances the cool blue-hued cabinetry. The exposed ceiling beams, wood-topped island, and honed black granite counters add to the rustic charm, while aged brass taps and French-inspired lanterns add a classic and sophisticated touch.

The Best Colors to Pair With Light Blue

Blue is a popular color when it comes to selecting a palette due to its versatility — it can sit quietly in the background or it can be statement-making. Depending on what shade you pair it with, light blue can have the same effect.

"Blue is a great color to use in interior spaces because it is the easiest color for the eye to see," says Rachel Burger, interior designer at JL Design. "When incorporating blue into a space it brings lightness as well as a feeling of ease and tranquility."

Remember, just because light blue is pale that doesn't mean you have to pair it with equally subdued shades. Have fun playing with tonal variations and contrasting combos. Refer back to the color wheel to look for analogous or complementary colors. Be creative when it comes to weaving all of the colors in your space together. Think beyond wall paint and consider area rugs, wallpaper, tile, furniture, lighting, and even appliances.

Here's a quick reminder of some of our favorite colors to pair with light blue:

  • Pink
  • Lilac
  • Teal
  • Cream
  • Hunter green
  • Orange
  • Fuchsia
  • White
  • Tan
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Beige
  • Turquoise
  • Brown
  • Terra cotta



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